Weight gain during/after pregnancy?

How much weight have you pregnant women gained throughout your pregnancy. And what is your weight now?


I was 135 and got to 193 right before I went into labor. My son is 11 months and I currently weigh 150 :roll_eyes:

Right now, at 33 weeks, I’m 155…the biggest I’ve ever been in my life. I’m hoping it comes right off like it did with my first. We’ll see.

I’m 29 weeks now I went from 246 to 194. I haven’t gained weight even though I’ve been trying to!

I used to be 56kg… Almost ten years and 2 kids later I weigh 89kgs🙈

i gained 32lbs during my pregnancy, i’m now 61/2 months postpartum and have lost 30lbs. (I was also like 10lbs over my average weight when i got pregnant) But I don’t go to the gym or have a special diet, so it’s just coming off over time. I’ve heard breastfeeding also helps to lose the baby weight, couldn’t really tell for me though.

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I was very stressed and did not gain until the last month, i ended up gaining 18 weight at delivery was 180 lost 10 immediately- by 2 weeks check i was at 172 by 6 week I was 154-- very rough with ppd … Now I’m at 190 but a healthy wright and drs are very please i am also 5’10

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Was 104 gained 30 pounds and now I’m 109. 11 months postpartum.

I was underweight when I got pregnant. I was at 128lbs when I should’ve been 140. Right before I gave birth, I was 216lbs. It took me a year and a half to lose everything I wanted and now I’m a healthy 145lbs. It’s overwhelming with the weight gain but just keep in mind you have a precious little on growing inside you. You’ll lose it in no time!

I gained 20lbs total. Started at 124# and went to 144#. I was 130# when I left the hospital after birth and back to normal weight after 2.5 weeks.

Gained 11 with my first. Gained 9 with my second.
Lost it all plus more after birth.

Currently 142 and 17.5 weeks pregnant. I’m in the negatives with weight right now.

I gained roughly 40lbs this time around… I haven’t stepped on the scales yet but my pre pregnancy clothes fit so yay lol

I was 98lbs before baby i got to 165 during and now im stuck at 154

With my 1 week old, I went from 175 to 202. I’m now at 190 :broken_heart:

Before weight was 170. I was 226 when I gave birth. I’m 1 wk post partum and I’ve lost 15lbs.

I was 130 before my first and 215 at delivery. 180 after delivery. I spent a year trying to lose the weight and got down to 145 before finding out I was pregnant again. I was 178 at delivery. Once I was given the clear to work out again I did. I’m 8 months PP and weight 150.

207 prepregancy - 223 day of labour - 197 1 week postpartum

I gained 50… lost almost 60… im now 120

Was 115 by the end I was 170 now 20 months after my son I’m 136.

I gained 17-20 with both. Came right off after a few weeks. I also didn’t make eating a priority after each so that’s probably why.

I have always been under weight so I’m roughly around 135 to 150 rn. I didn’t gain with my youngest at all. I was at 145 with my oldest and went to 190 with her by the end of the pregnancy. The day after having her I went down to 160 then 2 weeks later I was down at 140 again

Went from 141lbs when i found out i was pregnant to 184lbs when she was born. I’m almost 11mo pp and weigh 132lbs.

As of right now I am 145 and 5 weeks pregnant curious to know how much I will gain

I lost 35 with my first and gained 20 back throughout. My second I gained about 25. Idk with this one yet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: 4 weeks

With my first, I gained about 30lbs, up to 170#, my second I was 130#, gained 30lbs. Now I’m at 115# :face_with_raised_eyebrow: breastfeeding and running after 2 boys who are 17mo apart… :muscle:t3:
Took me a lot longer to rid of my baby fat the first time around, second time, it just dropped off and stayed off :woman_shrugging:t3:

I gained 50 with both, the first I lost it pretty quick, I’m still working on the second ones weight but she was a csection

I gained more than 50… i told the nurse not to tell me my weight… didnt want to know. Now i am about 115. Pretty much the same as before pregnant

With my first I gained about 35 or so pounds. Always been athletic but after my first I got back into running/working out. With my second I worked out my whole pregnancy (I stopped 3 days before my scheduled c-section) and I gained 28 pounds that time. I have big babies though - first was 9.6 and second was 8.7.

I gained 15 lbs with each pregnancy my littlest is 6 months and im down 50lbs now but i have health issues

I gained 40 to 50 lbs each kid. And lost all but 10lbs after the first 3. So I’m stuck with some STUBBORN weight. You shouldn’t really compare with others though. Everyone’s body and pregnancy is different. I gained 38lbs last pregnancy and lost it ALL within 2 months.

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I gained 50 all 3 times, but lost it quickly. Especially after the first one because I breast fed him

I always gain about 30-40 lbs. It comes back off when I’m nursing and sleeping versus eating lol

I got up to 215 during my daughters pregnancy. Took 9 years to lose. I’m 126 now

Before having kids, 145-150. Gained 25 lbs first pregnancy, got back to 155. Gained 20 lbs second pregnancy, got back to 160. Now I’m stuck at 155. I’m 5’7"

1st pregnancy: 130 before. 160 at end. Dropped to 130 after.
2nd pregnancy: 120 before. 155 at end. Now at 130.

I started at 209 got up to damn near 250… just lost the last 20lbs I need to be back at 209 and guess what another one decided to come along lol I’m upset about losing and gaining it all back lol

Went from 220 to 200 to 215

Weighed 170 before pregnancy, gained 70 lbs pregnant so ended up at 240. Now 40 lbs down to 200 lbs. :weary:

I only gained about 15 each with my first 2. With my baby now I’m close to gaining 50 pounds. :sob::sob::sob:

With my first before i was 135 got to 160
My second i weighed 178 end of pregnancy
After 3 years im back to my post baby weight by chasing toddlers around :joy:

Weighed about 140lb to start, gained 36lb and now I’m back down to 135lb.

It’s something I obsess over. With my first I was 123 and 160 at birth. My second 160 starting and I’m currently 186 @ 7 months 2w. I’m also taking turmeric and apple cider vinegar pills to help with water retention because I’m not peeing enough for how much I drink

I gained 13 with my first, 30 with my second and then with my latest I lost 20 lbs but then gained it all back in fluid within 2 weeks and had to be induced. Lost another 40 after I had him but quickly regained after I stopped breastfeeding.

I’m 31w exactly & gained almost 30 pounds.

I gain over 60lbs with my son i say over 60lbs because i stopped counting and checking my weight dr did keep checking my weight though lost all but 2 lbs a few months after giving birth almost 2 years after i still only have those 2 lbs more at 89lbs so i don’t mind i actually wanted to stay at 100lbs but maybe since i breastfed i lost the weight like crazy maybe next time lol

Now at 6 months I’ve gained 2 pounds…

I have gained 15 lbs so far but I still got like 2 months to go

1st pregnancy, I gained 90 pounds :roll_eyes: I had gestational diabetes and blew up. Second and third pregnancies each about 40 pounds. I weighed about 140 the first, 130 with the second, and about 120 with the 3rd. I’m currently 120 pounds give or take a pound or two depending on the day.

I gained 60 pounds. 2 months post birth and I am down 45 pounds. Slowly losing the last 15.

1st 160 ended 192. Now 10 weeks barely a pound

Went from 98lbs to 133lbs to 103lbs

I was 215 before pregnancy then got up to about 275, last I weighed myself a couple weeks ago I was 245

Weight gain isn’t normal and can signal hormonal imbalance. Especially if children are had close, messes the body up.

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Went from 125lb to 152, so gained 27lb with my first. All gone and then some after 7 months, ended up 115-120. Only 15 weeks so far on this one, gained around 3lb so far.

I gained 30lbs, was 160 after birth and it’s been 9 months and I haven’t lost any weight, despite breastfeeding and exercise, I was always told breastfeeding helps lose the weight but I haven’t seen it, everyone is different though.

I gained about 33 lbs.

Im a little over what I should be. So I’m paying extra attention… I’m 14 weeks and I’ve gained 8 pounds already

Pre pregnancy, 125, at the end, 168, now 127. Everyone is different tho! Love your body. Its creating or has created your mini humans :heart:

Day of positive test at 3 weeks pregnant I weighed 170. Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant and I weight 158 :rofl: :face_vomiting:

I gained 60lbs, I lost 40 lbs in a yrs.

I gained about 45 pounds… 3 weeks PP and Ive lost 35 of them. Breastfeeding for the win. Lol

Gained 13lbs with my son delivered 6weeks early, dropped 37lbs within 2 weeks pp. Gained 28lbs with my daughter delivered at 39 weeks and have dropped 27lbs so far 1 week pp.

I was 100 lbs when I got pregnant, at the end of my pregnancy I was 163 lbs. I am 9 months post partum and I weigh 138.

During my pregnancy i gained 43lbs and it was all gained in the last 3months. After i had my baby I lost it all except 15lbs I am now 2 yrs pp and i still have those 15lbs and an extra 10 :neutral_face:. My starting weight was 191lbs. (Edited I did the math wrong) my weight now is 212 to 216 it fluctuates

Gained 50lbs with my first, lost 48lbs before getting pregnant 8 months later. Currently 14 weeks & haven’t gained/lost anything.

Gained 65 pounds both pregnancies was 100 befre pregnancy and 165 after baby born. Took almost a year but back to regular weight both times . I like snacks :woman_shrugging::joy:

Was about 112lbs when found out w my 1st n at end of pregnancy, I was about 140lbs… w my recent, I was 113 n at end was again close to 140 n that is w getting hospitalized and losing 10lbs during my 6th month of pregnancy. He is 10mo now and my 1st is 14yo. I’m now about 120

First child:
Pre 221
Gained 12 pounds
Baby was 6lb 9oz
First post appointment 221

Second child
Pre 220
Gained 20 pounds
Baby was 9lb 11oz
First post appointment 225

First one I started at my heaviest 173, went up to 208, then back down to 170 and started my weight loss journey. Changed my whole life. Took up running. Got down to 138, gained muscle and went up to 145-150. So I was about 148 when I got pregnant with my 2nd and ran until 7.5 months, then biked everyday until the week of, when I was trying to hold him in until I was totally ready. lol. 6 months post and I’m 158. Last few lbs are always a killer. But I’m not back to running 5 miles a day like I had been before. If I had a babysitter everyday or he would let me sleep all night so I could get out before my husband has to leave, then I would be well down to 150. Damn babies. :sob::joy:

Before I was pregnant I was 113, when I was 3-4 months pregnant I got down to 106 bc morning sickness, and now I’m at 25 weeks and I weigh 127

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I gained 55 pounds during pregnancy. I am currently now lower than I was pre pregnancy. I lost about 61 pounds.

I’m 24 in a half weeks pregnant I’ve gained about 5 pounds with my second pregnancy. My first pregnancy I gained 50 pounds, lost 20 after, I got the nexplanon birth control and gained the 20 pounds plus another 20

Weighed 120, gained 70 lbs, was 190 when I gave birth. 11 months later I’m down to 150.

I was 160 before pregnancy 200 at delivery and I’m 2months postpartum and weigh 163 now :woman_shrugging:t3:

I lost 25lbs I’m 19 weeks…I can just imagine what I’m about to pack on

With my first I gained 15 pounds and with my second gained 0 pounds and lost 20 pounds after birth. She was a week old and I was weighing 20 pounds less than prior to pregnancy

Gained 22lbs with my daughter lost 35lbs, gained 24lbs with my son lost 37lbs. Breastfeed both

I just had my forth baby 7 weeks ago. I was 137lbs pre-pregnancy and 162lbs weigh in at hospital (37 weeks preg.)

I’m now 138. I really do think breastfeeding helps with the weight loss.

Pre baby 130.
164 right before I had my son.
130 8 weeks after baby

180 when i got prego 260 after i gave birth. Trying to get it off

Gained 40lbs and lost it all in the first month of postpartum. I legit had all baby and water weight. My son is a year on Monday and I’m currently losing weight. I was scared I wasn’t going to lose any baby weight due to having PCOS but I was all belly during pregnancy :heart:

I gained about 65 lbs my first 2 pregnancies. I’m currently 7m pregnant and only gained 7 lbs… but I lost alot of weight in between 10-20 weeks because of morning sickness. I’ve managed to gain all I lost back and some.

I went from 170lbs to 230lbs. I’m now at 165lbs.

I was 92 pounds when I got pregnant (27 years old, very petite person) and gained 30 pounds total during pregnancy. 123 when gave birth. Had a healthy full term baby boy weighing 7.3oz was 5 days before his due date! Now weighing 97. Still working on my weight gain as my metabolism is still so fast. (Please dont be hateful, I’d love to gain my weight back)

(25/26) I was 170 before pregnancy I was 199.9 the day I went in to get induced. After 2 weeks i was down to my prepregnancy weight… it’s been a struggle to lose more weight even with breastfeeding. But I’m ok with how I look

I went from 180lbs to 240lbs. I had my daughter 2 months ago & as of yesterday I’m 210. Slowly but surely getting back down. My goal is to atleast get down to about 190-195lbs :raised_hands:t3:

With my frist i gained almost 90 i was 150 went to 237 only lost like 15 lbs went to 215 to 220 got pregnant with my second dropped to 170 then in the last month went to 210 now im at about 180 and shes 11 months

I was 125 post pregnancies had my little guy gained 50lbs had an emergency c section then 3months later got pregnant Again gained another 40 with my girl also c section sadly i couldn’t produce enough milk for my son and my daughter was in NICU and my milk supply went dry. I’ve been stuck with the last 60lbs that just wont leave.

140 pre-pregnancy, 190 pregnant, currently 150 @ 9 months post partum. Only ten more lbs to go but they don’t seem to want to leave :blush:

Gained 40 lb. shedded the 40 and back to normal weight now. 7 mo pp

Best feeding shring uterous and also help loose weight

Gained about 20lbs with my first and then gained 4lbs with my 2nd. I started overweight so needed to watch my weight

Gained about 10 pounds pregnant and lost 20 pounds post-patten. Actually think about having another baby so I can lose more weight!:laughing:

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190 pre pregnancy
33 weeks now 202
12 lbs

I’m 22yrs-old & 5’3”

Starting weight first
pregnancy: 137lbs

delivery weight: 165lbs (8/31/18)

After pregnancy weight: 125lbs

(Gained 28lbs, lost 40lbs)

Second pregnancy starting weight: 125lbs

Delivery weight: 153lbs (8/14/19)

Current weight: 129lbs (8 weeks PP) I have a few more pounds to lose!

170lb in july now 22 weeks pregnant and at 182lbs. I also eat healthy, still do cardio and light strength training and had lots of muscle before getting pregnant so hopefully wont blow up too much haha

I weighed 110 lbs when I got pregnant and weighed 132 lbs at birth. Now she’s eleven months old and I weigh 112 lbs. I wish I could gain weight, I would love to be at 130 lbs not pregnant lol

Lmao! I weighed 150 when I got pregnant, 220 when I delivered! Second pregnancy was twins, gained 60 pounds (280), lost it within a month of delivery. Weighed between 240 and 280 for 18 years, had gastric bypass 3 years ago, weigh 155 now. Everyone’s body is different. My daughter in law is 15 weeks and has LOST weight, due to extreme morning sickness. Now that she’s in her second trimester, she’s not sick anymore and has her appetite back but is simply RADIANT! We all handle pregnancy differently. I was a firefighter throughout both pregnancies, besides being overweight I was perfectly healthy and able to fight fire til 8 months with the first and 6 months with the twins. It’s all according to your level of activity before, during and after baby.

I weighed 204 pre-pregnancy weight and at the end weighed 215. Now weigh 201. Son was born 2weeks ago. Had an emergency csection

Mann I gained 45 with my first. Didn’t lose any after birth for pregnant 3m later and I’ve gained 20 pounds so far