Ways to prevent sweat rash?

So I have a question for my “girls” lol so in the more warmer days and the sweat starts to happen between them and they start to get like a rash would do you guys out to prevent it? I use to use deodorant but it doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore #boobsneedhelp


Chafe escape! It’s amazing.

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I used diaper cream. Worked like a charm.

Never got it between but I get it underneath. I get heat rashes and I use aveeno body wash and lotion and it helps to keep it at a minimum to none so maybe try that?

I bought these belly fold pads, or I use aquaphor! Good for babies rashes, why not in preventing mine?

I agree with having a good fitting bra. But also deodorant, specifically powder fresh or similar

Alittle deodorant helps stop it…

Curash powder or 3b powder

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I wear deodorant under my boobs- it completely eliminates anything sweat rashes

Gold bond medicated baby powder… it’s great for razor burn too

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Antibiotic cream but it’s a prescription I got from my dermatologist

I use secret clinical. Only stuff that works. I use it under boobs, between boobs and under arms.

I use Caldesene powder and a powder puff from Amazon.

Diaper rash cream Butt cream is the best

Vagisil powder, then fold up a paper towel lengthwise to about an inch and lay under the girls

Buy a decent bra that fits. Go to a proper shop and get fitted. Cotton rich is useful too. If it’s lifting the girls properly you won’t get sweat rash.

Deodorant in all my crevices lol

Chafe escape by Pure Romance!! I swear by it. I use it on my 3 yr old as well. It instantly starts working its magic! It gets rid of the heat rash as well as prevents it from coming back.

Arbonne diaper cream. Rash is gone within 24 hours. Great for men also.

Yeast infection cream works better then anything. Best for that and for diaper rash

Lume products. That rash is probly yeast and should be treated with clortrimozole

Lots of upper body exercise will lift them a bit which will help. I have a narrower back but the Flower Bali bras do a good job with supporting larger boobs.