We are trying for another baby but have a two bedroom house: Advice on how to make it work?

My husband wants to try for another baby. We currently have a 13-month-old daughter. I work at her daycare and pay 1/2 price, but that’s still $100 a week…if we had another it would be $200 a week. I don’t want to stay working at a daycare forever. I have a Bachelor’s Degree. He makes good money at his job, but I’m not sure what to do. I’d love to have another one, but at the same time, we’d probably make too much for Medicaid, which means a hospital bill, more diapers, all of the baby’s needs, etc. IDK. I’m good at overthinking things. We also only have a two-bedroom house, and her room is quite small. We rent from my grandmother, so it’s fairly cheap for the area. A 3 bedroom is at least $850, and that’s usually an apartment. We have a large dog, so that’s not an option. Our credit isn’t the best, so I’m not sure if we’d even be able to buy. Mama’s, how do you do it? How do you have two close in age and make it work? Not looking for backlash. Just advice and opinions!


Hubby and I work opposite shifts, i work part-time and this way we don’t pay for a babysitter or daycare.
It’s hard but we make it work.


I got 2 daughters one 4 and another 2. And they share a room. You dont really have to worry about the bedroom issue for almost 2 years. Cause for almost a year your pregnant and then me personally I always felt comfortable with my child sleeping in the same room for atleast first 6 months. So more like a year and half and if you have same of the same sex they could share a room . Mine dont have a big room either but first it was just a toddler bed and crib and now they got bunk beds.


The kids share a room…


I wouldn’t purposely plan a child knowing that I might struggle trying to care for it. Definitely not judging you guys and I wish you all the best. Just saying maybe work on bettering your situation before having another kid


Depending on the state, you will have to check. I think the littles sharing a room would be able to happen until they were 5… at least in IL. Then a boy and girl would need to at that point be separated.

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If you have a bachelors degree why not get a better paying job and save a little to get a better place first. Horse before the cart??


Have you considered putting an addition on the house


Bunk beds ,cut room in half with tape or decorations or a short wall.


Wait get a better job bigger house and private insurance. Your baby is only one I have at least 3 yrs between each of mine.

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It’s called realizing you’re not ready for another and planning and being responsible…too many people on this planet anyway


My baby is in our bedroom until her first birthday, my teenager has her own room. So we make a 2 bedroom work well for our family of 4.

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In my area, a 3 bed is almost $2,000 or more :sweat: you could probably have the children share a room or you share a room with the new baby for a bit


You have the baby in your room before 6mths after they share the room.

Perhaps wait until you can get another better paying job if you have a bachelors degree.


Where are u seeing 850 for a 3bed apartment??? They are like almost 2 grand in sac

Do not have to worry about bedroom issue for several years yet. You can make it work. Sometimes you wait too long and it never works out the way you dreamed


My 22 month old daughter and 2 month old share a room, since the 2 month old still feeds at night we have a play pen set up in our living room for bum changes so I can turn on lights without disturbing the toddler

That baby can share with you for a bit and then go in with her for a bit. So you won’t need to move just yet. By the time you save and have another one that one will probably be in preschool and if it’s free that’ll save you money right there. Stockpile now if you can. Put gift cards away each time you have extra funds etc.

my husband and i have a three bedroom also. a 6 yr old girl, 5 year old boy and 6mo baby boy. right now the two older kids share and baby has a nursery. when they get older boys will have bunk beds in the larger room.

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Been there! Except we didn’t plan on it. My kids have shared a room their entire lives until about a month ago. Now only I share a room with my 7 year old daughter(by choice…she is rather tricky and I prefer to keep her close) I am a single mom and so I put her bed in my room. I had 2 daughters in 10 months. Yep…that’s possible (Not recommended!!!) We had bad credit and were renting a 2 bedroom house from my parents. The girls room was sooooo tiny. My dad made a ‘toddler bunkbed’ for them. It was only 4 ft tall and fit 2 crib mattresses. The bottom ‘bunk’ was purposely built at ground level; eith the mattress in there was about an inch+ of bedframe around the bottom bunk. Also, with the lower bunk on the floor, I was able to sit on the mattress and read to the girls without hitting my head on the top bunk. The top bunk was 4 ft. The mattress fit in like a glove. He made a 3 bar railing (2x4’s) for the length of the top bunk, and hinged it so that I could put my older daughter to bed if she fell asleep in the car or on my lap. Once I easily place her on the bunk, just raised the railing and locked it into place. I wish I had a picture to show you. My dad painted it pink, yellow and lavender. I’d say they were ages 1 and 2 at the time. It was soooo cool.

If u look over all ur finances, and you feel you will struggle, then dont do it. It is your choice as a couple to co.e up with a decision, but going broke for another kid doesnt make sence. I understand the whole doggy thing too. I have a big dog, small dog and 2 cats. It’s hard to find a place. My boys are 3 yrs apart. We were going broke over daycare. I was so so happy when we finally had them in school and they didnt do daycare anymore. Sharing a room is an option. Get bunk beds, youngest on the bottom with rails so they dont roll off. Our youngest was in the bottom bunk at 2 yrs old. Oldest was 5. We made sure BOTH beds had high rails. They were fine. But it was a short lived joy…they drive me nuts sharing a room. We ended up moving so they could be separated lol. They are now 12 and 9 and I would NEVER have them share again. Lol.
It’s up to you. Dont feel.pressured to have more kids if your not ready. No one should ever make u feel bad because of it.


What state do you live in?

Have them share a room, or possibly put a bassinet in your room if it will fit? Thats what we are going to do…Where I’m at we pay $1500 for a 3 bedroom and that is the low end around here… but really think on it you could def make it work… come up with a plan and stick to it… u don’t want to be full of worry your entire pregnancy

If men could go through a pregnancy just once they would understand.

2 bedroom!
Don’t have to worry about that for a few years!

If you have a bachelor’s degree find another job first and foremost. It’s pointless to spend that money to go to school just to work at a day care.

Also plan ahead. My husband and I wanted to start trying and while we in no way struggle, we made a plan and started to stock pile because you never know what’s going to happen.

Why not wait 1 more year and see where you’re at then?!

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Look into taking out a Mortgage start building your credit or fixing it I have a 4 bedroom house, 2 bath and I pay $800 round up so I pay it off sooner!

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Plenty of ways to build crappy credit in a year!

We went from a $44,000 loan to $150,000 in under a year.

I have a four bedroom house. 4 children. 15,6,2,and newborn.
The my teenager of course stays in his own room. One room is a office for our company we own.
One room is for my 6 yr, two yr old.
BUT most of the time the 6yr old and 2 yr are in my bed lol

So bedrooms dont really matter in a way.

But I would try for a better job before hand.

Depending on yours and the hubby’s age.

If your questioning it this much and overthinking it this hard then your probably not ready.


Make a goal for your family and set a time frame. Like 1 year and live on a tight budget. Pay off whatever you may owe and bring up your credit. The “tight budget” will be Similar to having added baby expenses, paying off debt and building credit helps your family with the option to get a bigger home. Even if they share, bunk beds are an option or shop at IKEA where everything is small! Either way, sounds like you may not be ready like today but doesn’t mean you cant set a goal for the future. I would also suggest getting a “better job” (your words not mine lol) before trying only because jobs are not guaranteed. I honestly believe setting a goal and sticking to it will help with your growing family and possible money issues. Good luck!!!

Ummmmm planning another child with questionable credit, I’m assuming not much savings and whether you’ll qualify for Medicaid is exactly what’s wrong with this world. Seriously? Get your shit together. Stand on your own two feet with jobs with benefits and be adults. I really can’t. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My grandmother raised 9 boys in a 2 bedroom house… we raised 5 kids in a 3 bedroom home. We used our large walk in closet twice as a nursery. In fact, the 20 month old is still in there. As long as your child has a bed… put them anywhere!


Sounds like you need to wait or get finances in better order

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Medicaid isn’t for people who just want another baby. Jesus. This is our problem, right here


Someone once told me there is never a right time to have a baby… Yeah, you can plan and save and be as ready as possible, but something always comes up… That’s life! I am about to have my 6th girl and will have 4 under 4 years old come January (unplanned but not unwanted)! You just do it, day by day, bunk beds lol… I’m sure you will find a way to make it work, a better job will come along, a 3 bedroom house… Etc. Don’t stress the small things, as long as you have enough money for the essentials, all else will be okay God willing!

We had a 2 bedroom apartment nd we have 5 kids we slept in the living room nd kids had the bedrooms nd we worked on our credit, saved, paid things off, searched for almost a year and we now have a 3 bedroom apartment (I should mention I alone could be approved for 125,000 home loan but we want to use both ours a higher amount to search for a forever home) the bedrooms r so much bigger the closet is about 3 times the side the one before nd the living room, dining room nd kitchen is huge. We waited nd searched and now we know we can stay here for a while and not feel cluttered. You can do anything as long as u have ur priorities straight, know what your looking at nd both ok with the circumstances. We even have a yard and we got a pool for next summer. Before we had our 5th child we both agreed to wait but it didnt happen that way we had a big surprise so we got ready and prepared


Well the crib can go in u room and when it gets older y can get really cute bunk beds,


An honest opinion?
You don’t sound like you have insurance since your talking about making too much for Medicaid, renting from your grandmother, also saying that you can afford daycare for them…
I suggest waiting a few years until you are more stable because things happen in life and if your tight for money now after another baby it will just be worse. :woman_shrugging:
Unplanned pregnancy is one thing but purposely trying in this situation I wouldn’t do.


We have a 2 bedroom with 3 kids the 2 girls share a room and three baby is in my room we made the dining room a playroom. We are currently working on credit to buy a bigger place but until then we just make it work

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Me and my ex made a 1 bedroom work for me him & 2 kids, lived there for 2 years, then moved into a 2 bedroom and had a 3rd baby, was also there for 2 years. As long as each child has a bed, it doesn’t matter the size of your family, not until they are much older. I say it’s up to you, if you don’t think you’re ready then tell him how you feel.


I would be buying Generic products, to save $$$.
Think of ways to save on house hold Bills.
See where u are in 6 months after budgeting.
Eventually u will need Bunk beds.

Wait a year or two for baby #2. Work on a budget and your credit. Get a better job and pay for daycare. Look for a company where there is advancement opportunity. 2 years will go fast. Then look at buying a house and having baby #2. Budget everything and plan your meals around sales at grocery stores.


Most plans never work a I say go for it ! Waiting for everything to be perfect wow come on now. We started in a one bedroom and God gave us twins. Whenever things get Krazy you get stronger, they’re what’s important ! , Remember no matter what it’s up to you and your man. Together you can do anything !


Your supposed to wait at least 18 mo before getting pregnant again. Pregnancy takes a toll on the body, you have to have a decent amount of recovery time

Try getting off Medicaid before having a second baby.

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I have 3 kids in a 2bdrm apartment. We only have 1 income. Yes we have medicaid for medical because husbands job doesnt offer benefits. I cloth diaper to save on that cost and I bought what items were needed like a carseat with our tax return. The baby sleeps in our room and will move into the other room whenever were done nursing. Its very doable. We didnt plan this as we have a 6yr gap from #2 to #3 but it can work.

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Well we had bunk beds when my youngest got old enough to sleep in the bottom Peter slept on the top until then we had the bunk beds and a crib and they have the one room with all the toys and everything in it didn’t and I have the other bedroom and it was just right when we moved out to Sandy we had a bedroom downstairs and 3 bedrooms upstairs and we had nothing but problems and trouble and and he was having a mental breakdown he’s been hitting the head working as a mechanic with a crane and we were fighting all that and that bigger house was not a blessing in any sense of the word I was much happier in the small house in Glendale we had a big catalpa tree out front it had a completely fenced in yard the boys could play out front and out back and be fenced in and we had a build on garage we had the washer and dryer out there we had Pantry off the kitchen we used to be used to help me put up pickles pears cherries to help it and we were happier in the smaller house everything works out but life goes so fast if you don’t have your babies now you’re going to regret it because you can go back in time and Time Marches On but you always find a way and as long as you’re good parents you’re always going to find a way to take care of those babies and that’s what life is all about his family and your children those are the most important not the money not how big a room is or how big a house is or if you have another car is family

It’s definitely doable but make sure it’s what you both want.
Just had my second daughter and they are 22 months apart

So I have two babies who are 13 months apart. I love it. I did have to get routines involved, for my own sanity. My oldest likes to “help” me with her brother. But they always have a playmate now and just love each other. I think if you guys want it you should go for it. As for the bills I’d still apply and see if you qualify for some assistance to help with cost.

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Not nessacarily the buffer the family the higher the income limits for Medicaid

I qualified for medicaid even with me and my husband both working full time. Income limits are higher while pregnant

I advise you to wait a whole for another baby
If you are asking others what do I do then you really dont want to have another baby

You didn’t mention how old you are. With a Bachelor’s degree what on earth are you doing working in a day care? Get another job, save money, re-establish your credit, wait a year or two and then try for another baby. Or ask grandma if you could add an extra room to where you are currently at.


You didn’t mention how old you are. Why try for another baby in the situation you’re in. You have a bachelor’s degree, get the hell out of day care and start earning good money. Doing this you could re-establish your credit, save money and then try again. I am sure a year or two of sacrifice isn’t going to matter much. Good luck.

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If you don’t feel like you can afford another child right now, there is nothing wrong with waiting.

Don’t let your husband pressure you. He’s not there one carrying the baby

We didn’t have our kids close together for a number of reasons and one was that we couldn’t afford it. We had our 2 kids in the end. So, who cares? Ours happen to be 10 years apart. They still love each other. They are still siblings. Frankly, if they both need college it will be easier to throw money at that at 2 separate times rather than all at once. And we won’t have to pay for both on our car insurance at the same time. It’s a nice financial gap and it worked out well. In the meantime, find a better job, save up, move, maybe wait until your oldest is in school so you’re only paying daycare for one and go ahead and have your other baby when you’re set up to afford it. It’s called being responsible. Idk. :woman_shrugging:

Being able to get medicaid is not a reason to have a baby. Tax dollar’s pay for Medicaid so just because it will help your finances doesn’t make it right. Wait until YOU can afford another child.

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I mean you can work in Early Childhood Education and make good money. Literally getting my degree in the field and by next year I’ll likely make more than my husband. I would look for something within your degree field since I am assuming you didn’t bring it up to show you are too good for childcare work. Once you get settled with a job you see growth in, then work on stabilizing your situation a bit. I wouldn’t consider another child until there is less negatives versus positives as far as affordability and living situation.

If you cant afford another child right now dont do it. Save up your money

Wait until you only have one in diapers and one in school. They can share a room. They’re only little for a very short time. You can wait until the oldest can help babysit before you have another if you want

I think I would wait until your oldest is out of daycare and diapers. It makes expenses easier to manage. Also if you change jobs find out if your new employer has any type of child care services. :slight_smile:

I would say help cut your cost by learning to coupon diapers and any groceries that can be bought in bulk build yourself a small nest egg with what you save couponing and some home loans go as low as 620

Keep the new baby in ur room for the first few months then move the baby to share with the older child, I have 3 kids and we had a 2 bed apt for the longest time eventually we got bunk beds and a single bed as far as working 200 a week is alot to give someone to take care of it kids just to keep struggling I worked a couple nights a week and stayed home during the day

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I have a 4 bedroom house and my two little ones (7 and 9) still share a room. (bunk beds) They like having each other’s company. So I don’t see the 2 bedroom thing as a problem at all.

But 850 for rent is pretty cheap. Kids are sooooo expensive!! So if you really want another child, at the end of the day, you make it work. But what’s stopping you from getting a career with your degree now?

Your body, your choice.

We kept baby in our room until old enough to transition into a toddler bed

Wait…be patient…if not sure what to do…thats a Sign…wait till another year or 2…

sounds like your not ready and YOU know it. just wait until your in a better situation

I personally wouldn’t do it

How about not having another until you’re in a better situation? Has logic just up and died all of a sudden, or are people just this simple?