What age do you think it's okay to give your child gum?

When they move out of my house!

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My youngest is 5 and we haven’t allowed it yet.
I was probably 8 and ALWAYS getting gum in my hair.

My 3 year old randomly took some one day and only chewed it because she knew from watching me thats what it was for. If shes 4 and not chewed gun yet that’s something you should probably of taught her already ya know since your questing it?

Decide an age and make it a “family rule” then your son can’t have it until he is also that age.

My eldest daughter been chewing it since she was just under 3 years old. My youngest was 4

My daughter is turning 9 and she’s never had gum and refuses to try it lol.

I think the technical recommendation is 4, but for me, it’s never! I HATE cleaning up gum

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My kids where 2 or 3 when they had gum, nothing’s ever happen to them besides finding some of the gum on the floor but never on them.

If she gets it I, her hair use ice or peanut butter

My son use to swallow it I can not remember how old he was before he got it right thinking 3 and 4 is to young but it’s whatever works for you

My 4 yr old has asked me before for gum and just told him no because you’re not old enough and stopped asking … I’m just afraid I’ll find it stuck everywhere lol

You could start with a small piece to see how she will do .

My 2 year old chews gum. He knows to spit it out and not swallow it. Once they can understand that it’s fine.

My daughter had gum at 5… she understood that it can’t be swallow

See i’m so ridiculous about it. My son is 5 and I never let him have any. I was thinking maybe at 8 or 10

Peanut butter and a comb sometimes ice to freezer it a little for hair…
No advice on the age part.

Peanut butter if it does get stuck in anyones hair

I give my 2 year old gum never had any problems with her getting it in her hair just one time got it out with peanut butter

When they’re old enough to comb it out of their own hair and clean it off of their own clothes…ain’t nobody got time for that​:flushed::woman_facepalming:t4:

My son has had it sonce 2 and a half and he has never swallowed it or played with it

If it gets in her hair, you can put conditioner on it till it comes off

Ehh…mine have had it since before they were 2. I mean, it’s trial and error with swallowing and stuff but they don’t learn without trying

None, its terrible for you. It will destroy their teeth for one.

Ice gets gum out of anything
Freeze the gum till it’s completely hard then pull it out

If ur worried then just say no and move on. Give them gum when ur ready to give them some

After several incidents of g on the hair and on other things, I banned it from my house

When there old enough not to take it out and play with it

I’d say six but im not even there yet… But if you give it to her put her hair up maybe… Also I avoid letting my 2yo see me eating things to avoid sharing maybe try that if you can and want to avoid it?

NEVER :joy::joy: I think 7-8yrs old is a good age


I give mine. Gum she’s 3.She will not swallow it.Just remind her to spit it out.

I’m pretty sure I kept swallowing it till I was at least 8

I didn’t give my son or daughter gum until they where around 7 years old

My now 3 year old has gotten gum for over a year now, he does great

I dont give my youngest gum, hes 4, I have given my 8 year and 11 year old gum.

My 3 4 and 7 year old all chew gum lol their really good with it

never lol not till their grown up kids swallow that crap

Never before 10. They sleep with it in their mouth then get it in their hair

I hate gum i didnt let my son have it regularly until he was like 10 lol

So—olive oil removes the stickiness of gum and allows you to remove it from a 2.5 year old’s hair. #TriedAndTrue :joy::woman_facepalming:t3:

I gave my 4 year old gum the other day big mistake

My 3 year old does fine with it

Soon as they have a loose tooth

Never they don’t need that stuff

Give the kid some gum you are only young once

Atleast 8-10 in my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

Once they’re old enough to not swallow it

I would let her have sum but if front of you if she takes it out U take it and put it in the trash

I don’t allow my kids to chew gum so I don’t have a good answer for you lol. I also don’t chew gum either though. My daughters know what it is. They have tried and been successful in getting it from others in which case I promptly take a napkin and have them put it in the trash where it belongs but again that’s my opinion and my right as a parent.

Just know once you open that Pandora’s box… it ain’t gonna close and your other kiddos will want some too.

I know there are good hacks to get gum out of hair and off stuff so if that’s your only concern then you will be able to get it out without cutting her locks.

Id say if u dont think there ready for it then just dont give it to them.
my son is 3 and it took me a long time to say yes to him having lollipops and im actually not even sure why i was so worried as hes actually fine with them

Give them a half a stick !

My youngest is 2 about to be 3 and she chews gum. Doesn’t swallow it doesn’t play with it. But she likes to be like her big sister who is 6. And if she’s done with her gum she gives it to me or throws it away. (Not a whole piece of gum btw… I break off a small piece)


No child should have gum. IMHO. My teeth are the worst from gum. I have had so many painful dental procedure from gum chewing and sodas. I had jaw surgery don’t let them.

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Really ironic this post came up in my feed now :sweat_smile: after I just had to give my daughter her first haircut earlier because she got gum in it.


It might sound weird tat V in India don’t give chewing gum at all to children I mean it’s not that it’s Forbidden to eat but it’s not a part of an everyday life. We might eat it when we reach middle school but not that its a trend that you have to follow.

My daughters nearly 8 and shes still not allowed it. Not to mention my son is 2.5 and copies everything she dose, so if she has it, he will want it. I’ve told her at about 10!


If you want to deter her, give her a strong flavor that you know she probably won’t like. May or may not buy you another year or so. Lol

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Put her hair in a ponytail or nice bun. A lot of times at that age they suck the flavor out of it and throw it out let her have a taste if you like. I did that with my kids and they never cared for it after and I don’t buy it neither. And give baby boy a half of piece tell them no more too there older.


I always made it a HUGE deal for my kids’ 5th birthday. It was a right of passage at age 5 :rofl:

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I know everyone has their own opinion. My son asked to try some when he turned 2 and I gave him a small piece, explained to not swallow it or it will hurt his belly because it’s not food, it’s just a sweet chewing treat. Never gave him anything to sticky like bubble tape. More so like bubblegum flavored orbit. (Sugar free is your friend haha) and told him gum stays in your mouth, once it’s out its gone. In the trash or right to me
And I know some ppl don’t give it to their kids because of the mess. Keep their hair out of their face. (If it does, ice cream, peanut butter or just ice will help if it happens) Maybe don’t give it to them at home or in the car to avoid sticky messes.

I agree with some of the other commenters here- if you’re going to give her gum, give her small pieces. BUT, as you pointed out, if you don’t want to deal with the issue of her brother wanting it too, I’d tell her she can have it when she’s 5. That way your son is 4 at least. Obviously you can deal with the issue if him wanting it too but personally, I wouldn’t want to deal with it in the first place. I think 4 is young, but I wouldn’t do 3 if it were my kid- that’s a personal preference though.

Right before she turned 4 she got her first piece. I told her it stays in your mouth or no gum and when you’re done it go to me or the trashcan. Well she did good but once she didnt give it to me and it ended up on the carpet so now she just cant have it at the house and has to spit it out when we get home

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I’ve honestly stayed away from gum and hard candy overall. Hard candy I saw my 3 year old step sister choked on and decided til at least teens not to give to my kids


If you choose to let her have gum, maybe you could come up with something “special” that your 3 year old can have. Specifically for “3 year olds”.

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I was worried about choking wen mine first asked. But my youngest was 6 at the time. We dont have much anyways. I explained to not swallow it and it goes to me or the bin wen ur done. But they always leave a piece somewhere like the shelf or the floorr. So I sed no more.

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My daughter is 5 and she does great with it and she knows she has to keep it in her mouth or it goes in the garbage.

Giving a child gum gives them bad breath forever lol. #regret

My daughter is three and she’s had some bubble gum when she was still Two. I watch closely and she knows not to swallow it

Easy to Get Gum out of Hair - Add Peanut Butter. Then Wash as Usual. No Cutting Needed.

I don’t like giving gum since it has sugar and horrible for digestion. However chew a piece with your kiddo and explain the rules.

If it’s gets in her hair ice or peanut butter will get it out. If she swallows it too much dont give it to her like that. Other than that just try it out.

Small pieces at a time until she learns not to swallow it and to keep it in her mouth! My grandson was learning at two

My mother gave my kids gum all the time

I gave my daughter gum at 3 she learned quick

My son is 4 qnd he is only allowed q lolly with gum in the middle sense it usually doesn’t last long and its not much
But thats usually only on Halloween or special occasions

Mine was 5. But I did not give it because it’s really bad for the TMJ joint.

how bout like taffy or some other candy that might she like? any candy is sticky lol

if u get gum in the hair. get an ice cube and freeze the gum. it will only pull out a few hair verus cutting it. thats what my mom did when my sister put gum in my hair.

Small piece I would try 4 seems like the age of mine.

Ice helps take gum or anything sticky out of hair.

Give the kid some gum


Peanut butter will also get gum out

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I let my four year old chew gum.

Why does she need gum??? This is a ridiculous question.

No gum until they are teens

Say its not gum its medicine :woman_shrugging:

My 2.5 year old has been chewing gum since he turned 2. not all the time, but pretty much whenever he realizes i have a pack in my purse. I have never found it anywhere it wasn’t supposed to be and he has never choked on it. He knows to spit it out in the garbage or outside when he is done I feel like it depends on the individual child.

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My son is 4 and he has it now and then. I watch him and he knows to spit it in the bit. I think it’s personal preference really x

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I was a very dumb 17yo. One day at school I just really wanted to go home so a couple friends of mine and I came up with a plan. I had super long super dark hair that my mom just loved, like mother gothel. So in study hall we decided gum. We’ll put gum in my hair and no one will be able to get it out and they’ll send me home and I’ll get a super cute hair cut!!
Damn nurse got it all out with ice. I had to stay in school and didn’t get a hair cut until I was 19.
I highly doubt your 4yo is as dumb as 17yo me. Just don’t let her sleep with it, make sure she knows it’s for chewing and not playing with. And if it does get stuck in her hair just rub some ice on the hairs that are stuck.

My son is 6 and I’m more worried about him pulling it out of his mouth to play with over him swallowing it. Also like you I have a 3 yo daughter who has to do everything big brother does (except go pee and poop on the potty, go figure :roll_eyes:) and I know she’ll want some too and any type of substitute candy will not be acceptable to her.

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My 3 year old and 6 year old both chew gum. My 3 year old gets half a piece, though. I told them both, If they swallow it, it will get stuck in their bum. They’ve not swallowed a piece since! :rofl::see_no_evil:

Peanut butter and a comb. Works like a champ. And just get over the worry cause with kids…its gonna happen at LEAST once. :rofl::rofl:

Maybe 6. Kids swallow gum even when you tell them no, plus too much sugar on the teeth.

If she swallows it nothing will happen. Gum gets digested the same as any other food lol.

My son has been eating gum since like 2 1/2 years. I just tell him to spit it out when he’s done

Hell no. Gum is unnecessary and dangerous.

Both my kids started having half a piece of gum by 22 months. My daughter 4 now will
Chew it till it loses flavour and spits it out in the garbage

You still need to be cutting grapes for kids as 10 so no way would I let a child younger than that have gum


I didn’t allow it till my son was about seven.

My kids were 3 or 4 but it was not all the time just occasionally and watch her because it will be in hair, the couch, stuck to every and anything or they swallow it. Fortunately all of mine did not and would spit it out when they were done chewing only half a piece also.

If it gets in her hair use peanut butter :slight_smile: save yourself the haircut. :stuck_out_tongue: