We just got back from the OB. If there is no heartbeat at 8 weeks is there any hope?

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The heartbeat is usually detectable by ultrasound by 6 weeks, but your dates could be a little off. That’s not unusual for early pregnancy. Your OB should do serial ultrasounds and hcg levels to see what’s going on.


I was supposed to be 8 weeks at my first appt and was only 5, my ovulation and dates were off. They did a follow up for the next week and the baby was there and heartbeat was present :heart:

There’s still hope sometimes it’s hard 2 get a reading might just b a lil weak which isn’t a big deal sometimes if they do an ultrasound through the vag it at least shows if the sack is in the right place and such

I had the same problem and they told me to wait until 12 weeks then if nothing it wasnt viable. I waited and boom at 12 there was his little heartbeat. Now I’ve got a rowdy 4 year old. Dont lose hope


Hcg readings need to be increasing. If so your ok.


An OB told my friend there would never be a heartbeat and it was her body having a spontaneous abortion. 4 days later he had a heartbeat. Her regular doctor told her not to give up hope. She has a perfectly healthy boy.

My middle child had “no heartbeat and an empty sac” @ 7 weeks. Waited 2 weeks and baby was viable.

Obesity can make it difficult sometimes to detect a heartbeat at 8 weeks.


Why not ask the doctor while you were there n didn’t hear a heartbeat


They always had a hard time finding my babies heart beat bc of my size

When I didn’t hear a heartbeat at 8 weeks with my first pregnancy I had a miscarriage then :frowning: so hopefully that doesn’t happen in ur case

It happened to my sis in law. Last year. They couldn’t detect a beat. And when she came in for her d and c they took one more and Boom. Heartbeat found.

It also depends on who’s doing the heartbeat reading. I had multiple doctors and one of them couldn’t get it to read so she went and got another doctor and they found it right off the bat

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This happened to me, they had my date wrong so it was still too early. Prayers for you

as hard as it is, please try to stay positive hun x hoping for the best xxx


It’s it me? Why don’t people ask the doctor who is right in front of them instead of rushing home and asking the internet?


Maybe. My last pregnancy was the earliest I ever found out and I was about 6 weeks along and my dr didn’t even try to find it because he said sometimes it’s hard to find that early. I’m also a big girl so I think that may have played a factor. When I went back a mont later he checked and there was a heartbeat.

It’s still early. I wish you the best and hope it works out!

They couldn’t find a heartbeat on me at 12 weeks so I went in for ultrasound - twins!! They are 22 now.


Anything is possible!

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Awww no :sob:
I’m so sorry for your loss. A friend of mine was 41 weeks when they couldn’t find his heart beat she lost her baby too. Saddest thing in the world for someone to have to go through. :broken_heart::sob:


Due to my son’s position, we couldn’t hear the heart beat on the Doppler till like 16 weeks they gave me ultrasounds leading up to then to confirm that everything was still ok

Maybe ur not as far along as they thought! There could be all sorts of reasons


Absolutely I had blood test and ultrasound come back saying I lost my baby girl but 3 weeks later on my follow up she was ther moving and very strong heartbeat

Could not be as far along as u think! I end up being a week behind prayer to u momma

Happened to me at 8 weeks, they did the HCG test to see if levels were rising or falling… don’t give up yet :pray:

I was told the same at one Dr Office but the next day at the other Dr office they found a heartbeat…:pray::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Why didn’t the one who is asking this question ask their Dr …people on the internet isn’t a drs :woman_facepalming:t2:

depends. did you get an ultrasound or did they just try to use the doppler? if it was the doppler it’s probably still too early to tell. but if they didn’t see/hear one on an ultrasound that’s when i’d be a little worried, i hope everything is okay mama. i’d be calling or going back. hugs. :heart:

Its hard at 8 weeks to find the fetus sometimes when i was preg with my first they had to bring in a portable ultrasound to find my daughter and get a heartbeat

Usually this means it’s not a viable pregnancy. Stay positive.

I was told 8 weeks is to soon to hear the heartbeat

My Dr didn’t even look for the heartbeat with the Doppler till I was between 12-14 weeks, 8 weeks they check for HCG levels and do ultrasound to determine how far along I really was.

Have you discussed this with your OB? Have you had a transvaginal ultrasound? Abdominal ultrasounds are not always reliable. Sometimes the heartbeat cannot be heard until twelve weeks. Your dates may not be accurate and you may not be as far along as you may think. Make an appointment wit your OB ASAP to discuss your concerns and God bless you!


My sons heartbeat wasn’t heard until 11 weeks. Hope this helps!

Usual if it’s something to worry about they’ll tell you

The best advice to you would be… ask your doctor.

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You may be earlier than that

They couldn’t hear the heartbeat, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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I can’t understand why so much nastiness in here. Y’all need some prayers, seriously :bangbang:


If you left the doctors office why didn’t you ask all questions there?
Why wait to go ask the public who all gonna say something different.
Safest thing to do is consult in a professional not social media

Sometimes it’s hard to find a heartbeat that early. Could be hidden like my son was. If you aren’t spotting or bleeding you may have a bit of hope. Stay positive.

In my experiences no :disappointed: but got everything crossed your situation is different :blue_heart:

Wow My daughter just went threw that !she waited they told her at 8 weeks ! Instead of taking the pill it took 3 more weeks before she miscarried!


I would say don’t lose hope yet. It may still be too early to detect. But also, just in case, understand that sometimes things are out of our control. There is nothing wrong with you, and you can try again when/if you feel ready. My hope for you is that you have a good support system, just in case. Praying for you, hun.

Yes there is hope. I was told I lost the baby when they couldn’t find a heartbeat, was around the same length pregnancy, 8 weeks, was devastated. However something didn’t seem right since, I wasn’t actually miscarrying. So after 1 week of waiting I went and got checked again, not only did they find a heartbeat but my HCG levels were on track. Now I have a beautiful 9 year old boy :blush:

Still kinda early hun. U can usually hear it by 12-14 weeks.


My sister and I were just discussing this about her pregnancy with my nephew and how they couldn’t find a heartbeat and I believe she was further into her pregnancy and now has a healthy 10 year old boy. Praying for you that you and your child are healthy

If u r having irregular period den heart beat at 8 weeks cant be find… same as my case… but after a week da heart beat was dere… dont lose hope…

I was told the same at 8 weeks and 5 days later another Dr heard it. :pray:t2:

Personally, I would wait 1-2 weeks and check again