What age did your son have their first hair cut?

What age did your son have their first haircut? Was it more of a need or a want of theirs or yours? My sons 6 months old and I started brushing it to the side. I wish he didn’t grow hair so he can stay little forever


3 days before he turned 3 (2 weeks ago) :laughing::sweat_smile: was sooo long but both my lil babes grow hair slow!

My son was getting a semi regular trim as soon as he turned 1 bc it was in his eyes… But since 1 1/2 he’s been getting it cut every 3 months or so bc it grows super fast and he won’t let me brush /comb it… It will be his choice when he’s older and if he wants to take care of it but for now since he won’t let me train it to keep out of his eyes it gets cut

I have 3 boys.
My first was probably around 8-9 months when we got our first haircut, wasn’t much, really just maintenance. Than we let it grow out until he was almost two. It was so long and curly, I regret it. With my middle son, we cut it around two for the first time, also super regretful of that decision, his was long and curly as well. My youngest son is a little over two now and he has never had a hair cut, and I don’t plan to cut it for awhile.
But it’s truly preference… I love my boys hair texture and how longer hair looks on them. But when my older boys had long hair, and now with my youngest, it does require maintenance other than just a brush through.

The day before he turned 1- I cried because he went from looking like a baby to looking like a toddler

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