Ways to manage anxiety?

What do you guys do or suggest for anxiety? I was on medication until we decided to start trying to get pregnant and then got off. Seems I was doing really good until the last week or so


Lavender essential oil did wonders for my little girl.

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I started working out. Originally it was due to ppd but I’ve always had anxiety too and I kept working out because it helps with it too.


I meditate, selfcare by taking a few moments a day to myself so I’m not overwhelmed.

Pregnant now and I do have some anxiety attacks here and there but not enough to medicate. I’m more so worried about the after pregnancy anxiety!!

Vitimans B12 and CBD oil for me


Look into acupuncture.

I recently started a magnesium powder called Calm.

My doctor suggested I stay on mine

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cbd oil. completely safe & it works!


I have bad anxiety all the time I always have and I’m actually currently 27 weeks pregnant. I try to genuinely keep myself busy cleaning working going out doing stuff with kids etc. the best thing is try to overthink when it’s happening look up mindfulness studies. It about breathing which didn’t help me at first it made it worse but they teach your other ways to deal with it like control the energy. Also cut out any people you feel give you anxiety family members co workers etc. just generally try to stay positive. Everything has a bright side. Also I would suggest keeping stocked on favorite foods. When I have really really bad anxiety attack I run a nice bath play music and eat a snack I like if I have it.


I started an app, called dream sleep

anxiety is the worst… for me it even affected my sleep,I was ever tired but couldn’t sleep…so I sat down and found a solution as to were my problem started,ask urself what’s gets u anxious all of a sudden,and avoid it or thinking about anything that gets you anxious…2 am Christian so I sort to meditation on Bible verses that talk about God healing 3. I watched what I ate, I noticed food with caffeine or sugar made me worse 4.spend time alone and just breath ,and please always take a glass of warm water before eating 45mins everymorning…and lastly I took cold showers as hot ones made me hot and anxious.

Don’t take medication from a doctor because they are all receiving money from big pharmaceutical companies


I take a low dose of Lexapro it is safe to take while pregnant. I am super picky about what I put in my body especially when I’m pregnant and this has helped a lot.

Yoga, walking barefoot in my yard, weed, meditation

Benedrly at very start def help /cbd/ down load Aops. They help you during focus on different things to help you

Cbd oil hands down!! I finally got off my anxiety meds all because of cbd. It worked so well now i sell it

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look into blankets and pillows that work well to cut anxiety, stay away from medication, nothing that is a prescription is safe enough for your baby. And share the stress with a trusted friend we were not intended to do this all alone

Vitamin D3 and Magnesium.

I am on generic Paxil Extended Release tablets, safe while breastfeeding. I’m on the lowest dose. And it works so well for anxiety and depression. I also do yoga in the evenings when I can’t sleep. Caffeine definitely makes my anxiety worse!! I can only have about 20 oz of strong Chick-fil-A tea.

Talk to your doctor, hopefully you did that before taking yourself off medication first. Social media isn’t the place for these kind of questions when most aren’t qualified to give a good answer.

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So I have bipolar 1, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder insomnia due to a mini stroke and fibromyalgia.
The medications I was on prior to both my pregnancies was Seroquel, kolonopin, lithium, ambian and Lyrica.
I was kept on the Seroquel and ambian and gabapentin was used to replace the kolonopin, lithium and Lyrica.
The day after birth I was put back on the lithium and Lyrica and they changed my kolonopin to a lower dose of Ativan.

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You can take certain ones I’m on buspirone and 34 weeks

CBD oil is what I use

I use a lot of essential oils, lavender, peppermint, lemon and orange they work great for me

Benedryl which would be safe if/when you get pregnant!

Talk to your ob dodctor they can prescribe you something that is safe for the baby they did me

Regular exercise. Go outside and get fresh air. Try to stay away from caffeine. You learn what works for you. For me it is running

Your doctor, prayer, yoga, massage, meditation, deep breathing, walks, regular exercise for pregnant women, change in diet, your doctor not Facebook.

Never stop meds when you actually need them

Talk to your doctor, I know of people who take anxiety and depression medications although pregnant with the approval of their doctors

I got an emotional support dog. He helps me a bunch

Have someone that supports you and has the ability to talk you down from an attack. And talk to your doctor about safe medication for pregnancy. I never suggest stopping cold turkey. I talk my friend down a lot and I never belittle or judge her for her anxiety no matter how silly it may seem. I always listen and talk through her attack. If you have someone like that, great. But always talk to your doctor before changing your meds.