Welcome home gift for siblings?

I’ve seen videos before on a “Welcome Home” gift from baby brother/sister for the older sibling when bringing the new baby home from the hospital. Our boy will be a month shy of 2 when his baby brother comes home. What are some good gift ideas to help with this transition?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Welcome home gift for siblings?

A baby doll he can take care of while yourcaring for baby


A baby doll with a toy crib and stroller.
Also, a good book about becoming a big sibling.
I got a matching rocking chair for my daughter when her baby brother was born and she put it beside mine and rocked her baby while I rocked mine… she even tried to nurse her baby doll like mommy hahaha.


We always just made big sibling baskets of little stuff they were interested in. When we would be in the hospital they would be taken out to eat and some cool stuff then would try to visit in the hospital. After coming home we made sure to let them get comfortable and help out. And lots of extra snuggles with mommy while in the hospital bed.

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A baby of his own who he can do all the things mommy can do with the new baby. This will help him to adjust to his new sibling and be able to help by taking care of his baby while you are taking care of the new baby. Maybe even give it a little bit before the new one comes a d get him playing with it now. Start with gentle touch/holding, then swaddle the doll and get him to help put the baby to bed, stroller stuff like that. Congratulations and good luck


My son was a month shy of baby brother coming home he got a cool back pack for trips to papa’s. My oldest got baby a little lion :lion: he’s an elephant lover and loves lion king so he wanted brother to have lions

When I had my now 2 yr old we got her sisters each a present from her the oldest got a portable DVD player and the middle child got a learning tablet

All of you saying baby dolls so they can learn to help… Stop putting that kind of responsibility on your children. Stop telling siblings “that’s your baby whatever. Now you have to care for them… Or protect them…” it’s bullshit and causes trauma in adulthood. And let me tell you it’s easier to raise up a strong child than it is to fix a broken adult.

Beats me lol my son was born on my poor daughter’s 7th birthday :woman_facepalming:t2: she missed out on her parents being home on her day and everything lol

He want to copy you. So a baby, his own diaper bag, stroller, etc.


His brother or sister ur bringing home lol why do parents feel the need to have to give gifts to a child for having another baby? Ya u have a brother or sister deal with it lol

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My kids are in their late 20’s . They are 17 months apart. Back in the day, I was just told to not let the older one see me or my husband bring the new baby in from the hospital. We entered the house with car seat and placed it down in our kitchen . We than had him Come into the room( my parents were with the older one) and meet his baby! It was Important thT he not see one of us holding the new baby! :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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Have a small basket (I used a cube storage box thing in their favorite color) and fill it with quiet activities. It gives them something special but also helps keep them occupied when you’re trying to feed the baby or put the baby to sleep or what have you. Maybe a set of the giant Legos (like the off brand ones for babies specifically) or some coloring books

Really since he’s 2 nothing will help. One minute things are going to be fine but in 10 minutes kiddo may feel jealous. And they’re too little for reasoning. If they like helping you already then asking them to get a diaper or wipes etc. may help.

Well, my son was 16 months when we brought my daughter home from the hospital. He went to her room, brought out her new Fisher Price rattle and tried to bludgeon her with it. I managed to stop him. So in case your little boy is equally hostile, I would suggest something soft and cuddly. He’ll still be young enough for a new stuffed dinosaur or something of that nature. I would also include a T-shirt that says he’s a new big brother. He won’t be able to read it, but he still may get a charge out of it. I don’t know how cool it is to press him into service helping with the new baby if he seems angry about the baby. But if he’s interested, definitely let him help. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Best advice I can give is don’t forget your first born who’s had all your attention and as they grow don’t make the older sibling into the parent looking after. Making the older responsible will hurt the sibling relationship. Just saying

Equal attention. Don’t make everything all about the new baby.

When my son first saw his baby sister we had a stuffed animal there & we said she brought this with her for him to snuggle at night. He loved it! Told everyone his sissy brought him it.

I brought my kids a sister :person_shrugging: you’re welcome, I said