What activities do your 4-year-olds do?

Hey mamas, my son turns 4 in October. I’m wondering what kind of activities you enrolled your little ones in at this age other than swim lessons. I want to give him a chance to socialize and get out some energy


My city does smart start sports. We did soccer at 3 and just right to tball at 4. I think they do basketball to for them that young. You can also do karate anywhere at 4.

Jiu jitsu and gymnastics :slightly_smiling_face:

Recreational centers are great they offer a variety of sports , dance , instruments

We did soccer and flag football

I’m thinking bout putting her in ymca. My daughter turns 4 in November

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We do weekly gymnastics and swim lessons, seasonal TBall and soccer, art class twice a month and random bowling.

Kids bowling leagues awesome, they make friends learn to be on a team

Dance! Creative movement, tap, hip-hop for kids, lots of options besides ballet, which, depending on the teacher can be rigid, boring or geared to girls. Some studios have classes just for boys. Tumbling/gymnastics is also great for wiggly, enthusiastic kids.

See if your library has story time.

Karate or a form of martial arts