Weirdest wives tales OR superstitions you've ever heard..?

I just had a conversation w a woman that says she prefers to NOT attend the funerals of people that have taken their lives OR were drug addicts while living but instead lights a candle and prays for them the day they're laid to rest/or cremated BECAUSE in her culture people that lost their lives in that way had bad energies/entities surrounding them while they were living and now the residual bad energy can attach to the living if the remains of the deceased and the living are in the same room. Totally creeped me out.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Weirdest wives tales OR superstitions you've ever heard..?

We are the ones who put power behind beliefs. This woman chooses to believe something that causes her fear. You have the choice to have a more positive belief around those circumstances.


My dad refused to take any pictures ever because he thought it took part of your soul. He also refuses to take blood transfusions because of an old Indian thing about taking someone else’s life source into your own


Dipping baby’s bare feet in the first snow will keep them from getting sick (no I’ve never done this) I think it was my great grandma’s superstition (I never met her but heard about it) I’m not 100% where she got it from.

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If someone sweeps your feet you’ll go to jail is a main one I’ve heard.

I knew someone who believed you were supposed to hold a newborn upside down for a few seconds to benefit their organs.

The 7th son of the 7th son has some super medical powers and can take away thrush among other things.

If a bird gets in your house and dies it’s a sign a loved one will pass soon.

Sleeping on your stomach will kill your baby. And lifting your arms above your head.

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I truly believe that people who struggle with addiction have demons attached to them! That’s why it’s so hard to get clean.


Seeing an owl during the day is a bad omen, if you baby doesn’t sleep at night flip them while they are sleeping and they will change their sleep schedule (this works), 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror, sage keeps away bad spirits and cleanses your home of negative energy (true) , a bird flys into your window and dies (someone close to you will pass soon) and if a picture of someone falls off the wall and breaks something bad will happen to that person

When gifting a wallet or purse, you must include money for good luck.


I don’t go to funerals

My husband and other family members didn’t really want me to attend my mother in laws funeral when i was pregnant with my oldest because they said spirits can latch to the baby or can be a bad omen on the pregnancy.

Don’t lift anything above your head it can cause the cord to wrap around the baby neck.

If you tickle the bottom of a newborn or young infants feet it can cause stuttering when they start talking.


All of these are interesting… I can’t really think of any that my family practiced how about NO playing with Ouija boards?.. guess that’s not a superstition tho.

Flipping baby so they sleep better at night. Fixes them having night and day mixed up with all the napping

One of ours was NEVER have a mirror facing a door/entrance, never knew what it was about but didn’t question it

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my great-grandmother believes whistling in your home invites demons in.

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I believe to this day that we do not go near black birds as they show you were a dead body is. Also we do not go after dark as the native boogy man will come and grab you and take you back with him

In my culture your not to enter a cemetery while pregnant or on that time of the month aswell as swim at that time of the month. We also take our loved ones that have passed home or to a marae for 3 days and sleep next to them they’re never to be left alone and you have to remove all pictures of the living in the room that the body is laying and the casket is to be closed up before dawn on the 3rd morning among many other things.

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Never do laundry on new years day or you’ll be washing for some one who will pass in that year,my grand mother was furious when I helped a cow birthing a calf while pregnant said the baby will be marked like a cow I laughed and she had no marks just old wives tales from the south

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In my husbands culture you’re supposed to put an Angel in each room of your home. You’re supposed to have one near where your kids sleep as well. It’s said to ward off bad spirits. Oooh also they run an egg on your body and if you break the egg in a glass and the yoke is dark or black you’ve been cursed. If it is clear you are clear.

Don’t take pictures of the deceased bc it can trap their spirit in this world and they will never truly be at peace.

I never understood why people took deceased pictures anyway. I’d rather look at the memories of them living.