What age do kids start school?

When did your children start school? Mine will turn 4, a wk before school starts (prek), but I’m beginning to regret enrolling her, cuz now I feel she’s too little. Did anyone else feel their child was too small? Did you regret it? I hate the thought of her getting pushed around. She’s already quite, and timid. Ik she has to start at some point, but I’m not ready :cry:


Hell naw i sent my kids as soon as they could go😂 Itll be good for her. My daughter used to be like that but isnt as much anymore due to being around other kids and stuff.


It would kind of help to know if we are talking about 5 full days a week or not. My little ones usually start 2 half days around 3, then we move up to 3 half days at 4 and then jump into 5 full days for kindergarten. Although my youngest twins did it a bit differently and did 3 half days at 3, 5 half days at 4 and then kindergarten will be coming up as 5 full days. They need more help than my others. So I guess that I am trying to say is it depends on the child, 3 is a great age to start. Half days are a little bit easier of a transition for them.

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Definitely not too early! Don’t regret it. She’ll be getting the social and emotional stimulation that she needs to enter kindergarten! There’s some things us Mommas can’t give her and peer experience is one of them. Maybe she’ll surprise you and grow out of that timid/shy phase. Good luck and go with your original gut feelings :slightly_smiling_face:

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My son started at 3 and he is now 4 going to go again to preschool. He loves it

Preschool age 3 he starts his 2nd year of preschool in August

Every kid is different … my daughter was ready and she is the youngest in the grade, but I’m glad my sons birthday allows him to be the oldest… if he was born a month earlier I probably would have held him even tho he’d make the cut off Bc he’s a completely different kid than my daughter

I thought that too, but my son really benefited from going on time. He’s ready for kindergarten

My daughter started preschool at 3. She loves to socialize though and has never been in a situation where she didn’t gravitate to kids as soon as she saw them. At that time it was 2 days a week for 3hrs a day. She did prek at 4 and that was 3 days a week for 3hrs a day and is starting full day kinder in August. My son we are starting him at almost two, one day a week for 3 hrs a day because he is speech delayed and his SLP thinks it will be good to be around kids that are older and more advanced. (His classroom is twos) he will be two Jan 25th. We’ve had it approved with our preschool for a while though because they know our daughter and his situation. All that said we’ve only seen positives from sending her to preschool. She learns from her peers and is happier with a schedule.

I say do it. I couldn’t put my child in 4K due to not being able to transport her because of work. Well she turned 5 right before school started and now needs to repeat 5k

You do whatever you feel is best! I do however think it would be good for her to start pre-K so that way she can learn more things and make new friends!

Go ahead and keep her home, she will learn what the others already did in head start while in kindergarten, to share and get along and wait their turn.

My kids have all gone to head start at 3. Best idea ever. Dont keep your child out of school because of your insecurities

My oldest daughter started at 3 cause she turned 4 in November, she is in grade 12 this Sept, my two boys started at 4, there in grade 10 and 2 now, and my youngest daughter will start at 3 cause bday is in Nov to turn 4. It really helps with there social skills and development.

my girls all age 3 and potty trained in preschool ours is in our public school system. i have one that started like yours thats y i started her in preschool other wise around mom and dad. now the one thats like yours going into 2nd grade still a little shy until knows u and gets comfortable.my girls birthdays aslo when started were april july and august.my oldest turned 3 and she was in school a week later.

Like stated above, every child is different. I started kindergarten when I was 4, almost 5 and was the baby of the class… I excelled in school, but it’s not the same for everyone.

I student taught and saw several “babies of the class”, and many weren’t ready- mostly boys, considering boys mature slower than girls, but again, depends on the child.

oh but my oldest was like seeya mom i cried when went to school

My LO was 3 almost 4 she went to school 2 days a week. Then she was 4, 4 days a week she was ready for kindergarten. My other 2 kids didn’t have preschool and we’ll they weren’t ready for it. I think your LO will be ok!

She’ll gain social skills. She will be fine

I just enrolled my child I. head start and I will know far sure late July and I fell it’s to early far them to start that early but it might help the child out i hate it to but it might be best but I’m know I’m not ready

Pre school program will be OK.

This will be a lovely experience! I worked in preschool and now kindergarten and she will be fine :heart: there will be so many benefits to this experience!

My son started kindergarten and turned 5 a few weeks later.
No issues.

I started mine in a pre k program at 3 & ended up taking her out. Not that she was getting pushed around but she wasn’t ready to be away from me. She wasn’t able to start kindergarten because of her birthday until age 6 so when she was 5 i sent her to preschool. She loved it at 5! It all depends on her & what she is ready for.

My brother turned 4 in Pre-K and 5 in kindergarten. They tried to hold him back because he was a bit fidgety and my mom refused. He graduated at 17 and joined the airforce and at 25-26 he became an instructor. He did fine. He learned not to take any crap and his tiny self stuck up for me all the time despite me being bigger and older.

It’s better for social skills and learning, the earlier the better

Check the state laws on school age.

Our kids started school at the age of 5.

my daughter started kindergarten at age 4, turned 5 in November, she was a gifted little girl and was tested before they accepted her. Best decision of my life.

My youngest will be 3 this September but we’re going to red shirt him. I put my older 2 in a Montessori pre school when they were 4 and 2 in Ireland, then we moved back to the states and my oldest went to kindergarten at 5 and had done well. The middle kid went to pre k at 3 and 4, kindergarten at 5 and hated and struggled in school until this past year when he was a freshman.

It’ll be ok mama, mine were the same and they just graduated university. Mamas always regret it but it will be good for her…and I’m sure you’re raising her right and she won’t get pushed around. None of us are ever ready and the first couple weeks are the hardest but when she comes home and you see how happy she is with school, you’ll feel so much better …:heart::pray:t3:

Too soon, better to wait, retired teacher speaking

This would going to. Fast for little ones. They grow up fast. Enjoyed my time with my babies.then before u know it. There out on there own.

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My daughter started at 3 she didn’t turn 4 until November. She was fine.

My son went to early prek at age 4. Hes really shy but he had a great time there being able to be around kids his own age

Prek at 4 and kindergarten at 5!

I’ve done both. And the ones I waited on has done so much better socially and academically than the one I sent early. Where I’m at kindergarten is the new first grade and the work and expectation are much higher than when we was kids

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Mine have been in half preschool for 2 years. My oldest is going to full time kindergarten in the fall. One is 4, oldest just turned 5 in june.

This could reeeeaaally help bring her out of her shell and help her build confidence. I know it’s hard to let go of our babies and trust them with basically strangers. But think of how excited she will be to play with friends and learn things for kindergarten, to “teach” you stuff she learned. Think of that stuff, the things to celebrate. It helped me.

My youngest is starting her second yr of prek at age 4!!! It has done her wonders!!

There are wonderful Christian schools who have preK classes!! And, wonderful teachers who dearly love working with preK children. I know, because I was a preK teacher at a Christian Academy in a Baptist Church. How blessed I was to teach and love these precious children. This is wonderful preparation for 1st grade classes…and now so many children go to preK, that if you do not send them, your child could be way behind the average student if you do not send them. Of course, there are Pre K workbooks and things that parents can buy and do at home with their preschool children…that is also an option!!

My 1st kid started oresch just after turning 4. Then kinder right after age 5. My other 3 kids were in preschool at age 3, and did 2 years. Then started kinder at age 5.

Where I live your child has to be in school at age 4 unless you have a diagnosed medical reason

My son was 3 when he started junior kindergarten and he absolutely loved it and did amazing. He grew so much in a year.
My daughter will also be 3 when she starts she’s born in November

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Age 4 is Pre K age 5 is Kindergarten

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My son was 3 when he started PreK, It was the best thing I could’ve done for him. He had a jump on things and learned so much! It was nice having him used to a routine and being social. It made going to Kindergarten 2 years later super smooth!

Try it and see how she does. If it’s not going great it’s no rush.

My grandson loved it. All but the getting up early

My oldest turned 4 about 3 weeks after JK started and it was honestly the best.

My oldest son and daughter started at 5 my youngest son will turn 3 right around when school starts was thinking of getting him into headstart so he can socialize and work on his skills he’s a very shy quite kid that likes to be by himself when other kids his age are around he doesn’t talk or play with them so I’m hopeing it will improve his speech and social skills

My kids started at 3. It’s been really good for them.

Mine were 3, but considered special needs at the time. Now only one if the two is. Both had speech/ behavioral, fine motor skills problems. Now only one has speech problems. (The youngest he is only 5 now)

My daughter is 3 and I have the same fear.

They seem to grow a bit after school starts. You will be surprised how much is taught at that age. They mature pretty quick

My son turns 4 in August and starts school a week later. Hes the youngest of 5 so im half sad, half counting down the days lol

My oldest started head start last year 2018-2019. He was 3. He Absolutely loves going! He lost at the moment because of summer break. He will be going into Pre-K in the fall… I was also worried that he would be push around, from where he’s shy & quite, It Actually brought him out of his little Shell… He’s not as shy, more willing to walk up & start playing with kids instead of waiting for them to come play with him.

My oldest just turned 5 and stsrts kindergarten in Aug. He did a few mnths of preschool when he was 3 but learned more at home with me.

I decided to wait until kindergarten to start one of my kiddos. He’s headed to fourth grade in the Fall and thriving. Don’t feel like she has to go if you think one more year at home would be better.

Hmm. Both my kids were in daycare at 6 weeks & did better than me! But give it a few weeks and see how it goes. Don’t be devastated if she has a great time! Give her gentle transition time after you pick her up because it’s an emotional time. Also if she cries when you drop her off, pop back in unobtrusively 10-15 minutes later & peek around the corner. Chances are you will see her fully engaged and not crying.

Try it for a while she will love going just to play with the kids, also when they start learning new things she will probably start to blossom

I actually find preschool to be the best because it starts to teach them positive social behavior skills, basic skills and much more. I’ve been teaching preschool for 18 years 4 years my own preschool. So I would definitely say 4 is not too young!!

I didn’t do pre-K. It was pointless and inconvenient to me for them to go only a couple hours a day a couple days a with my work schedule. So they started in kindergarten.

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3 years old for 3 of mine

My son is in between a toddler room and preK room at 2 years and 5 months old. He goes 5 days a week because both my husband and I work and hes fine. The only thing is he isn’t potty trained so that’s a set back and they charge me more a week

I was very very shy as a child and my mother was concerned about sending me to school at 4 because I was so shy and quiet. I really came out of my shell in school that year and because of the confidence I gained in school my mother realized it was a great choice to send me then. You can always remove her from school if she doesn’t adjust in a few months but at least give her the opportunity to try school before it becomes legally required.


My son has special needs so he started Pre-K a couple days after he turned 3. He was painfully shy and the smallest kid in his class. School helped him so much socially and academically. He’s now had two years of Pre-K and he’s like a totally different kid socially. He now initiates play with kids when we’re out and I can finally take him to Kid Care at the gym instead of skipping my workout when my mom can’t watch him.

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My daughter is four and going into school in September.

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I went to kindergarten early and it was a disaster I wasn’t socially ready so my mom took me out and I went the next year the next year they wanted to put me in the first grade but my mom said no I’m good in kindergarten the first year when I was too young they wanted to put me into an institution

Nope started at 3 an he loved it. Only thing is, his bday is begining of August so hes always been the youngest in his class by a year or more!

My daughter waited until SK as she was still only four going into SK. She would have been three going into JK so I kept her back. It was the best choice for both of us!

Def not too young. Mine started pre-k when they were 3 they loved it.

Mine will be starting when he turns 3 in August.

Mine started at 3 and has come a long way. It was hard at first but we’ll worth it.

No mine done so good when he went to regular kindergarten he was put in a kindergarten first grade class he was so advanced in learning

My son started last August at 3.5. Best choice I could have made for both of us!!! The first few weeks I was worried & regretted sending him because I felt guilty for not having the energy or the patients to deal with him 24/7 anymore. I realized when he was home I actually enjoyed our time together again & had the patients to deal with him. Plus he loves getting to learn & play with all his friends. It’s 100% worth sending them & 100% okay to feel the way you do right now. Just let yourself feel the emotions & try to find the good things about it until you actually are excited to send her.

Our son has an end of July BDay. We waited and it was a wonderful decision.

My son started at 3 and 5 months but only twice a week for 2 hrs…it was rough at 1st but then he grew to love it

None of my kids did preschool, they just started kindergarten at age 5 and did great :slight_smile: speaking as a very quiet and shy individual, don’t push her too early if she isn’t ready, it is so incredibly difficult! Even as an adult it is really hard and we have coping skills that kids don’t have. You’ll know when she is ready.


My soon to be 6 year old, end of September will be going to Kindergarten this year…I was upset at first but glad he did 2 years of preschool. He’s always been advanced even though he was a premie.

Half a day pre-K can really help prepare your little for K, including if kindergarten is all day!
My niece does an alternative pre-K program that spent most of the time outside experimenting, gardening and reading. It helped her a ton and made tons of friends

All my kids started @4

She’s gonna be with other kids her age. . Their parents probably feel the same about their kids. .

I went through it with my kids. .

It’s normal to have these feelings. . Hugs!

Every family is different, so what’s best is different. .

But i will tell you. . My introverted, quiet, shy kiddos blossomed and made friends, had fun, and did great.

Only down side. . They NEVER. SHUT. UP. Lolololololol

Once they were out of the shell… they never stopped being outgoing…

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My daughter turned 4 in May she had a fantastic year loved every minute sometimes it’s harder for mommy then child I got teary for each of my children when they started lol but I bet your child will love it and it helps them come out of there shell :blush::blush:

my youngest son started kindergarten when he was 4 hes doing great

My daughter started preschool at age 3. She will be in preschool for 2 years.

My daughter went to headstart at 3 which is like a preschool and she loved it. My son will start the pre k at the elementary here when he turns 3. I wasn’t sure about my daughter going at 3 yrs old at first but because she loved it i never regretted her going

My son went to preschool at 4yrs old and let me tell you it was the best decision! He was more then ready to go to Kingergarten the teachers saw how he was different from kids that did not go to preschool. He was the only kid not crying on the first day of school and knew how to follow directions. Hes going to 1st grade now and his sister will be starting preschool at 4yr.

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It’s hard but necessary. She will have a great time. I went to school when I was 3. Just because your not ready, doesn’t mean she isnt. She will have so many friends so quickly and learn so much so fast. Is fun to watch them grow and have their little personalities develop

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Mine turns 3 in Aug amd we are putting her in preschool because of her only wanting me. Shes an only child and will be an only child her entire life, so she needs to spread her wings and make friends and see that the world is amazing and not scary… I hope it helps her. But its only 3 hours 3 days a week… So we will see how it gos. I get your fears… But its good for them. Onless the child has other siblings I just think it is vary beniffical

My grandson is 2.5 yrs old. He knows his alphabet visually and verbally. Can count to 20. Count by 5’s and will tell you the next number after you say a number. i.e. 5…6. He knows his colors and shapes and can match picture cards like a champion. His Mom,me and his other Grandma taught him. (Plus babyfirstv) Mentally he is beyond ready for pre k. Emotionally he is not. If you are able to keep her at home and teach her these things then please do.

My daughter was the smallest one in her prek class but she absolutely LOVED it!! And now I feel she is more ready for kindergarten this fall because of it

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Mom’s are NEVER ready for our babies to start school. She will do better than you think. She’s a big girl… Let her know that. Be brave, mom…:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


You’ll never be ready but the kids usually are and she will be with kids her age. My daughter cried her first day and wouldn’t let us go but by the end of that day she was fine and was ready for day number 2.

I have never heard of a child four starting school. Thought the age was five at least. Go with your heart.

Think pre-K? I went to one and was so shy. I loved it there. Helped me allot. My son went to the Gingerbread house (Vancouver,Wa) when he was 3 and it was wonderful. He learned how to get along with others, different classes for different ages. Once he was the age to go to school they walked the students to the school and picked them up and he was there when I got off work. School was a block away. Expensive but worth it. Think now they have free pre-school?

I went to head start before actual school… to get a taste of school

Preschool is the best way to prepare your child for what they will encounter for the rest of their lives! If they learn young the right way to handle things and people, they will carry that into jr high & high school when they will need it most!

You’re Just Making Yourself Worry a lot Thinking too Much. Tjibk of How Much She Might Like it, How Much she might Have Fun Meeting New Kids and make New Friends