We had to change my childs formula: Advice>

So we had to change my 6 weeks old formula from similac sensitive to similac alimentum and he went from drinking 4 oz at a time every feeding to about 1.5 oz every feeding. Anyone have this problem or any suggestions

Mom of 5 here…All baby’s drink different. My 11 month only takes 8 oz still. 1.5-2 oz is completely normal for a 6 week old. Remember your baby’s stomach is only about the size of a golf ball right now…if anything baby was probably over eating at 4 oz and just guessing but probably spitting up a lot bc of it. Deep breaths mama you got this :heart:

1.5 oz at a time is good. It will increase as he gets older. My daughter only drank 6 oz at time til she she was one