What age did you let your child play in their room on their own?

At what age did you let your child play in their bedroom by themselves? And for how long did you let them play on his/her own by themselves in their room? Also, were you using a baby camera or just keeping the door open while you’re in the other room, etc to check in on them to make sure they haven’t swallowed anything or gotten hurt, etc


He was always allowed to play in his room or living room by himself. No camera. Just kept door open. He was allowed to play as long as he wanted. When it was quiet I would always check and he usually fell asleep on the floor or his bed and heck sometimes my child decided to sleep in a basket (still don’t know why he decided that would be comfortable)… also he didn’t have toys small enough to swallow.


Why would u limit play times ? My kids never leave me alone :joy:


my kids got their own rooms at 2 and 3. So at that age. they have free access of the entire house unless one of us parents are in the shower or going to the basement where the laundry is then we close our room door and put the baby gate up in front of the kitchen doorway.
My kids rooms each have toy boxes and tvs in them and their doors stay open 24/7.
My kids ages 1,3 and 4 play in their rooms plus each other rooms by themselves. everything is secure and baby proofed in there and we don’t use a monitor/camera.


I checked on mine a lot but once they decided to go to their room and play the door was open and gates were put up or doors closed in areas I didn’t want them in. This is how they find their independence and it’s okay.


They always had access to their rooms. I just listened alot harder and snuck around corners to checked on them. All our rooms were on one floor…

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I don’t remember there being an age that I allowed it. When they were little they had crib toys they played with. When they were old enough to get out of bed they played with their toys. Whether I had a monitor or not depended on how small my place was at the time. If I had a baby now I’d prolly have cameras. I have cameras in the playroom. They’re 9&10.

My son has always played in his room . Or anywhere for that matter. My house is kid proof like all my cleaners are locked up /knives and other sharp objects . I check on him every few minutes just to make sure he’s ok . His younger years as in when he was starting to crawl I had baby gates and all that fun stuff lol

I’ve never not let my kids play in their rooms, as soon as they were able to get themselves in there they did :woman_shrugging: I check in on them every now and then but generally I don’t need to because they are always ‘checking in’ on me :joy:

I never limited that. Once my kids could get themselves to their rooms(crawling or scooting) I let them go. I didn’t have anything in their rooms that could hurt them. I didn’t have a monitor of any sort, I did check on them. Once they hit 2-3 it was like pulling teeth to get them to go to their room to play, they became velcro kids lol

My girls slept with me but always had their bedrooms to play in one was two the other was 7 mths of course I checked every few minutes

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Probably around 9/10 months and I was in the next room over doing work. Doors open. Checking frequently of course.

Whaaaaaat? Since they could? Lol

I had a gate blocking off the kitchen and closed all other bedroom doors and bathroom doors and baby-proofed my house. If they got too quiet I would check on them but usually if I could hear them I knew things were ok.

As soon as they could sit in the bouncer or highchair without assistance, so if I reallyyyyyyy needed to leave the room for more than 30min I could put on a show or something and they could play that way… also cameras just in case… after crawling and walking I let them do their own things… we live in a 2brm apt with 2 kids and 2 adults… we don’t ever have guests so we converted the living room into a giant bedroom/playroom for the kids to share. 6m and 17m.

Our bedrooms have always been on the second floor out of hearing range…when my big kids were little I didnt keep toys in there rooms at all only stuffies and books cozy stuff for sleeping…idk when the biggest started playing upstairs in his room probably around 7ish…his baby brother was a toddler then and he would get mad that the baby would mess up what he was playing but we also had a play room then so usually the big one went to the play room and I kept the little one with me with the baby toys…my daughter whom is younger then the boys wasnt allowed to play in her room for a long time cause she destroyed things like furniture so she was probably 9 before she was allowed to be alone upstairs…my littlest whom is about to be 6 gets short spurts of playing upstairs but he isnt allowed to go up there unless a grownup is up there or one of the big kids he still causes trouble when no one is looking …long story short I think it depends on the kid and where the bedroom is located in the home

Once he was walking and went to his room :person_shrugging: he use to spend time in his chair or crib watching cartoons

‘When he learned to roll. Somehow he ended up in another room.

Always played in there room byself I just checked in on them especially when quite

As soon as he learned to walk. For as long as he wanted