Were you able to give birth vaginally after having c-sections?

Hey any momma’s out there have any more than 2, 3 or 4 c-sections? Were you able to have a vaginal birth after the 2nd, 3rd or 4th? We have 2 little ones that have both been born via c-section. Our first born ended up being an emergency section and our second we planned for vaginal but our doctor insisted on having a date planned as well so if they didn’t arrive, then section it was. We always planned on having a large family. Just wondering what other momma’s went through. Thanks in advance


I was my mother’s first child and was delivered by c-section due to being breech. My younger brother and sister were both born vaginally. No problems with any birth. This was in the 80’s.

I was informed that you can only have a VBAC after your first c section only.


My sister had 2 by C Section and then one vaginally. I guess it depends on why your doctor initially chose C section. She was so small boned that the vaginal birth messed up something inside and she has to have surgery to repair the damage months later.

first was c section second was vaginally

I had natural birth, then emergency c from my girl being breech, then i was able to have another natural birth with my 3 third. I was told if I had another c section I would have to have c section for other births. I would never do a c section if I didn’t have to and my doctor never said I had to have another one it was my choice to have a natural or c section after my second one. If u want a natural birth then have one don’t let anyone tell u other wise unless it’s a health concern.

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My first was vaginally, second C section (due to placenta previa) and third was Vaginally. (All of my kids are 6-7 yrs apart)

You have to find the right doctor. The one my sister had allowed her to try vba2c with her 3rd child unfortunately he didn’t come before 40 weeks so she ended up with another csection and then had her 4th with a planned csection. I had the same doctor and he allowed me to try vbac after 1 but didn’t allow me to do vba2c as hospital policies had changed from that time

Most doctors will not allow you to deliver naturally after 2 c-sections as there is an increased chance of uterine rupture. I THINK it’s only like a 20% chance and there is of course no way of knowing for sure what would happen …it all depends on how you healed, your labor, the size of your baby, etc but most people don’t want to risk a potential rupture as it would be a very serious emergency at that point. It’s really something you would have to discuss with your doctor.

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My sister had a csection and after had 4 vaginally.

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I had a c section with my twins 10 years ago… then my next pregnancy the drs told me on my second if i didnt have my son naturally by his due date i would have to have a c section… he didnt come out natural :frowning: that was 7 years ago
Now im pregnant again and they wont even let me consider having a natural even though i have had many fights with the hospital they said its to risky could rupture your scar and have internal bleeding and they wont know.

It depends on your dr. In most cases if you’ve had a c section almost every time then bc of the risk and scar tissue, theyre not gonna allow you to vaginally deliver bc its too risky. It also depends on why you had to have one. I had an emergency c section with baby number 3 bc at 9.5cm she wrapped the cord around her neck on the way out. I was allowed a vaginal delivery with baby four and baby 5. If its a matter of baby being too big for you to vaginally deliver then they also won’t let you do it

My first was a section side to side cut and I was told by ppl that I’d always be a section after that. I had my second 14 months later vbac the doctors wer the ones who suggested to try and that they wer on hand then to do a section if needed. It went fine tho I said I was finished after that :joy::joy:2 more came along after that tho and the same “normal” Labour except for the third he needed help at 15days over but he was too comfortable and just to lazy to come out :joy::joy:

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I could not because the doctor cut me the wrong way with my first baby. I was upset initially however I learned it was critical to get him out so I was ok then.

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They tried to get me to do a vbac with my twins after I had been told I couldn’t after my daughter’s emergency c section. I told them real quick it wasn’t going to happen

You probably can but it depends on a lot one of them being how long has is been since ur last one

I have 3 beautiful children! 1st was an emergency c-section and I was cut not only side to side but up and down, 2nd was a planned c-section, I didn’t know you can try vbac the dr I was seeing didn’t tell me and I didn’t know any better so that upset me and for my 3rd I was planning on trying for a vbac but I had some complications and it wasn’t safe for her and I so had another emergency c-section. I was scared because I already had 2 previous but was told when I found out I was pregnant it was possible just a bit high risk. After I had my last they told me it was a good thing I had her c-section because the lining of my uterus was really thin and it could have went bad for me. That being said I was told I shouldn’t have any more children because It’d be very high risk. Hard pill to swallow but I’m more than blessed with my 3 :heart: :pray:

Each additional csectuon.brings more risks. I highly recommend looking for a different doctor. Search ican (international cesarean awareness network ) in your area. There is also a group for vbacs. Avoid anything that has "doctor amy teutur’ she is anti anything natural and a nut job and I believe lost her license.

I had my first via csection and two unassisted vbacs afterwards

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The possibility of a natural birth after C-Sections depends on the C-Sections. I had one C-Section, the Dr fixed my reason for needing it and said the next baby should be born natural. I have friends that had C-Sections that will always have to have them.

I have a friend that had 8 c sections. She said if you keep putting the babies in, they have to get them out :woman_shrugging:t3:

The amount of emergency & planned c-sections in America never ceases to amaze me. We, sadly, are leaders in this method of delivery. That having been said I’ve heard on other pages increased praise & awareness for vaginal delivery after c-section.

In australia we have a different system as far as my ob gyn has told me. Probs diff for each specialist. if i have 2 c secs any after that will automatically be csecs as risk for rupture is.too high. But ive had once energency c sec and if we decide on having more i want to try vbac but if it doesnt go to plan thats ok id rather bubs safe.

I’m a midwife. Here, in Germany, it’s quite normal to offer a vbac after one c- section. This quote " one cesarean, everytime a cesarean" is very old fashioned. At least it’s a term from the 19.th century.
More and more Hospitals even offer a vba2c.
The decision for a vbac depends mostly on the reason for the first c- section. And- of course- the wish of the women.

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I’ve had 3 and my first was an emergency c section cause she got stuck but when I got pregnant with my second I got told i could try but they were anticipating an big baby so they suggested another so I said ok and when I got pregnant with my 3 I insisted I wanted vaginal but I got told
No because I’ve already had 2 c sections. And I got told they frown upon more 3 c sections they will do it but they don’t like too. But I guess it depends on the doctor too

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I’ve had 3 csections and because they were all back to back I couldn’t have vbac due to the possibility of my old csections tearing open from the pressure and my body gave up during labour they recommended csections. Delivered at 37 weeks emergency csection with the first and other two were both at 39 weeks. I got a partial tubal removal and tied with my 3rd and honestly the recovery got easier and better each time!

I had a emergency c section then a vaginal then a emergency c section now I’m having my fourth child in a few weeks and they have scheduled me for c section.

It all depends on your specific case momma!
Also depends on how they did the cut for the c section I’ve been told

If you are unsure or feel unsure ask your doctor!

My first was vaginal, second a c-section and third vaginal v-back delivery. He is now 26. I think they are backing off v-backs. There is a possibility of uterine rupture. I was told it would make my labor longer, it was 29 hours. Afterward though I felt like I could run around the room. For me it was worth it.

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I had a C-section with my first child :child:t2: she wouldn’t wake up to try to be born :woman_facepalming:t2: so after her time had past for birth I started closing again. All the rest (3 more) were all vaginal :pray:t3: my second daughter was born just 2 yrs 10 months after my first. I was told I was going to need a C-section again but thankfully that never happened again :pray:t3::relaxed:

My first was an emergency c-section , my second was a planned because my body don’t so well with labour and had a lot of trouble on my first and next month I’m about to have another planned c-section , I know where I live if you had to c-sections every pregnancy after that will be via section

You can’t have a vaginal delivery if you had a c- section

Id say speak to midwife nd explain youd like to give natural birth a try nd if no look youd let team do c section i did this with my little girl almost 5 yrs ago

I have only had two natural births my friends have had both said it was easy to have a natural after c section but hats off to the ladies who have c sections as the recovery looks so difficult and painful

I’ve had three c sections and not allowed to give vaginal birth . Guess it depends on ur doctor maybe? I’m fine with c sections vaginal scares the shit out of me lol

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No if you have a c section you can not have a regular birth I had 4 kids and each one had to be c section and I went to the best dr. In San Diego they told me that it can be done but it’s not as safe anymore because of the scar tissue that builds up and it can be dangerous.i was happy with my csec I have a very little scare can’t even barely tell my Dr. did very good job even took out some of the tissue build up that’s what the dangers part of having v after c if your dr. Says it’s the safest way then do it.

My first was emergency c section and i had 2 more than a vaginal birth and then another csection with our last baby

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I had a VBA2C in 2018.

I had to fight like hell to get it. I was very fortunate to have an extremely knowledgeable and experienced OB. Most, if not all, others in the area would not have been willing to even let me try.
I reached out to ICAN for help.

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I’ve had 2vba2c. With my 1st vaginal (3rs baby) I switched doctors at 34 weeks pregnant because I found a dr who would allow me to attempt a vbac (the dr i had the 34 weeks wasn’t going to let me attempt a vbac so I never stopped looking). My 2nd vbac (4th baby) i went to that same doctor. Both my vaginals were great births. Picture perfect unmedicated deliveries.

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I was told no to vbac after having 2. Your uterus can rupture where the scar tissue is. And if you do try to do vaginally they won’t give you any medicine to help you start labor. The contractions from the medicine are really strong and that puts you and baby at risk. This is just my experience and what I’ve been told and doing a little research on my own. In the end you should follow the doctors advice and orders.

I have 5 and all 5 were delivered via c-section. Thankfully I’m done having children because my doctor was concerned with the amount of scar tissue from having 5 sections. And I will say it was the worst recovery I had after my last baby. I’d say whatever your doctor thinks is best is probably the best route to take.

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Yes . I had a vbac got pregnant in 2017 good delivery in 2017. I was given all the risks and signed some paperwork in case I had to have an emergency csection while trying for vaginal deliveryafter an emergency csection in 2011. It was 7 years apart.

I have had 3 c-sections. I tried to have a vbac with my second. Dilated to a 7 and then stopped. Was stuck at 7cm for a few hours. When they cut me open doc said “well there is her ear.” That was the problem. She was rotated sideways. With my third we were trying to get me pregnant and found out part of the incision from my last section didn’t heal properly. They told me not to get pregnant until I had surgery I repair it. Of course as soon as we stopped trying I got pregnant the next cycle. Doctor wasn’t super concerned about the pregnancy, but did not want me to labor, or even have any contractions at all, for fear of my uterus rupturing. Had to schedule my 3rd section for 39 weeks.

When I was a NICU nurse I worked with a labor and delivery nurse that had something crazy like 9 kids. She had had a c-section with her 2nd or 3rd and had VBACs for all the rest. She never had any problem. During my several years working in ob I have been to several vbac deliveries. The worst outcome i personally had seen was that it failed and they still had to do a c-section. There is a higher risk of your uterus rupturing during a vbac than a normal vaginal delivery though. Unless things have changed they can’t induce you or use much medication to help your contractions along. You should also make sure to talk to your doctor. A lot of them won’t even let you try to vbac because of liability for them if something should go wrong.


I had 3 c sections. Since my first was an emergency the doctor told me any future pregnancies would have to be c sections. I was disappointed because I wanted to try the natural way.

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First baby emergency c section second baby emergency c section third baby was vbac and I had him very fast and had him at home so very risky because I needed to be monitored. Xx

I had a natural after a c-section 2 years apart although it was much more intense contractions and a longer labor I didn’t have any issues delivering

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I Opted for the second c section. It Wasnt worth the risks to me but I know moms who did VBACS and we’re fine!!! It’s all preference and what your comfortable with.

If you have 2 c sections, majority of Dr’s don’t let you try vbac. The risk to you and your baby is too great.


My first was a c section my other 2 were vaginal. Find a doctor that’s comfortable letting u try vaginal birth. Some aren’t comfortable with it

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I had a emergency c section in november it was my 4th child other 3 were all vaginal births the surgeon told me if i wanted another i could have a vaginal delivery.

This totally depends on your personal situation, health & pregnancy. I was told when I had my last via csect that if I had any more kids it would have be delivered bus csect. Others have successful vbacs.

I had 3 c- sections. They only usually offer VBACs after your first. If you have or opt for the 2nd c-section, you usually have no option for the 3rd.


First vaginal.Second vaginal.Third c section.Fourth vaginal.Fifth c section.sixth c section

2nd child was emergency c section and 3rd was a vbac. 18 months apart

Usually after the second c-section doctors won’t let you have a vbac because you uterus could split open during labor. I’m a mommy of 4 all c-section.

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I have too much scar tissue to have my baby natural! Omg I would of loved to do it at least once but im getting my tubes tied so ill take the csection and get it all out the way.

I had 2 cession my first normal my 2ndcessarion 3rd normal and 4th cession

Theres a lot of factors…
The first is why you had a csection to begin with.
If it was an issue that’s likely to reoccur (like baby getting stuck) then more than likely you’ll need a repeat csection. If it was because baby was breech, then they’ll monitor and go from there.
Second, there are some concerns and considerations about vbacs after multiple sections in that the scar could rupture.
So to do a vbac doctors have standards that need to be met leading up to birth and even day of for your safety as well as babys.

The best thing you could do is discuss with your doctor, because they’ll have access to your specific medical history and will be able to give you better information on what would be the safest route for you specifically.

This EXACT thing happened to me. My first was a c section, because she just wasn’t progressing into my birth canal after 36 hours of labor :scream::scream:and my second was emergency c section and when I had my third they told me because I had already had 2 c sections it was best I go ahead and plan for a third. Talk to your OBGYN, but my doc told me when you have multiple c sections that’s just the way the doctor wants to go to. But also that was a few years ago and having babies in hospitals it seems like protocols change frequently. Good luck mama! And congratulations :relaxed:

Yes, 2 kids. One c-section, one v-bac

Only had one c section but delivered 2nd one vaginally. Only in labor 3 hrs.

Definitely talk with your doctor and the hospital… My doctor is all for trying a vbac but the hospital in town doesn’t allow it…I would have to go to the hospital in the next town over and have a different doctor deliver :broken_heart:

I attempted a v bac… but failed. They can’t use inducing medication and don’t let you go past your due date. It all depends on the hospital and why you had a c section… I have a friend who had a c section with her 1st set of twins, then 2 years later had her singleton vaginally and 8 years after that had another set of twins VAGINALLY she’s a rockstar!

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I had two c sections, went on to have two vaginal births. All kids are two years apart or less.
First kid, he was breech and we couldn’t get him to flip, went into labor, had a c section.
Second, c section was recommended because his due date wasn’t going to be 18 mo after the first. I went into labor, went in and was 7+ cm and they did a c section. (16 mo apart)
Third was my first vaginal birth, I asked to be induced, they did.(19 mo and 22 days after second c section)
Fourth was my second vaginal birth, natural. (One week shy of two years after the first vaginal birth).

My 1st was emergency csection, 2nd vbac, 3rd planned csection (breech twins) 4th induced vbac. It’s allll about your dr

After 2 c sections its considered dangerous to have a v birth…after 1 it depends 9n circumstances

My hospital would not allow it unless there was 7 years between each child. Something to do with insurance for the hospital. I had 3 c-sections, no problems with any of them. It was nice to schedule their “due dates” though…

The chances are risky had 2 c sections and was told yrs ago that I couldn’t ever have natural

My first 2 were c section my last was natural.


My sister’s oldest was c section the other 3 where vbac

I’ve had 4 c- sections I was not able to give birth vaginal because I’m so little so I was never given the option

I did. Vaginal, c-section, vaginal

It’s harder but not impossible, I have an aunt that the first son was c-section but the second one was vaginal cause baby was smaller and usually babies tent to be bigger than the past one. So it would depend in your doctor, but you should explain him that you wish to have your baby vaginal.
And look for second opinion if you feel like you need to.
I understand c-section could be hard but as long you and the baby are good and healthy you shouldn’t be worry.
G’Luck and congratulations for the new baby!!! :heart:
May God bless you both!

Yes & I did it after 2 csections, 2- 9lb babies after both sets of my 6lb each twins, find a vbac support group in your area. The ladies have all the info & referrals & support u will need

My mom had a c section with, 4 years layer vaginal birth, 4 years after that vaginal, 5 years after that c section with twins

1st one was emergency c- section. 2nd wanted to be vaginal, but after HOURS of labor and no progress, he was c- section as well. It was then discovered my hip bones are oval, rather than round, and I was not physically able to have a vaginal birth. We have 3 healthy, beautiful boys.

I had 2 C sections, was warned not to have any more babies due to large amount of scar tissue.

3 sections, but i don’t dilate so…

Had 2 c-sections then a vbac. Most wonderful experience ever! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: