What age did you transfer your toddlers to a bigger bed?

What age did you transfer your kiddos from a toddler bed to a big bed?

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At 15 months I moved her to a twin.

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Never did a toddler bed with my youngest, she just moved to a queen size. I pushed it against the wall and put a pool noodle under the bottom sheet. She seemed to sleep sideways lol so she never fell out.

at 15 mths i kinda had to anyway needed the crib for the baby was having then got a toddler bed and she was climbing out or should say falling out anyway.

A little after 1, he was learning how to climb out the crib lol it was nice and low but he’s almost 4 now and in my bed most of the time :woman_shrugging:t2:

At 2 years old I put my daughters in a toddler bed with rails

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He was about 2 when they went into a twin size bed.

At 1 if they’re walking. I put up a bed rail. They always slept in their bed after. No issues.

My almost 3 year old is still in his crib :woman_shrugging:t2:

age 2 and 3. we moved so we upgraded to full size beds. they had the railing with no issues

My 3 yr old is in a full size bed. Toddler beds are nonsense it’s just too small to be comfortable I feel. (Even toddlers) want to be able to twist and turn and stretch out.

Each of my 3 kids switched at different ages…my oldest, she switched pretty young. We had an extra full size bed in her room and she would climb out of her crib and go to sleep in the bigger bed at 1…my son switched at around 3 and a half and then my youngest he switched at 2. Each child is different and should show signs of when they are ready to switch. I always took climbing out as a sign for safety reasons.