What activities can you do with a 3-month-old?

Im a first time mommy with a 2 month old(3 month old next week) what are some activities can be done with a 3 month old?! Hes not a fan of tummy time so its hard to get him focused on different toys and rattles i play with in front of him… Im lookin for some advice on good fun things to do with him!:blush:


My son LOVED those black and white books they make for babies that young… helps them focus and keeps them stimulated


Talking to him and loving on him.

be sure that you’re getting the tummy time and even if he doesn’t like it my daughter didn’t like it either and she started to develop a lean (as in her neck muscles were all out of whack and she could only hold her head slightly tilted for a few weeks) until I started making her do it. She’s fine now

Sing to them read to them look in the mirror with them baby massages walk around the mall if it’s too hot outside tummy time for sure even they don’t like it have them try and swat at a toy or even grab a toy my daughter started grabbing toys at almost 3 months but drools soo much now lol

Jumper or go for walks

Tummy time on your chest! :heart_eyes::heart: did that with my daughter but she also LOVED tummy time

Sing, read, talk, tell stories, have baby lay on his back and shake a rattle infront of him

Snuggle him, talk to him.

Try one of the water mats for tummy time. Or placing him in front of a mirror. My girl would sit there and stare at the ‘other baby’ for ages after I figured out that trick, and she hated tummy time before that.

My grandson loved the water filled inflatable play mat with fish and other water animals inside.

Baby swing… baby bouncer… sing, dance/move his/her arms to the sound of the music, rattles, teething toys, give her/him tummy time, best exercise for him/her. Pram walks…

Sing, read books, go for walks, go to a pool

Start propping him or sitting him up and playing w him u no bby talk reading.

Talk to him, read to him, sing to him.

Talk! All I did was talk and talk to my LO. Now she never stops talking, but I love every second of it!!!

Sing listen to music hold and dance with little just talk about anything baby’s listen and love your voice when I clean I just talk and say what I’m doing my toddler likes to help while my all most 2 month old just watches us keeps them both calm so I can clean

I had to do tummy time differently I just laid down on my back and laid my son on his tummy on top of me and we just played on my chest and then eventually he was okay with me in front of him on the floor :woman_shrugging:t2: but otherwise you’re limited to talking and singing and snuggles lol