What age did your kid sleep in their room alone?

What age did y’all start teaching your child to sleep independently in their own room? My son just turned 2 and sleeps between me and his dad every night. I just ordered him a twin size bed, he hates sleeping on his toddler/crib mattress, I don’t blame him it’s so hard and uncomfortable lol


My daughter has always slept on her own, but she was in a bassinet in our bedroom until she outgrew it. Then a crib in her own room, and now a toddler bed in her own room. We do hold her until she falls asleep, and then we transfer her into her room, but that is just what works best for us. We don’t want to get her into a habit of thinking our bed is also her bed, so we keep her out of it and just cuddle on the couch when we need to lol


He slept in our room until 1 then his own room in the cot.

My first was 11months and my 2nd was 5months

I don’t know how any mother can put their newborn baby in a separate room. I worried even with them in the same room :flushed: my 3 year old still sleeps with me so I’m kinda in the same spot.
Try to come up with a good schedule and routine for putting him to bed in his room and stay consistent.


6 weeks old… n always in her own bed/crib for those first 6weeks…beside my bed.

Both my kids slept in there crib in there rooms from day one.

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My babies slept in their room as a baby so never had a problem with them wanting to sleep with us

My son went in his crib in his own room when he grew out of his bassinet at about 4 months old

From the beginning. It will be different now

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The day I brought them home :blush:


Occasionally slept next to our bed in a portable crib until she slept thru the night at about 3 months. She slept in her crib in her own room from then on.


Right from day one, a little baby.


My daughter has always slept in her crib, in her own room from 7.5 months :slightly_smiling_face:

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We started from day one ,in the crib free of all things that could harm them , if they needed us we went to them and rocked or held them, once comfortable, back to their bed.


My son was 4 years old and I slept with him for 2.5 months in his twin bed. I loved it altho a bit uncomfortable lol. Honestly, it was harder for me than him. He did great. Almost never cones to my bedroom anymore. #2 slept with me untilk he was 2. Then he transitioned to a pack n play right next to Me. He’s 3 and is in his own room now. #3 was a bit different she’s never slept with me. She’s slept right next to me in pack n play bc she still wakes up at night.

My 1st 2 kids had their own beds which they went to sleep in. If for some reason they woke up they came into our room. My youngest always slept alone

First day home from hospital, but I never slept, just listening for every little noise :baby:


My first slept in her own crib then twin bed ever since she was born but didn’t move into her room until she was 4. My 2 year old now has a twin bed but in the same room as me until she’s ready to have her room.

My granddaughters never slept with me. The had twin beds and I would sometimes find them in the same bed. Still do sometimes and they are now 15 y.o.!

My son got our old queen size mattress, now if he’s having a hard night we can go in and sleep with him if we need too. We usually take turns and help him fall asleep then go back to our bed

My so is ten n he still sleeps with me :joy: good luck

Since the day they were born… that’s why people have cribs…

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Since they came out the hospital my children have slept in their own crib, in their own room. The only time they would sleep in my room (either in their bassinet or playpen) was if they were sick. Other than that, it’s always been in their own room.


My three children have begun sleeping on their own anywhere between 4 to 6 months old. They have never slept in our bed unless they were sick.


First day home from hospital

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From day one that’s why they have their own rooms


My first baby I bought her home qnd put her in er own room and cradle…the next two stayed in our room for a bit…

From birth directly to their own room.


1yr for my first. 7mo for my twins. I don’t believe in cosleeping. U belong in your own bed in your own room.

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Day one crib in his own room. Then when he was able to escape he got a toddler bed. No problems at all


My son slept in my room until almost two years old (can’t remember exactly ) my daughter is 18 months old and just moved to her own room about a month ago and it’s been very hard for me :pleading_face:

My son slept with me untill he was 4 but he would stop breathing in his sleep so I felt safer with him close to me, my middle child slept in her crib beside my bed then was moved to her own room around 2 1/2 and my youngest sleeps in her crib beside my bed and she’s 2 now but sometimes doesn’t sleep all night long so untill she sleeps through the night on a regular basis she will be in my room.

Whenever they couldn’t fit in the bassinet anymore

Since I came home from the hosp. Both kids. Never had any sleep regression or problems. They both slept through the night very quickly. (I also never had to let them cry it out)


3 weeks old in his own room in the bassinet, now in his cot… Prior to that, in our room in the bassinet. He’s 15 months now

Mine slept in his room at birth . Habits are hard to break so why make them .


From the day we came home my daughter has slept in her own room in her crib/bed.


Birth on unless sick or scared and even then I would go in comfort and sneak out.

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My daughter slept with me until she was 6 :rofl:

birth. i don’t play that.

Birth. That’s why I bought the crib.


from day 1 when they came home from the hospital.


About 6 mo ths old then into their own room x

Well, I started teaching him at birth BUT he had other plans and taught me to deal
with it or be tired SOOO about 5 years old he told me he wasn’t sleeping with me anymore and gave me a plush Angry Bird so I wouldn’t be sad….


With my daughter I got “lucky” and she was sick at about 18 months and just slept it off so I used that opportunity to get her sleeping in her toddler bed solo. But with my son we put him in his own room at 2, he HATED his toddler bed. He loved his little Spiderman couch/bed but it got gross so I just sewed 4 pillowcases together. He loves it and it’s super easy to clean​:woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:

Our kids went in their own rooms around 6 months

It’s recommended to keep Bub in your room until 12mo so good on you. Our first, a boy asked for his own room at 5 and his sister moved in with him soon after at 2.

I started from birth in own room in crib

Around 4. Putting a twin bed next to yours will help him get used to being in his own space

As soon as they came home from the hospital… but every family and baby is different :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Mine stopped sleeping with us and decided he would like to sleep with his brother whose just a year older then him. They have their own bed. But yeah, can’t get them apart now :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:

My daughter started sleeping alone in her own room around 5-6

5 weeks next to my bed then off to their own cribs they went :wave:t3:

Day one? Arh I couldn’t :face_holding_back_tears:

My kids both slept in their own rooms once they hit about 5 months old.