What age did your daughter start wearing a training bra?

What age did your girls start wearing a training bra/sports bra?


My daughter is 10 and wears one. I’m 29 and wear one. I get all my bras from the girls section :rofl:

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My daughter started around 8 years. Every girl is different.

8-9 it was necessary for my twins!

My 8 year old wears sports bras

No particular age. When it became asked for or necessary they got one

I started in 6th grade just to get used to the feeling of wearing one

Depends, I didn’t wear one till I got to high school. I was a late developer😂

I was 8, my girls were 9 and 10. I am a firm believer in at least an undershirt or training bra as soon as “buds” are noticeable.


If she has a need for one, she should be wearing it. If other girls are making fun of her if she’s not wearing one then get her one. If she wants one then get her one.

between 10 and 11 of my middle daughter,my youngest is going to be and she is almost 11. my older one probaly about same.

it depends on the kid in all honesty. i was wearing one in 5th grade. my bff didnt have to until high school. it all depends on genetics.

It’s more size than age I was 8 but I have always been well endowed. My sister not till 11

My daughter started around 10. Shes not consistent. They’re basically just for fun right now.

I don’t have a daughter, but around 12

7, she needs it honestly, and she’s not over weight or anything.
I started developing breasts when I was 7/8 too.