We just got back from the OB. If there is no heartbeat at 8 weeks is there any hope?

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Did you hear one before? They should check again when you’re 9 weeks. Sending prayers your way momma ! Hoping for the best for you❤️

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Sometimes you have to look thru ultra sound instead of a heart doppler or stethoscope… it is very possible to be pregnant

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OAN! Yes there is still hope! Your OB might refer you elsewhere for another ultrasound! Don’t worry until you have to! I know it’s easier said than done!

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you may be earlier than estimated off your last menstrual. mine was a week off, and we didn’t see a heart beat our first visit


I wasn’t able to hear the heartbeat until I was around 12 weeks. Ultrasound is usually used around this time to see the heartbeat! Keep hope love!

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I didn’t hear my baby’s heartbeat until 14wks but they confirmed there’s was a baby threw an ultrasound my first appt

Dont stress it! I’ve heard thats too early to hear one!

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Yes. There is hope. I had an 8 week appt where the dr couldn’t find a heartbeat through the doppler thing, I had to wait for a very long 4 weeks, until my next checkup, and there it was!! That baby is almost 14 now and diving me insane. Good luck! Sometimes when your bladder is full, it blocks your uterus.

I just had my 8 week ultrasound & we couldn’t hear the heartbeat but they were able to pick it up & we seen the rhythm!

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Yes there is! I had a couple of miscarriages and when I got pregnant with my 3rd they couldn’t find the heartbeat but she was still healthy just stubborn!

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My cousin had the same thing happened to her. The Dr she was seeing told her she was going to have to have a D&C (I think thats what it’s called) but she went to another dr for a second opinion they did an internal ultrasound and they found the heartbeat at 14 weeks

What did your OB tell you??


Did they do an internal ultrasound. If not. You go to the hospital and get one. They don’t always pick up the heartbeat otherwise.

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Your dates may be off and you are not as far along as you thought you were. It’s still very early and can be difficult to detect without an internal ultrasound at that gestation.

My last one we couldn’t hear her heart beat and it made me nervous…esp after a miscarriage but she was flipped differently and they said I had an issue with my placenta everything was fine just took a bit longer to hear the heart beat…we had to have ultrasounds to do the heartbeat,and stuff

Medical professional here; it’s ok to not hear a heart beat at 8 weeks. Please trust your OB and if you don’t trust them find one you do. If your OB wasn’t worried you don’t need to worry, try not to create extra worry and stress when you’re pregnant it’s not healthy.


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I wouldn’t be worried until 12-14 weeks. If your OB isn’t worried, you shouldn’t be.

Get a second opinion!! Always get a second opinion

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I’d get a second opinion. I was told my son didn’t have a heartbeat at 7weeks3days and then two days later at a different hospital they found one. Always hope!

My doctor actually told me to not set appointments to hear the heart beat till 10-12 weeks due to possibly not being able to hear a heart beat

Get a second opinion. At 8 weeks I was told there was no heartbeat and it wasn’t a viable pregnancy. So I went to another doctor a couple weeks later and they found the heartbeat :heart: Good luck!

Usually hear it clearly between 12-16 weeks.

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Yes I didn’t hear my babies heart beat till 10 weeks with My 2nd son :blue_heart:

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Not everyone hears a heart bear at 8 weeks.

They wouldnt do qn ultrasound until after 9 weeks becuase it hard to pick up before 9 weeks on an ultrasound go get an ultrasound somewhere else

Yes i was told their was no heartbeat was told to wait 2 more weeks then their was a heart beat :heart:

I went into an appointment was told no heartbeat. They fave me pills to take to help pass the miscarriage. I took 1 couldnt bear to take the ither 2 weeks later after no bleeding i called another ob for a dnc. I mean i already knew baby was gone confirmed 2 doctors and an ultrasound tech that day. I went in for the dnc and my baby had a heartbeat. He is a healthy 2 year old now. Get a 2nd opinion just to be sure cause dates can be wring ultrasounds can be wrong its all science. Don’t give up hope just yet.

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I didn’t hear my babies heart beat for the first time until 12 weeks and it was picked up on an ultrasound at 10 weeks they didn’t check any sooner than that because it can be so hard to find

They wouldn’t be able to hear it but can see it with an ultrasound.

That’s a little early to hear it . Also could be attached to the back of your uterus, also if your a little “fluffy” jkjk but I think that could have something to do with it as well.

When i was pregnant they told me that sometimes it can be hard to find heart beat til 10weeks sometimes they get lucky and can hear it b4 then. If they do ultrasound they can pick it up sooner but most times its about weeks b4 you can hear it

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Yes that happened to me it’s just early it will be fine :heart:

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Yes! My sons heartbeak was not detected until between 10 and 12 weeks. I went home so paranoid and devastated when they couldn’t find it at 8 weeks. Just try and relax i think its too soon to detect it on a doppler may need to do an ultrasound to see the heart waves

I didnt hear all my children’s heart beat until 10-12 weeks. Dont give up yet, get a second opinion. I’ve gotten a few second opinions in my life and they’ve been right. Dont worry yet ok. Relax

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Why didn’t they talk to there doctor???

I went thru this in October unfortunately not

I didn’t hear mine till closer to 10-11 weeks

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