What age did you stop reading to your kid every night?

To mothers who read to their kids or had parents that read to them. At what age did you stop reading to your kiddo every night? Or how old were you when your parents stopped reading to you?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What age did you stop reading to your kid every night?

At 7 or 8 she started reading to herself every night

There’s no age limit when it comes to hearing a good story…When they’re old enough to read,they can read with you.

My oldest is 7, youngest is 3, and both still want to read together each night. It’s always been a part of our routine. I guess when they no longer want to read with us is when it will end in our household. I cherish the time we spend together reading, and it has fostered such a love of books for both my kids.

I read to my son until he read the books to me. Then when he lost interest. It’s different for every child.

I don’t recall if anyone ever read to me however I would read to my siblings. I read to my daughter until she was 4 or 5.

My son is 8… there’s some nights where I read to him… or he reads to me… or he reads solo… but I will not stop reading to him till he tells me too :grin::sweat_smile: I enjoy it… the bonding… he enjoys it as well. :white_heart::white_heart:

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When she could read to me

I remember my mom reading a chapter of Lord of the Rings books to me every night when I was 10 or 11. Her reading more complicated books is actually what fostered my love of reading alone. I always wanted to know what happened next at the end of a chapter so I would wait til she left and read ahead🤣


9 and 7. We read almost every night. Usually one of them reads the book to us. Or i will read to them. Idk when we will stop. Not anytime soon.

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My oldest is 5. I still read to him (and his baby brother) every night. I plan to have him read to be and his brother when he gets a little older. I will do it as long as they want/will let me.

I read to my 5th grade class everyday. I also read to my 4, 6, and 10 year old. There’s no age limit. Having someone read aloud to you is a great reading strategy…and promotes good readers!

I stopped once my oldest decided it was his thing to read stories to his younger siblings( and him self, so around 6). Now him and my middle.read stories to their little sister, and occasionally they bring harder books to me to read to them. Personally I’d keep reading to them as long as they ask me to.

Umm when they were able to start reading themselves. And bigger books so they would read to me until they were ready to start reading a chapter or two before bed at about 9-10

I was able to read for myself at 5. That’s when they stopped.

I still read to mine 8 & 10 yo(not every night ) just as and when / if they don’t want to read to me or themselves xx

We are supposed to do that?!?! :unamused:

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I never did EVERY night …I do occasionally. Now that my son is 7 he sometimes reads to me

When they ask you to stop reading to them

My son is 6 and can read most of it on his own, but we both enjoy that time together. So I do it every other night. I’d do it every night if I could but with having a baby too it’s very hard. I like being read to even at almost 26 years old. Lol :joy:

My kids are almost 7 and 9 and they still like it I switched to informative books lol to keep their interest we just dont do a whole book a night

There isn’t an age limit, but as they get older, take turns. Then allow them to read out loud to you. Time together matters

It transitioned to them reading out loud to me and now the older boys enjoy reading to their baby brother :blush::black_heart:


Until they could read and now I make him read to me!

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I think my son was 11

I read to mine till they were about 8 or 9 sometimes they would read to me by that age. I let them have time to read by themselves before sleeping from then on.
Now my teenagers read to the baby it’s so sweet love listening to them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My parents never read to me. I’ll read to mine as long and they’ll let me.


We’ll keep reading until she wants to read to us🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m going to read to my kiddos until they tell me to stop, it’s one of my favorite times of the day :sob: I love reading and it always makes me happy to see them share that love.


My kids are 12 and 8 and still get read to every night.

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My parents only stopped once we were learning to read then it was us reading to them every night till we were teens then it was we would read to them 2-3 times a week.

I don’t remember being read too but I remember reading books myself constantly. Had towers of books.

My kids started readying by themselves when they were 6-7. Of course I read to them anytime they ask but they preferred independently ready. I think it’s because we built these cool little reading corners in both of my kids rooms. They like readying to each other too.

My sons 8 and very good at reading but i still read to him every night … we have read the harry potter books percy jackson, a series of unfortunate events and now we are on the chronicles of narnia we read a chapter a night x

My son is 10 and we still read together because it encourages him to practice his reading . My daughter is 12 and I get her to read me a few pages a night so she can practice reading out loud because eventually she will be doing speeches in front of people

My daughter is getting ready to turn 8 and we still read. Sometimes I read and sometimes she reads. I will read to her until she’s married if she wants me too :heart:


My 11 year old reads to himself before bed or I read a page he reads a page but he’s at the stage where he now wants to read in his head lol unless he’s playing me :rofl:

My daughter was 12 when she decided she didn’t need a story to fall asleep. My son was 10. Which made me sad since he’s the youngest and I really cherished those moments.

Once they could read well on their own. 6 or 7 probably.

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My mom never read to me. As my kids have gotten older it’s slowed down but I still read to my older two (10 and 7) periodically.

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I’ll read to her or have her read to me for as long as she allows really

I have read to my kids before just haven’t in quite sometime

He’s 11 we still read before bed! The stories are chapter books. We read a few chapters a night! Never stop reading with your children!


My 6 year old reads to me every night.

I read chapter books to my kids (7&9) a couple pages every night❤️ they look forward to it✨

My son is 7 and can read well but he still likes for me to read to him so we do page for page :slightly_smiling_face:

Grandson is 8 and an excellent reader, but they still read to him every night. And I read to my own 'til they were probably 11 o5 12.

My son is 10 and he doesn’t want me to read to him every night anymore😢 so only when he occasionally asks

My 6 yr old now reads to me every nite

When she could read on her own. About 6. She wanted to herself

My dad never stopped and I’m 22 he passed away in 2020 and would text me stories from my childhood like “if you give a mouse a cookie” or “rainbow fish” every other night I would get a long text or voice mail from him with those stories and now that he’s gone me and my boys listen every night to grandpa reading us stories

When they could read it to me