Ways to naturally get energy?

I will be returning to work next week and I am EXHAUSTED every day. I am so not looking forward to being so tired at work. Any tips to get and keep energy throughout the day? I’m not a coffee person and soda doesn’t do anything for me.


B12 or daily vitamins I see helps me I take both

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I have more energy when I workout for at least 30 mins

Try hot tea maybe. I’m so caffeinated it’s shameful

Multivitamins, without a doubt! I always feel great and can get thru an entire day. Particularly iron.

Ginger! Take a few caplets when needed or do the powder in some milk.

B12 shots… or try coffee black… it helps.

B12, B2 (riboflavin) and lots of water.

Orange juice …citrus and ginger scented oils or lotions

It takes some time to get into that routine of work - sleep enough - eat colorful foods- orange - green- red -purple- and don’t sweat the small stuff!

I use boost it help me alot…