What age should babies start solids?

Hello everyone, I just wanted to come on here and ask at what age did you start giving your little ones baby food I remember with my first son who is five now I started giving him baby food at the age of four months. My doctor told me to start at six months  but I remember feeding my first son at four months


I would like to add that starting solids too early can have a negative effect on the stomach and intestines and can cause problems later in life. Apparently there is a link to things like diabetes and celiac and other things like gluten intolerance as well is what i have read. I haven’t read up on these things for quite a while since my kids are now older but its worth looking into.


Dr.'s recommend starting at 6 months because studies show that their stomachs and intestines aren’t mature enough to handle solids before that. Start with pureed vegetables, not rice cereal, or alike, as those have very little nutritional value.


6 months of age as long as they have all signs of readiness , no sooner then 6 months . And don’t listen to the people that say “I gave my baby solids at 4-5 months old and they’re fine” because babies stomachs aren’t developed enough until 6 months of age . And any pediatrician that says you can start before 6 months is giving outdated advice


Your child will usually show an interest in food which will indicate they may be ready. It’s usually around six months. Mine was about a week early but decided to eat avocado off my plate :joy:. Don’t feel it needs to be baby rice and purees. Mine went straight to soft lumpy food and millet porridge. And eating proper meals by eight months. If you do it earlier than six months you are likely to damage your child’s gut and the food won’t be digested - it will just go straight through them.


I started my daughter at 5 months because she was showing signs of being ready for it.

My first 2 started just before 3 months. They were hungry boys and loved food my third didn’t want solids till she was 8 months cause wasn’t interested before then. Every child is different. Follow thier cues

Eash baby different I wait till baby shows signs like interested In your food ext my first I did recommend 4 months at time second 4 months again same story third 6 months fourth she was ready 5 1/2 months fifth 5 months they are usually ready around 5-6 months iv noticed 4 is a bit early

6 months minimum with all signs of readiness met. 4 months is outdated advice.


My boys started at 4 months too. I wanted to wait till they got abit older because I was paranoid of choking and other health issues in the future but they were both ready. I never ate infront of them either to tempt them because I felt bad, they were just ready on their own!

I first started them on puree for breakfast followed by a bottle. 5½ months it was puree breakfast and lunch followed by bottle. 9months it was just solids and bottle whenever they wanted it. 10months was eating what we eat but I still had to mash it because I was still paranoid lol.

We always did cereal at about 4 months

The older, the better. They don’t need solids till CLOSER to a year. Not 4 months. They need to be able to it up first.

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Food before 1 is just for fun. Milk will be the main diet until then but this is to get them ready

6 months… I’m a mum of 4. Start with puree just so they get uses to the feel of it then add little baby snacks - they melt in the mouth and will teach bub to chew. Then I start with strips of cucumber, carrot. Just for experiments then baby led weaning so I give them whatever I have but less salt and so on, I mash it up (not puree) just enough to be comfortable and go from there.

Please don’t start before then unless medically advised but even then I wouldn’t unless it’s urgent.

What I said above has worked with all 4 of mine and I’ve worked in childcare for 15 years. I will say though, all babies are different and may need longer to get used to it all but good luck, it’s always fun.

Choking does happen, its part of their learning. Don’t panic, see if they can cough it up themselves, if it looks otherwise, lean your baby over your forearm so face is resting on your palm and pat the upper back firmly.

It’s scary but it will happen as they explore foods

I started at 4 months because all my babies showed signs of wanting to eat other things but easy on the stomach stuff nana carrots etc and just a little here and there because you just never know how there little belly’s will react especially you have a baby with stomach issues or get a lot of extra gas like my babies

I had to start my son on pureed food at around 2 and a half months as milk just wasn’t enough.


My kids had small tastes of soft food around 4-5 months, started constant solids by 6 months. Either way you do it, no honey until 1 year old.

When it seems like your baby isn’t satisfied for long after a bottle, you give them some rice cereal to start…if you have good sense about yourself :woman_shrugging:t3:

YOU do what YOU think is best for YOUR baby!!

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Dr. Recommended 4 months for both my babies

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Mine was on cereal at 2 weeks and baby food at a month. By 3 months she was eating solids and by 8 months no baby food at all.


All my 6 kids were on solids at 2 months old and full cream milk at 6 months never had any issues

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they don’t do the same anymore !

As your doctor were not professional and every baby is different ideally there are cues that baby can do to tell you they’re ready for solids but even that is not definite. Here you’ll get stories about what worked for who and that’s them. You and your Dr know you’re baby best. If you’re unsure wait.

It’s whenever you think they’re ready.

When they show signs they are ready.

Not until they’re sitting independently. It’s not until then that the stomach muscles are strong enough to digest solids.

Feeding early is why so many adults have gastrointestinal issues.

I would strongly listen to the Dr. Recommendations and start at 6 mos.

I like starting babies on foods around 7-8 months and I made sure to use a clean brand of baby foods because a lot of them contain dangerous amounts of toxic heavy metals. Don’t even waste your money on anything like cereal or rice cereal because its a filler and doesn’t have any nutritional value

Typically 6 months is good and usually a safe age to start. My pediatrician told me I could start at 4 months with my son, but my daughter was 6 months before we were given the green light (my son is the youngest of the 2) The decision has a lot to do with head control as well as development of their stomach/intestines. Each baby is different and if your Dr suggested 6 months, it’s probably best to follow their direction.

In my family, when kids get teeth, they are able to have tastes of the parents foods. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. And no child has been harmed by it. But they don’t get portions until they are 6 months to one year because most of their nutrition comes from breast milk.

All mine started at three to four months. With baby led weaning. They ate what we ate.

My babies were eating rice baby cereal, thin so they could suck it off spoon, by 5 months fruit mixed with baby cereal, then introduced plain veggies, want to be careful about giving mixed foods in case of allergies and one food at a time

4-6 months with signs of readiness. This should be discussed at your child 4 month check up.