Wedding planning

My Fiancée and I are getting married next year! He was adopted when he was 4 and the last few months he has been trying to get to know his Birth parents. His adopted parents disapprove of what he is doing. My question is do we invite his birth parents amd risk causing drama or do we leave them out and risk ruining the new relationship my fiancée is making with them?

I feel like that’s something your fiancée should decide. His adopted parents disapproving I feel may be normal… I would just reassure them it’s not for bad reasons. It doesn’t take away the fact that they’re his parents and who raised him. It’s human nature to want to know where you came from, etc. If he wants to invite them, he should. If it causes issues then that’s the other persons problem and honestly they need to grow up. It’s not their wedding or their day and they can bite their tongue. I would make sure the birth parents are comfortable with going… some people may want more time to bond and get their relationship to a certain level before attending such a personal event but… at the end of the day it’s your guys day and should invite who you want.