Weight loss plans that work?

Weight loss plans that actually work? i need to lose like 50 lbs and have struggled all my life…i just want to be skinny


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Weight loss plans that work?

As someone who used to be a stick and chunky , I would say don’t worry about the scale. Count your calories on myfitness pal if you would like. Getting rid of the scale was probably the best choice for me . Being skinny is not necessarily going to be make you happy.

Eat healthier and stay active. There are plenty of healthy recipes out there that you can make. Collect a bunch you want to try and make a plan for yourself. Or find a wellness coach that makes these plans for you.

Jiu Jitsu, I didn’t change my eating but I was forced to drink more water during class


Calorie deficit and lift weights. Muscle burns fat :muscle:

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Start by loving your body for carrying you this far in life. No matter what it looks like. Be active (not just exercise) and eat what you want in moderation. Drink twice the amount of water you usually do. Good luck!


No soda, juice, sugar,starch anything. No fried foods and no fast food. Drink water and thats all. High protein low to zero carbs. Good luck!! I lost 44


My doc put me on a fasting diet and so far I’ve lost 38 lbs in 3 months and feel great! I am doing 17 /7. I set a period of time 12pm to 7pm to eat. The other hours I get only water!
I chose this time and no counting calories, carbs heavy dieting. Just eat as healthy as I can during those hours.

I chose those hours because I’m not a breakfast person and typically have lunch at work with coworkers and dinner with my hubby and family.

On days that I don’t work I do a 6am to 1pm window and skip dinner so I can have my coffee while at home with kids lol

Keto made my cholesterol skyrocket which has never been an issue. My doc informed me it is only good for short term weightloss but if you do it more than a few months it can be damaging. Definitely talk to your doctor first!


Try intermittent fasting. Worked great for me lost 35lbs in 2 1/2 months.

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I lost 45 pounds with weight watchers

Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognise. Nothing processed. No more than three serves of whole grain pasta, brown rice or bread a week. Drink lots of water and herbal tea. Don’t eat anything ‘diet’ Full fat milk in your morning coffee (max 2) cut out sugar.
Just eat real food

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Join a martial arts class! Whether it’s jujitsu or kickboxing! Look for an all ladies kickboxing gym in your area they are really good at making women feel comfortable especially if you’re a beginner. Once you become consistent in training you’ll start seeing the changes real quick!

Eat 28 to 30 grams of fiber everyday! That should be a pound a week if u do

I have stopped dairy and watched my intake of salt and I’ve dropped from 135 to 119… This is due of course to kidney stones. Being dairy free is a challenge but it has changed my life. Also lemon water is a good one

Download My Fitness Pal and start counting your calories. It’s really easy to do and you don’t need to cut out any food groups! Eat more protein, drink more water and move more

I lost 20 lbs chasing around my toddler :sob:
Stay at Home Moms :fire:


Quit wanting to be skinny and start wanting to be healthier. Join a gym, use the weight machines, builds muscle, burns fat like crazy. Plus once you get into it, and start seeing results little by little, it will become a addiction, a good one. Most gyms have music or tvs, do some cardio everyday, but start out low and slow, watch TV while you do it, or listen to music, the time goes fast. Get a good comfortable pair of shoes, don’t have to be expensive, AVIA from Walmart are good. And don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t tell anyone, just wait until they notice a change and say something.

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Talk to your doctor about Ozempic or Wegovy. If you’re serious.

If you have enough to lose you can consider bariatric surgery. That’s what I did.

Dana Mercer Lehman im sure you could help her.

Excersize, intermittent fasting, consistency, more organic fresh fruits and vegetables and high fiber alkaline foods, gallon of water a day, acv vinegar and/ or warm lemon water first thing on an empty stomach.

Walking everyday for an hour, rebounding everyday, also squatting and weight lifting at the same time and squats, martial arts jujitsu or boxing.

What worked for me was no oil, no sugar and low carb and high protein diet, but it isn’t sustainable unless you make it for lifetime.

Stop drinking would be mine but 8 boys in the house and life being a mess I’m not giving up a glass or 2 a night :joy:


Most of them work if you follow them and stay in calorie deficit… You need to find what you can stick to without excuses that it’s not working after 5 minutes.

Try Keto using the carb manager app

Arn to love yourself and not care what others think of you, it’s sooooo refreshing, xx

Calorie deficit is the true way

Maybe you have some sort of hormone disorder like PCOS and/or insulin resistance. I have both and my one doctor had put me on metformin to help with the insulin resistance. It’s helping some too lose the weight. Since I had started on it earlier this year, I had lost maybe 10 pounds so far. I knew it’s not much and I could possibly lose more if I moved around more, but I also have a list of joint issues going on. But hey, 10 pounds gone is better than no pounds gone. :woman_shrugging:

6 straight months of working 4, 8 hour days at Wawa, I lost 60lbs. And still losing, not as much. I’m maintaining but if I do more work, add another work day, I’m sure I could lose even more. But I’m comfortable where I am for now. Good luck.

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Chicken and rice diet

Exercise along with intermittent fasting

I literally lost 70 pounds doing Keto and have kept it off for years ! Even after reintroducing some carbs after I lost my weight
It was so easy !
Also I did not use any of the gimmick crap that people try to sell “ promoting to help with keto “


I highly recommend MetaBoost Connection!

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Iam in the exact position I want to also but I start then again I quit I need help

Digestive cleanse first and then eat fresh. Water is your friend.

This what works for me…

Option 1: Gym at least 3x a week. Make achieveable goal. Ex: Day 1: burn 500 calories. 30min on treadmill, 30min bicycle. (Beginners)

Option 2: Set your goal weight. Make changes on your routine & diet to reach your goal

Drink green tea or smooth move at least once a week.

Tryin to lose weight or Staying healthy takes a lot of discipline and work. it’s about How bad you want it?

It’s not about the plan. The person is the deciding factor. If you consume fewer calories than you expend, you will lose weight. Eat smaller portions of whole foods and exercise. Stop eating at night. Stop eating highly processed and foods full of chemicals. Stop eating junk food, sugary drinks, booze etc.
Drink water, eat small portions of whole healthy foods and exercise.

Adopt and practice a healthy lifestyle.

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Before u eat it you must ask yourself do i need this??? The answer just might be no and dont eat it :rose::blush: i lost 50 pounds this way

Low Carb High Protein. Cut out all starches. No sugars, breads, potatoes, and sodas.

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It’s a life style change. No quick fix but eating better and working out. Weight watchers is good because they teach you how to eat. You can still eat almost anything just smaller portions and being mindful of what you do. If you can write everything down that you eat it will help you understand what your intake is and what needs to be changed most. Good luck you CAN do this!

Good old fashion nutrition and exercise. You should focus on being healthy not skinny. Clean up what you eat, focus on lean protein/veggies/fruit. Portion your meals out. And just get some exercise it. Walking/running/weights. There is no quick fix.

I love low carb. I never feel hungry or deprived & you lose pretty quickly. Make sure you also drink plenty of Water

Stray away from cokes. I stopped drinking them in November and have lost over 40 pounds. Would have lost more but I got in a relationship with Reece’s so yeah.

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I do HERBALIFE …I drink 2 shakes a day…I exercise, drink lots of water and eat healthy.Ive lost 30 lbs…and plan to lose more.
If interested DM …and tell you more… Good luck

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Nutrition. And finding a balance that works for you. Fruits, veggies, whole foods, lean meats, and water.
Drop added sugars, and processed foods. Eat real foods.

Weight lifting mixed with some cardio.

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70 lbs down and off for over a year E2M Personal Training. They give you the workouts meal plans and everything as long as you stick on it you will see results

Nutrisystem! I am down 29lbs in three months. I am on The Uniquely Yours program. I get 5 days worth of their meals and 2 days I eat on my own, learning the correct food to eat. It costs 299.00 a month. I do have to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables to balance out my diet! With the price of today’s groceries, 299. 00 a month is a decent price!

sometimes that just might not happen, Just be yourself , Eat better, walk or exercise. I never tried losing wt until I hit 40, But i wanted to eat & drink whatever, but loss a little wt. It worked & I ate a lot of crap too. But once I got close to 60 it all came back & when I turned 50 & ate really, really well, gave up drinking & soda but the wt still came back :slightly_frowning_face: So it is what it is :slight_smile:

Weight watchers is excellent for teaching you how to eat , and what’s important .

I to need to lose. Diets never work for me. I recently started changing the way I eat. It’s a slow process but it needs to be done. I am drinking more water, less pop. Staying away from chips & other snakes. I still have snacks but very little. Don’t eat a bun with my hamburger. Things like that. I have lost 17 pounds so far

Idk girl. Excersixe I suppose lol. I can’t seem to loose weight without a diet pill. I cut back on .my food intake, soda, drank water still couldn’t get the weight off. I’m also a type 2 diabetic and have low thyroid. My doctor said that’s the cause. He gave me something call rybelsus and I’ve lost about 25-30 pounds and just started the highest dose 2 days ago. I still eat and drink what I want but I don’t have an appetite most of the time. So that helps. Good luck to you.

Join the Macros Inc group for a free macros check and they give free advice in there. People post alot of low calorie recipes too. Getting a food scale and inputting everything into an app like MyMacros ($2.99 one time payment) will help with accuracy. If you decide to try this, make sure you log everything weighed as grams or milliliters. The nutrition label typically gives the weight of each serving which I didn’t notice until I started weighing my foods. It’s a really flexible way to portion control and you won’t be deprived of much. Being in a deficit and getting some activity is the key to losing weight.


This is a bit longer and maybe complicated but you should look into your genetics and medical history,food/drink allergies, if you have anything and I mean anything underlying it can effect weight loss and gain. I use to struggle losing weight until I cut dairy out (I’m lactose intolerant) of my life and I’m a lot happier too since I stopped consuming jt

I could help you if you are willing to put the work in! Shoot me a pm :slightly_smiling_face:

I have struggled all my life and I got the gastric sleeve surgery honestly it’s been a hard journey but I’ve lost over 150 lbs and I couldn’t feel any better! I’m dealing with loose skin now but it’s worth it not being 300 lbs anymore. Whatever your path you got this!

Intermittent fasting is what’s helped me.


High protein low sugar and min 64 oz of clear non caffeine drinks portion control I have lost 30 lbs in 5 months and 30 mins a day of some type of exercise

I have lost over 60 lbs after struggling for years…my suggestion change your perspective. I had to work on my outlook, not do it for the skinny aspect do it for a health and wellness aspect and change your relationship with food. Once I figured that out the weight started coming off and I look at it as a bi-product of nutrition. I don’t count or track anything, frankly bc I am lazy and know I won’t stick with that forever. I focus every meal and snack on a good heathly protein source and always make half my plate veggies…I cut out all refined foods and carbs (candy, cookies, chips, white bread, white pasta) I still have carbs but heathly low gi ones but only after a good amount of protein and veggies…so the protein and fiber keep me full. I DO NOT RESTRICT MYSELF AT ALL, I feel like if I eat when hungry and just focus on high quality nutrition my body just functions better and I am slowly becoming a better version of myself. I also have PCOS so weightloss is not an easy task with the hormone imbalance, but I have lost 60lbs and still have around 25 more to go…but it is much slower now but that is okay but it is not a race and my nutrition is what I focus on and not so much the scale. Most important thing is to find what works for you bc everyone is different and their body responds to different things…like calories in/calories out works for lots but never has for me due to the hormone imbalances and insulin resistance with PCOS and once I figured that out I figured out how to eat and lose but a friend of mine is losing like crazy and she eats based on macros and tracks but eats whatever fits within her macros and it works for her perfectly and she is down 100lbs but that method never worked for me bc my body is different.

  • Buy organic meat, poultry & dairy so you skip the growth hormones. The difficulty and expense of finding organic cheese, yoghurt, milk will have you cutting back on dairy which can be good.
  • Buy plain yogurt and add a little fresh or dried fruit, nuts, granola, cinnamon or other spices, honey or maple syrup if you can’t stand it plain. Greek yoghurt tastes more decadent. Organic so you skip the growth hormones & pesticides.
  • Move more by finding something you enjoy (dancing, climbing walls, walking with friends, swimming) so you can keep it up. Then when you feel more energetic add in other activities you may enjoy less. I like circuit training on machines at the gym. It’s boring but if I do 8-25 reps on each machine & then go to the next one it’s not bad. I can do 30 seconds of anything.
  • Walk or bike vs. taking a car everywhere; park farther from the store.
  • Carry your own grocery bags & make them progressively heavier as you gain strength.
  • Make colorful vegetables the biggest part of your plate.
  • Switch to brown rice, whole grain bread & pasta & eat only small portions of carbs. Freeze appropriately sized portions for another meal.
  • Substitute olive oil for butter & seltzer for sodas.
  • White wine for happy hours or lower calorie drinks if you drink socially. Alternate sips with a big glass of water.
  • Hummus and veggies (pita if veggies aren’t available) for appetizers or order a salad or side vegetable vs. potato skins or fried items.
  • Cut out a lot of cheese & only organic.
  • Cook your own food. It doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated, especially with pre-cut vegetables at the grocery store. Make enough to freeze portions (not too big!) for another time.
  • If you do eat out, get a box right away. Put half the carbs & main dish away & eat all the vegetables. Add vegetables to the leftovers for another meal or two.
  • When you’re hungry drink a glass of water and/or go for a walk first.
  • Have healthy snacks available to nibble on like cut up fruit and vegetables, air popped popcorn, portioned out nuts.
  • Keep healthy non-perishable snacks in the car to stave off stopping at fast food.
  • Use more herbs & spices to flavor foods, less salt & fats.
  • Make creamy soup, sauces with tofu in the blender vs. cream.
  • Drink hot or iced teas. There are a ton of different caffeinated, decaffeinated and herbal teas to choose from. Nuke in the microwave & pour over ice. Add lemon or lime juice, mint, rosemary or other herbs for extra flavor.
  • Eat a tub of plain yogurt before going out to eat to curb binging when socializing. Focus on the company more than the food. You can always get food, but time with friends is precious.

Skinny doesn’t equal happy or healthy. You’re perfect exactly as you are.


Keto or paleo. You need to eat lean protein, tons of vegetables, little too no carbs, and little fruit. Fasting works great and resistant training

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Octavia! I went from 230ish to 150 easily and felt great while doing it then I started intermittent fasting and got down another 15ish pounds with working out I find it’s easier for me to exercise and push myself with workout classes like zumba kick fit strong riding my bike ect

Focus on healthy vs. Skinny.
Cut out ALL refined sugar. Go super low carbs. Stick with protein and vegetables.
Watch your portion sizes and calorie intake by using an app to track what you eat in a day.
Get exercise every day. You don’t have to knock yourself out by going to the gym for hours but make those changes.
There is no magic pill or surgery. Just lifestyle changes. Its work and there will be lots of times you want to cheat but remember you’re only cheating yourself.

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I would tell you to see a doctor and make sure nothing medical is preventing weight loss…then a licensed dietician to make sure you have a healthy goal and meal plan…then a trainer because exercise helps with weight loss…healthy doesn’t equal “skinny” if I was “skinny” by society’s standards I would be horribly under weight

Sounds like to me you really need to focus on loving yourself first! Then the rest shall follow!! :heart:

Here come the mlm Vultures. Whatever u do don’t trust “IT WORKS” looking at a lot of sales reps it clearly doesn’t work.

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Cut carbs and move more than u consume

A calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight and it doesn’t matter what planner program you do as long as you are in a deficit you will lose weight. So you can consume less calories or you can burn them through exercise. The best way is a combination of both


Concentrate on healthy first then weight loss

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Go to a medical weight loss clinic, here in California we have alot of them you pay about 20 per week they hel0 with meal plan u get vitamin b shot and some pills to help and u start losing quick up to 10 pds a week

Weight watchers. It’s more about portion control than anything.

Lower your calorie density. (Full Length) Calorie Density: How To Eat More, Weigh Less and Live Longer - YouTube

Look up Vinnie Tortorich. No Sugar No Grain. It’s honestly life changing.

Read a book call “Eat To Live”. It’ll totally change the way you look at what you put into your mouth. I promise.

TRIM HEALTHY MAMA. slow and easy wins!

Eat like the Greeks do.

I’ve switched to being “fat adapted” basically eating almost all fat to teach the body to run off fat, then fasting to allow the body to process and use the fat on your body.
Working on going completely carnivore.


Eat things you have to cook. Nothing in a package box or can
That’s all you have to do.

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There’s no way clean eating and consistent exercise won’t work (unless you’re holding weight for medical reasons). Diets and people over complicate this. If you want it, commit to a healthy lifestyle change

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Skinny is not attainable, but being healthy is. Focus on changing your diet and getting in more exercise. If there is a medical reason behind you not being able to lose weight, I would then check in with your doctor

Cut out all whites !No bread no pasta no rice !You will crave more fruit after awhile!I lost 30 lbs in 6 months !

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Plant based. Drink enough water
Walk 30+min a day.:purple_heart:

I did optavia. Get to eat a little something every 2 and 1/2 hours.

I really liked weight watchers. I lost 43 lbs and have kept it off. I no longer pay for it but have kept up with what I learned through that program. What I liked best was not depriving myself of certain pleasure foods, it’s all about moderation :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve lost and still losing weight with the 17 day diet. It was developed by a doctor and can buy his book on line. First time weight loss worked for me!

Looking into Metobolic Research. I have lost 100 lbs on their program. I have tried SO many things over the years and this is the only thing that has ever worked for me.

Walking and eating smaller meals I lost 50 pounds in 6 months just waking an hour in the evenings up and down the hall and not loading my plate up. And I had struggled for 5 years to loose the weight.

Girl I can tell ya it’s possible, I never thought I could but basically I cut everything out of my diet and reset my body, I stopped the sugar, ate minimal to no carbs for a while because that was my weakness😅 tried to be more active to kickstart the fat burning, I only drank water and electrolyte beverages to keep myself hydrated and when I ate it was strictly protein and veggies, no salad dressings(only zero everything if I just did a dab for flavor) no sweets, made sure to have a healthy calorie deficit everyday and I went like that for about 3 months, then I maintained the proteins (baked and grilled chicken or meat, no fried foods) and veggies with carbs in moderation. I slowly started introducing things into my diet again and made sure I was eating decent portions instead of servings for 4 people😅 the crazy thing is I get so full off so little now and I used to be able to eat for a whole army.
once it started coming off I kept it going and this is year 2 now and I’ve lost 110 lbs total, I’m only 15 away from pre-baby weight but I’m trying to go based on my body image and feeling vs the number on the scale because I’ve gained more muscle. My dr and I went rounds for almost 2 years trying to do the weight loss because mine showed up out of no where. I steadily gained 5lbs per month for 2 years way after having my kids and all my labs/tests everything was normal. I went through Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Adkins diet, joined Planet Fitness gym, my dr even sent me through a professional Weight Loss Clinic at a nearby hospital and that didn’t work, we also tried Contrave which is a weight loss pill they give people prior to bariatric surgery because honestly that’s the route we thought I was going to have to go because negative again. At my heaviest I was 265 lbs I’m now 155. You got this!!

Being skinny was my main goal… and I ALWAYS failed as I’ve tried multiple times. I was literally starving myself at the beginning to the point where I got dizzy and was sick all the time because I was afraid of over eating… I have found the perfect diet balance for me and my body and I couldn’t be happier. I’m close to losing a full 50lbs myself and that took a year. I critized myself very harshly and even now at 218 from 255 I don’t see the different and the number on the scale angers me. It takes alot of time and effort but once the hard part are over it get so much easier once you learn what works for you :heart: I started at 255lbs I’m now at 218lbs! My goal is 160 atm :heart: you can get there just be kind to yourself and support yourself. I have even started giving myself little pep talks.
I use too load up on nothing but sodas and barely drank water and ate nothing but frozen/processed and food/junk loaded in carbs and sugar. I now mostly eat chicken and vegetables which you can make in many different ways! And spoil myself just once a week with something small