Was the ring prediction test right for you?

How many of you all belief in the ring prediction test? Putting a ring on a string & tells you how many kids you’re going to have & the gender. How many of yours turned out to be right? I’m pregnant with my 5th child & so far, the order has turned outright. But mine has always said 6, & the last one being the gender I was hoping for this time. I was set on tying my tubes, but now I’m so unsure, & I know I’d be happy if my last was the gender I was hoping for this time. But worry, if I got pregnant a 6th time, it wouldn’t be the gender I’m hoping for. & yes, I feel crazy & selfish feeling & thinking like this, but I have three girls & 1 boy, another girl on the way, & I really want my only boy to have a brother.


It was for me. 3 boys and a girl

Yes, all of mine have been right!

Have the 6th baby :blue_heart:

It said 6 kids for me as well and said

My actual order is
:blue_heart::purple_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: but I lost my first baby so maybe it would have been a girl :woman_shrugging:t3:

I understand you wanting another boy but I don’t know that I would have another based on the ring test unless you’re REALLY willing to try one last time. I am having my 4th boy in a week and always thought I would try ONE MORE TIME
(6 kids was my limit) but after this one we are done.

Girl I had a 10lb boy my niece it said boy my nephews all said girls. Not accurate in my family or friends what so ever

4 here and it was right

I did it & it was actually right for me! I did it before I even got pregnant with my second child & it predicted what it was. Crazy!

:purple_heart::blue_heart:and done

Mine was correct!

It was kind of right for me. It said boy, girl, girl. I had a boy and then a girl and then I got my tubes tied because my ex husband said he didn’t want anymore kids after our girl was born, so I don’t know if I would have had another girl or not…

No lol it said girl. I have a boy. The pee in baking soda and see if it fizzles was right though :rofl:

Every single “wives tale” said I was having a girl…I’m having a Boy!!! :blue_heart:

It was right both times for me!! Both said girland I’m having another girl

Well I had it done with I was 11 haha my prediction were for 6 kids and now i have 3 alive and 3 angel babies


Mine said boy, boy, girl. I have 3 boys. The baking soda test was correct for me.

What’s the ring prediction test??:thinking:

Mine said 4 boys and 1 girl, and I only have 1 boy 1 girl. Sooooo just a tad off :joy:

I don’t remember exactly as it was years ago, however I can tell you it said I was having a bunch of kids and I laughed and said that was never happening. I’m pregnant for the 15th time (7 live births, 7 losses and currently pregnant due in July). I don’t remember order of genders though or anything, or exactly how many kids it said I was having. I just remember it being a lot and I said it was never going to happen because I didn’t use to want a big family lol now I have a big family and I love it. This is definitely our last baby though.

Ya it doesn’t work lmao said i was having a boy, had a girl lol

Mine always said girl boy girl.
So far I have girl boy.
So, so far it’s been right
I’ve always used a needle though

I was supposed to have girl, boy, girl and done. I have a girl, boy, boy and done :joy:

Oh yeah, it’s true :flushed:

My, my. How silly. Did for my first one at my shower, it was wrong. Just simple fun. God decides on the gender.

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The straight up foolishness folks believe! :joy:

God gives you what He wants you to have.

He is lucky , he will have 4 sisters , just like my brother & he’s a great man now , but we spoiled him when he was little

I guess times have changed, because my mom did it with a string and pencil :pencil2: I guess you will believe what you want! A picture is your true answer!

My husband was pretty good at telling you what it was when he just looked at your stomach when you were showing.

Worked on three of mine

My Mother a sewing needle dangling from a string.

I grew up in a family with 7 kids. Most awesome experience ever!!!

All this is silly, God will decide on your gender and how many

Four births and the ring was wrong each time

Mine actually did come out right years ago!

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did this when I was a kid.

I don’t know about that but my dad used to tell us girls let me see your hand we turn her hand up and he look at her head and he say you can have a boy or you’re going to have a girl between all my cousins me sister he was always right I don’t know what he did but he was always right

You should spend more time with your children than writing such dribble. How immature.


People who believe this stuff shouldn’t be reproducing.

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Can u imagine my disappointment during my 6th delivery to see I got my 5th son in a row. I did want another daughter. But the disappointment only last moments. Today is my last sons birthday and I am so proud of him and all 6 of them

Mine predicted 3 girls hesitated and then a boy. I have three girls and five years after the last girl i had a boy. On spot prediction

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Adopt a boy. Then you are sure. Or get a dog and be kind to your body


I did the ring test… and it was correct … but nothing beats a sonogram

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This might sound crazy, but I know exactly how you feel! The thing is the sperm that makes boy babies swim faster but can’t survive in an acidic environment so next time, if you do try again make sure you use a baking soda & water to cleanse yourself & stay away from acidic foods. Try to eat a bland diet. This worked for me, no harm in trying!

Mine was right when I did the ring test. I have 5 kids. 4 girls 1 boy and miscarried 1 baby. The ring test showed I had 6 babies 4girls and 2 boys.

The ring test is just for fun, dont place faith in it…its a wife’s tale. It depends on what you want if you want more kids, it don’t matter what the ring test says. I did do the ring test n both times it was right…boy, then girl… but there are other signs you can use to see the gender, but still just wife’s tales…do the ultrasound to know for sure, but it could hide from ya too…lol

The only one that actually predicted correctly for my last two (my oldest is 26, they didn’t do ultrasounds like they do now. My youngest are 6 and 7.) was if the placenta is attached on the right side of your uterus it will be a boy. If the placenta is attached on the left it will be a girl.

My mom always did this but used a needle I gelieve

Are all your babies healthy? This sixth child should be as wanted as the other 5. Don’t put your disappointment onto this child. Totally wrong.


Mine was :100:. No joke. 4 out of 4 correct.

I used a needle when I was 15… It said 3 and I had 3.

I found out I was having a boy by the most reliable method around, amniocentesis