We are struggling to get pregnant: Advice?

I am 35, and my husband is 38. A very happy family can’t ask for more. We have five years old daughter, who was a surprise baby, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life. We love her more than our lives. When she was born or even before that, I always wanted only one kid, but now I feel like I desperately need another child. I get emotional every now and then. We have been trying for the last six months and no hope. I got myself checked, no issues. I m losing hope and getting frustrated. Sometimes I just want to give up. Can someone please suggest what to do? Should I not worry about another kid or how to get rid of to urge I have in my heart. Am I raising one kid’s stories? I don’t want to go through fertility treatment and all. Thank you very much


It can take up to a year for healthy couples to get pregnant. Try to stop worrying (that hinders it!) and enjoy the ride (no pun intended :flushed::flushed::flushed::joy:)


Baby shoes over the bed

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Stop “trying”… sometimes that stresses you. Just don’t think about it when you have sex.


put your rear butt up and a pillow under you after intercourse keep your legs up for 10 mins or more. I know how you feel we tried for a year for my second baby.

Has your husband been checked? His sperm count could be low

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It took me several years to get pregnant with my first. As soon as I gave up and quit stressing about it, I got pregnant! Try to stop thinking about it so much and just have fun trying! My next two kids were not planned either, just had fun trying! :joy:

Maybe you are trying to hard and stressing your body out.

Stop trying. We were not planning on baby #3 and a night of vodka changed that. Lol

The more you plan the less likely it is to happen. Just go with flow. Best of luck!

No disrespect, but women at that age have a harder time to get pregnant because your eggs aren’t the greatest. I’d just be happy with the child you have.


There is 12 years between my first and second born. Me and my SO tried for close to 7 years before our second came along. Stop stressing and stop planning that’s when it happened for us! Good Luck!

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I had friends use this stuff called “pre-seed” and they got pregnant right away after having some trouble. You can get it off amazon and read all the reviews!


Some of my friends had this issue as soon as they “stopped” trying they just didn’t try as hard they ended up getting pregnant very fast stress not only effects u but your partner being stressed can to. Just relax have fun with it don’t do it every day do it ever other or every few days.

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Talk with your obgyn about Clomid and use a safe lube to help encourage the sperm. The clomid is a pill you take for 3 days and it makes you drop more eggs… I hope everything will work out for you. Try to relax and not be so stressed about it and just enjoy time with your hubby.

Stop trying and let it happen that what I had to do

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I was 33 and my bf was 41 when we conceived our youngest

Stop trying. Let go and have fun.

(No disrespect intended) It could be your age also trying to have a child at your age there is a higher chance of a high risk pregnancy. I would definitely just be happy with the child I have if I was you. But if it’s something you feel like you wanted no matter what then my opinion would be stop trying it stresses your body out.

My oldest is 12 and we wanted another baby and we tried and tried but nothing and then the doctor told me to start taking prenatal vitamins and I was pregnant with my now 3 year old within a couple months

Get the femm app … It’ll help you track your periods, and give you a more accurate fertile window …and q lot of doctors are now using it to help with that… My doctor is the one that told me about it… Also…quit focusing on trying so hard… stressing over it can cause you to not get pregnant as well… Relax… I no easier said then done…

Relax, it took us 3 years to get pregnant with our first

I know it’s hard but quit trying. Every time I tried it failed. I was always upset. Quit trying and it happened shortly after. I just went on bout my life and didn’t even worry bout it and bam, pregnant

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I tried for 6&1/2 years for #2. Then I had a consultation with a fertility Dr and that same month before we could start testing I got pregnant with my now 4 month old. I would wait until the 1 year mark and then check out a fertility dr just to see what they say. They may be able to give you tips or run a few tests that your regular OB may not have done. Oh and I’m now 37 and got pregnant when I was 36.

Wow its only been 6 months. Relax drink some and have great sex. Stop trying and have fun. Sex should be fun.

Lay upside down with your legs in the air after sex. Swear it’s worked for me lol. Good luck. Dont stress it!

Yes when you relax it will happen

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Take at least 4000 iu of vitamin d3 a day, it’s worked for me and anybody I have suggested to try it also. The last one I recommended it to is currently pregnant and it turned out her vitamin d was low and it can effect your fertility.

When you focus on getting pregnant its ALOT harder… Just enjoy the intimate time and itll happen some times it takes alot longer especially if you were previously on a birth control.

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It takes time and it seems the harder you try the less likely it happens. Took 7 months to get pregnant with my 2nd, I tracked and planned everything and I was so hurt that it wasn’t working so I gave up and then I was pregnant like 2 months later

Try taking prenatal pills.

Don’t lose hope…I tried for 12 years…I have ovarian cyst and had one ovary removed…two days before I was scheduled for surgery to remove my other ovary because I had a painful cyst…and of course I wouldn’t be able to have children for sure after the surgery I found out I was pregnant…Never lose hope miracles happen he is proof :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here is my miracle baby…Demetri

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Get husband checked!! Make sure they run a thyroid panel on you to make sure that’s all in order. Use ovulation predictor kits. Due to your age and your husband’s age, go ahead and call a fertility specialist as they have tests they can run that your OB might not have thought of. You don’t have to do treatments with a specialist if you don’t want to, they can just help point you in the right direction.

Have you tried the keto diet to eliminate some processed foods from your diet. I know it sounds strange, but it helps. Do some research in it and see what you think. Its worth a shot.

Track your ovulation. Make sure you are having sex the day BEFORE your ovulation, during AND AFTER. So three days in a row. Couple times a day doesn’t hurt but sperm doesn’t reproduce that fast so it doesn’t increase your chances that much to do over 3 a day. Also sperm only live in your canal for about 3 days and your egg (ovulation) is only available for fertilization for about a 12 hour window so it’s important that when you know your ovulation is coming that you do it at least the day before and of. People think only the day of but that can be too late. I did it for about 5 days in a row around my ovulation cause the tests can be a little off. I also suggest tracking using an app. I used Flo. Its a great app and helps you to predict exactly when and it was bang on. My friend started using this method and got pregnant the first month she did it after trying for a whole year. Also don’t forget to have fun!! Enjoy it.

Stop trying! Incorporate professional massage. Ive had clients irritated that they werent getting pg… after a couple massages… it happened.

At 35, it can take a bit more…I actually had my kiddo through IVF.
Normally they tell you to try for about a year prior to looking at interventions. But at 35, fertility begins to decline quickly, so most doctors recommend checking into interventions at 6 months of trying.

I feel you and it’s so hard emotional and mentally, my boy is 9 and we are very happy but 2 miscarriages in 9 years and not catching any other time really takes it toll. I miscarried in may and it feels like so many people are pregnant. I have fibroids and an iron deficiency. I can’t offer you advice on catching but I can say I really hope from The bottom of my heart that you get blessed again soon xx

It’s easier to get pregnant when you aren’t trying. The stress makes it hard for some people’s bodies

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After we lost our first, we struggled to get pregnant. I was told after we lost our first, I wouldn’t be able to conceive nor carry. I didn’t want to believe it, so almost 4 years after we lost our first, and after trying countless fertility pills and vitamins, I started to believe what the dr said. The last thing I tried, worked!!! A fertility bracelet I bought off Etsy!!! A $8 bracelet with rose quartz!!! Few months into wearing it and I found out I was pregnant!! Wore it the whole time I was pregnant too, had some complications along the way, my body kept trying to miscarry, but he is now 5 years old. I gave it to my younger sister cause she has a incomplete uterus, and was told she couldn’t have children. She now has a 4 year old daughter!!! It works!!!

Try preseed. I’m 35 and I had a tubal Reversal and I’m 17weeks and 4 days pregnant with my daughter. Each time I got pregnant I used preseed. Sometimes we need a little extra help to get the swimmers where they need to go. God luck and baby dust.

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I tried with my first for over a year for health issues. My second I used the ovia pregnancy app. And then tried not to stress it and just enjoy the journey/have fun. The chance of getting prego when sex becomes a chore goes way down. I was able to get pregnant in about 3 months. Also check ur vitamin level.

Keep going I am routing for you :clap:

Don’t try, just have fun and enjoy the time. It will happen :slight_smile: xx

Dont try so hard sometimes that’s the only problem there is

Your age 35 isn’t the issue could be other factors i had my first at 30 second at 33. But I tried all through my twenties did 7 iui. Wasn’t intill i gave up it happened but when i read bc of your age 35 made me laugh 35 is not 45

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Have hubby get checked! At 29 I had my first kiddo thru IVF due to finding out that I have a quality issue when it comes to my eggs. Now 3 years later we are expecting again thru another round of IVF. Prayers to you. And yes sometimes just taking a step back and not trying will be the stress release you need to get pregnant!

6 months is not long. Give it atleast another 6.

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sometimes the best way IS to give up. the stress of wanting to conceive can actually cause you NOT to conceive. just don’t stress about it. if you really want another baby, you can always consider fostering or adoption. I know it’s not the same, but it’s also something to consider. welcoming a non biological child into your home can fill the hole in your heart, and also fill the hole in another child’s heart

Stop worrying about it. Im 43 it took us 6omths to get pregnant. When we decided not to worry about it we got pregnant. I’m due in sept. Hugs.

Stop trying as hard as it is… I have a 16 year old daughter, then we ‘tried for 9 years for our 2nd’ 2 years later I surprisingly fell pregnant (I class her my miracle baby as it felt like a miracle after all the time… then after our second daughter (she is now 5) we tried for about 3 years but again stopped trying, thought if it happens it happens, we were expecting to take another 9 years or so but a year an a half later I fell pregnant an had a little boy.

It is harder for women over the age of 35. I am only 27, but had no success for 5 months, and then used [email protected] ovulation tests off of Amazon and was pregnant that month. Sometimes it’s all about find a system that works for you. I had tried BBT tracking previously, but it turns out my BBT is super inconsistent and I could never figure out when I was ovulating.

I had my last at 43. It can take longer for a older woman and older male to get pregnant. Don’t try so hard

Have you pcp check your thyroid levels. We went through infertility treatments to get pregnant with my first. I was finally diagnosed as hypothyroid and got a surprise when I was 39. I swear it was my thyroid and once it was controlled we had a very unexpected second.

Stop trying! Stop counting days and cycles and trying to time everything out. Enjoy your baby girl and your husband. If you’re meant to have baby number 2, it will happen when the time is right. I know that sounds cliche but it’s true. I believe that with everything. What’s meant to be will be, when it’s meant to be!

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Track your ovulation
You only have a 3-5 day Window a month

I used ovulation tests which are AWESOME!!! I got my IUD out 2 weeks prior to ovulating and found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later :heart: just go with the flow but the ovulation tests are on Amazon. $16 for 50 tests and 20 pregnancy tests. They’re the easy at home tests and they have an app so you can keep track! Praying for you :pray:t2::heart:

I am in the same boat… 35 and desperately wanting another child!! I started tracking my fertility and ovulation test to check my LH levels we have only been trying 3 months!! Good luck and relax I have always gone by the motto” it will happen when it’s time”. I know it’s hard to be hoping to miss your period and then boom there it is!! Trust me I know the feeling all to well!! I hope you conceive soon!!! :heart:

I got pregnant at 17 with my first son, definitely a surprise baby! Then we got married a few years later, we tried for over two and a half years to get pregnant again. Finally I just said you know what it is what it is I’m done stressing if it happens great, if not it wasn’t meant to be. BAM was pregnant within a month after just going with the flow. Same happened about 5 years later when I was trying to conceive my daughter. When I let it go bam got pregnant. She’s about to turn one in a few weeks! Don’t stress. It will happen when it’s meant to, stressing is what may be slowing the process. Good luck momma!

Give up and then it will happen. Promise

Also doggy style was how I got pregnant both times . I tried for ten years. I finally gave up and made a new goal for my life and bam got pregnant

Take prenatal
Check when ovulating
It will happen

Stop trying and it will happen naturally

Prayer helps alot, and patience. try not to stress. I have 2 beautiful daughter. One is 17 and my baby is 4. Yup 13 years apart. My baby 4 was a beautiful surprise from god. I prayed many years for another baby, found out we were expecting our second child in April of 2015, i was already 5 weeks pregnant. We weren’t really trying to convince but my baby is a blessing. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Love both my girls.

It took 12 years to have my first daughter at (30) then another 7 years (37)for my second daughter to come. I found out that my Thyroid was low in between my two girls that how I got pregnant with my second daughter I was on meds for it three weeks later I was pregnant with her. I go have ur Thyroid check just to see if it’s low.

Buying Ovulation predictors and trying when I was ovulating gave us results. Also Loosing weight , no alcohol, no fatty foods helps a ton .

I have pcos and whenever I tried it didn’t happen. When I didn’t try it "accidentally"happened … both times… 1st time I was on the pill… 2nd time was an oopsie. But so glad because after the little one was born I ended up hemorrhaging and having a hysterectomy by 31

It will happen when you dont expect it…

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I actually learned the hard way that you actually make it harder to concieve the harder you try. It stains your body to much. If they day neither you or your husband have any issues as hard as it may be try to relax and let things just happen. Throw away schedules and tests for ovulation. Just try to go back to before when things were care free as much as possible and if it still doesn’t happen you can do what my husband and I did. With both of us being older and time not exactly on our side we choose to do IUI. IT IS WAS CHEAPER THAN INVITRO!! The procedure itself only cost us $650. The only extra cost that may be more is of you choose to up your chances with you taking hormone shots. That was $1500. At the end of the day STILL WAY CHEAPER THAN INVITRO AND DEFINITELY WORTH THE MONEY ESPECIALLY IF SHE IS STARTING TO WORK AGAINST YOU!! GOOD LUCK!

Between my oldest daughter and my twins it was 9 years! I always wanted a big family but never happened, when I finally gave up worrying and quit stressing at 35 years old, one day I was feeling very tired and did home pregnancy test and was positive! I was elated and had twins! Just put it out of your mind and don’t be suprised if you have twins once you are in mid 30’s the chance if multiples goes from 1 in 2000 to 1 in 400!

I tried on and off for 6 years and then had the dye test to see if I had any blockages in my fallopian tubes and for some reason right after got pregnant (it ended in miscarriage) but the next cycle I got pregnant again and now have a four year old. I say try all these extra tests before going the fertility route but at the same time, at this age it can be more difficult sometimes to get pregnant. It happened for us just as we were about to go that route.

If you just got off birth control 6 months ago, it may just your body hasn’t gotten back to normal yet. It sometimes takes a year after you stop the birth control. I say give it a little more time and then if still nothing, then your husband needs to get checked out.

I suggest going to a fertility clinic. They tested both my husband and myself. I never needed IVF or IUI just a bit of fertility meds. They monitor your cycles and can figure out what is going on. Good luck. I was 41 and had a healthy baby.


Quit thinking about it! I have pcos was diagnosed 12 years ago was told it would be very difficult to get pregnant. My husband and I have been together 13 years married almost 8. I was done stressing about it and depressed every month I wasn’t pregnant. At the beginning of this year my husband and I finally said that it isn’t in the cards for us, we’ll just save money and start marking things off our bucket list. Apparently that’s all it took because I am currently 4 months pregnant and the most excited I’ve ever been in my entire life!


Just have loving intimate times…where it feels good. Put the other thoughts aside. I hope you get your Baby!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Get husband tested. Me and my husband had the same issue. He had an infection that prevented us from getting pregnant. Once treated we was pregnant the next month. Also have his count tested.

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I used to do that and my son was an only child till he turned 13.One each.Bless you.

To be honest with you I wanted a child very badly. It just did not happen quickly. I prayed and ask God to give me a child and I would never ask for anything. I finally got pregnant after 7 years. I never got pregnant again. Sometimes you have to be great full for what you have. There are many people who have never been able to have one. Be greatful for what you have because there are people who would give anything for one. I know I am greatful for my son and two grandchildren

I am sorry about your situation. I’m not really educated on such things however I feel if you just relax and quit trying it will probably happen. I’m 61 years old and I have four healthy children. They are anywhere from five to seven years apart. Just relax sweetie it’ll happen

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Stop thinking about it!!! You’re stressing yourself out. When you and hubby make love, do it for the fun not for the baby. That was the advice from my dr. It worked!! I changed my mind set to, it will happen when it should. I was pregnant the next month.

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My sister in law and brother tried for 2 yrs…Finally they went to doctor…The doctor flat out told them to quit trying…They were stressing themselves out…3 months after seeing doctor she became pregnant… Happiest day of there lives!!!

It took my husband and I a year to conceive our first child and what seemed like no time at all for our second. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Sometimes it just takes time I know it took my boyfriend and I eight months to get pregnant with our son and 6 months to have our daughter I know a few people that took months up to a year before they could get pregnant. I went through alot of pregnancy tests to see if I was pregnant Dont give up!!! When the time is right then you will be pregnant Just keep your head up and focus on the things you do have until that day comes

It took my SO and I 2 years to conceive, with fertility tracking. Stressing about it won’t help. I would just relax and let it be. It wasn’t until I decided I was fine with not having another baby that we got pregnant lol.

Why are you putting more stress and pressure on yourself
Write down everything you thankful
Forgiveness, repentance and pray Psalm 91 over your daughter
Keep thanking God for her

The first time I tried it wasn’t happening and the doctor said have sex every day for a month…we did pregnant next month.

Well I have a 5 year old. And we tried for 4 years. We quit trying a year ago and had given up completely as we have took in our niece through foster care. Well last month I was bleeding and hurting real bad went to e.r. to find out I was 12 weeks pregnant I had a subchronic hemmorage. Went back to doc 2 weeks later it was healed and now I’m 16 weeks 5 days and baby is doing good. But I was told I could never have anymore kids. And here I am. I’m 23. I have alot of health problems and overweight so I truly am shocked that I conceived. Lol I apparently got pregnant on my anniversary so dont give up. It took us 5 years pretty much!


Consider fostering then adopting. There are lots of precious children needing loving parents. My youngest in the process for 3

I am 37 and thought I couldn’t have children But god bless me and my husband with a little girl over a month ago. We both thought we would never be able to have kids and once we stopped stressing or thinking about it I got pregnant. Hope this finds you a little comfort it will happen if it’s meant to be. :heart:


My cousin had a surprise baby. Then decided when she was 2 to have another one. Tried everything. Even IVF with no luck. Dr said joking the he heard some women get pregnant standing on their head after sex. Well she tried it and she got pregnant. Did she get pregnant from that or just taking stress away from their live. I always believed it was cause the stopped stressing. So dont stress. Enjoy your love making and if it’s meant to happen it will bbn

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Conceive easy it $80 for two months supply my sister and a close friend of tried it and she had pcos they conceived in two to three months. My sister had been trying for 2 almost three years and friend started using after 6 months of trying

You need to relax and stop thinking about having a baby and when the time is right you will be pregnant

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On average it can take at least 6-8 months. I don’t think you should be worried until closer to a year of trying.

Use an app to track your cycle for a few months and it will tell you your most fertile days. I dis this and then added 2 days before and after the window. We tried everyday during the longer window, theirs plus mine, and were pregnant in 2 months

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The best advice I can give you is to stop stressing and trying…If its meant to be it will be…The doctor didnt say anything was wrong…relax read Krystals advice right below mine…Good luck…

We tried for 2 years to get pregnant… an we have been trying for 2 years already!!

Stress is a killer, literally. Try to relax and let things flow. I understand it’s easy to say, hard to do. Best wishes. :two_hearts:

Try robitussin, I know it sounds weird but it was recommended by my doctor and I got pregnant the first month I tried it . You can just google robitussin for conceiving and read about what it does and how to take it

Stop thinking about it and get busy love both your husband and child and it will happen. More you worry less likely it will happen

Have your husband get checked, he may have low speed count. Also. Sometimes it just takes time. All mine were surprises. My last baby was conceived after over a year without BC.