What age did your son start puberty?

Hey boy, Mom… at what age did your son start puberty? The emotions are flying high with my 9 year old already. Just waiting on the other signs to start showing

Mine is 12, he’ll be 13 this year, and he’s still going through it. I’m not sure when exactly it started, but I want to say around 11.

Oh my gosh my son is 11. Is this when it starts happening for boys? I thought it was later… hes my youngest w 2 older sisters. My babies are growing up too fast! But i was wondering about this.

My son started at 11. Hes 12 now and is hell on wheels!!

Both of my boys were 11.

12!..near died when I seen hair

Mine is 14 and I haven’t noticed. His voice changed a little but not much. I’m not allowed in the bathroom when he showers or anything but that’s already been going on for a few years. :joy:

From videos and pictures. I can say my son started about 9. He will be thirteen this year. And showed his first couple of hairs :open_mouth::fearful: like what happened to them just staying little!

My son was 11 he’s almost 15 now and a totally walking attitude

Still waiting on my 12 year old to hit it. No signs of it yet.

Have a little google of Adrenarche xx

My youngest was 9, very stroppy almost over night.

My 11 year old hasn’t yet. His urology dr said around 12/13 is when you can expect “the balls to drop”. (My son has descended balls) He has to check on them regularly here. Lol.

Idk. But he is 13 now. Has shot up about 5 inches over the summer and his voice has gotten so much deeper. And attitude be on 100

I son is turning 14 in a week and so far I’ve only noticed the odor and a slight voice change. Hair wise nothing yet but we also call him the hairless wonder. No leg hair ,arm hair and barely eyebrows…lol

Mood swings 10ish. Voice change 11, mustache started 13. Shaved regularly, 15. My other boy is 11, and an all around mellow guy. I haven’t noticed any changes yet, besides his height.

Man I got lucky. He didn’t hit puberty until he was 15. I guess about 13 we had pms flares

Mood swings started around ten. He’s 13 now with acne and peach fuzz.

8/9. He’s 13 now. He’s had a little mustache growing in for like a year. His voice cracks, acne, he gets smelly lol

My son was 9 when it started. My son had hair under his arms and all by then. My son just turn 15 last month and he has to shave his face is so hairy.