What age should kids sleep over at families house?

What age did you start letting your kids go on sleep overs to family members houses ??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What age should kids sleep over at families house?

When our kids were around age 2 they stayed at grandparents houses occasionally.

Never felt comfortable enough to!

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Since they where a few months old at grandparents home.

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My daughter stated staying at her grandparents house when she was a baby. Only for a night maybe two if her grandparents asked to keep her for the weekend.

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When my kids are old enough to be educated on good things and bad things. Typically around age 6-7

i’m very very close with my parents, my kids started sleepovers at 2 months, but less than 24 hours stay at a time with me not there. i trust them completely, but my separation anxiety came into play. lol

My son doesn’t spend the night at anyones house. Also because of my husbands work hours he doesn’t want kids (friends or family) spending the night at our house. So it’s just limited to play dates and then everyone goes to their perspective homes afterwards

I would say 6 or 7 but take that lightly because my oldest always went over there since he was a baby but my youngest just isn’t having it yet at 4. So if they are ready and they are willing whenever but if not then I would say 6 7 or whenever you can send them there without any phone calls or melt downs of missing you or wanting you

Depends on who they’re staying with… once I was done breast feeding my son was bout 3mo stayed at his grandparents house

Never. Abuse happens the majority of the time by family/close friends. Trust nobody when it comes to your babies.


Whenever you feel is okay

My kiddo started at 4 but has only stayed away a handful of times he’s 8 now.

I could never till I was 16​:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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A month and a half old to my parents. That’s the only place she’s ever stayed the night though

It’s more about is the person or person’s trust worthy enough to leave your child or children With them imo.

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When they were a few months old

Oh my kiddos started staying with grandparents when they were just under a year old. Long as they were sleeping through the night. They’re now 10 and 8 and grandma and grandpa’s is still their favorite place to stay the night!


Only at Grandma’s. And 2.5 when I was admitted to the hospital.
The baby will be 15 months though because I have to go have his sister. Though I think Grandma may just stay at our house with him to make it easier

At about 8 months old short overnight (about 8-10hrs) and gradually more overtime. At 2.5 they’ve only stayed 3-4x no more than 16hrs away.

As soon as they were some what ok at night. I breast fed them all. So we didn’t start over nights till about 1. If they were on bottles I would have sooner. But I’m super close with my mom, MIL and sister…

My kids are 1-3&8 my MIL has watched my 1 year old for a week when we went to Mexico but that lady loves my daughter the same if not more then I do. I didn’t have any concerns. If you trust them and they love your kids I think it’s super important for family to have that bonding time too.

My kids did as babies

My son started at about a year and half because his dad and I moved about 45 minutes away from my parents and our son was super close to my dad. It was easier to let him stay the night then drive back and forth and my son loved sleeping at his papas house as he called it. my daughter not tell she was around 3 or 4 because at that point we had moved back to the town my parents lived in so there wasn’t as much need to spend the night. Now my parents are no longer with us and sadly my kids won’t get to spend the night when them any more

A few months old
I worked nights as a single mom

No age … Stay until 10 comeback in the Am… No coed sleep overs

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Girl I let my Nanna take my like 2 week old baby home so I could sleep. He was cluster feeding and dad worked pipeline so he needed the sleep more than me. And then I spent almost 2 months in nicu with my youngest and my best friend at the time took him for two days and I did nothing but sleep. It depends on who you’re comfortable with and trust and will abide but the rules you’ve set for you’re child. I hope this helps!! P.S my kids are now 3 and 5 and half monkeys! They be wild 98% of the time!! :heart::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We lived with my parents when my oldest was a baby but I left him with them multiple times starting at 1-2 months old. He didn’t do overnights without me or his dad until he was around a year though. He did his first non family sleep over around 4/5. My youngest son had to stay with grandma for weeks when he was 7 weeks old due to my hospitalization and his dads work schedule but he did his first non family sleepover just a few weeks ago at 3 1/2! It’s really all down to trust, do you trust the people staying with them; kids readiness, is he/she ready to be away from you; and safety, is the household they are going to a safe one. Every kid and every situation is different

Like 3 & only my sisters or their grandparents house.

Friend sleep overs are family sleepovers. Mom comes too. & they’re fun!

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Depends on the person. But a good rule of thumb is when the child can answer questions and talk.

My daughters ONLY spend the night with my mom and dad, and they both have since they were around 2.5. My oldest is 5 and she’s actually there tonight! She loves spending the night with her Nonnie and I love that she gets that bonding time!

My daughter has only at her grandma’s house and my bf house because I know she is safe there. If anywhere else I am to be there sleeping beside her

My daughter is 5 and has never slept away from me.

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When they were infants my sister loved it. :heart_eyes:

for my mother. her rule is 3. (they’re talking. potty trained (usually) can tell what they want and are usually self sufficient but that point)
my sister on the other hand, she’d take the babies right from birth for a sleep over if she could :rofl:

for me, it’s when I need a break :rofl:

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My first baby I kept home for like 2 years lol my second I think around 6 weeks :rofl: it’s a personal choice love… depends on if it’s something your comfortable with and someone you can fully trust. Different for everyone.

Old enough to talk n know right from wrong or atleast have sense of it
To many bad ppl out there even related can’t trust

My girls started staying with my mom and sister when they were 3 months old. As well as my mother in law. My oldest has never stayed the night anywhere due to her being special needs and having a feeding tube and central line. My son is 6 months and has never stayed the night anywhere.

My girls started staying with my mom and sister when they were 3 months old. As well as my mother in law. My oldest has never stayed the night anywhere due to her being special needs and having a feeding tube and central line. My son is 6 months and has never stayed the night anywhere.

I never let my daughters sleep anywhere ever until the age where they can talk or in some way tell me they’re uncomfortable there if that makes sense.

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My mother kept my son at about 5 weeks over night I was there till she put him down and was at her house by 8 I lived two streets over so it was easy

When they are old enough to nark and go toilet by themselves.

Depends of the circumstances and the relatives. When I had my younger one via c-section, my older one- who was two, almost three at the time- stayed with my mom, dad, brother and sister for four days while my late husband came with me to the hospital and really only left when he HAD TO, like to take a shower or something like that and since they were just down the street from the hospital, they brought our older son on up to see us a good once or twice a day so he could see that mommy, daddy and baby brother were okay and that we did not just abandon him and we would also call in a good couple of times a day to check on him so he knew we were thinking about him and loved him still too.
As for just anywhere, my husband is dead and has been for five years and both of my kids are autistic with adhd and our older one is both lower functioning AND has a significant speech delay, so while I might STILL leave him with a respite worker that knows him REALLY WELL or select family members IN AN EMERGENCY WHO KNOW HIM WELL, I literally CANNOT JUST leave him with JUST anyone I know BECAUSE IF something goes wrong, he CANNOT communicate it clearly PLUS he is also a runner and escape artist, so unless they KNOW HIM well enough to watch him better than a hawk (I have seen him manage to get away from trained professionals AND court appointed social workers- case is closed now, has been for over a year and they never left MY custody, before anyone gets any ideas- on average 2-5 times per new adult, sometimes only a fair few feet, sometimes manages to get away completely and require calling in law enforcement whom, luckily, he has yet to have a bad experience with and will go to them easily enough, thankfully) it is not a question of IF he will manage to get away AT LEAST twice, but a matter of WHEN. I do not say he is my give an INCH, take ONE mile kid, but rather he is my give him a tiny fraction of a millimeter and he will take TEN miles kid that I would put up against Houdini ANY day kid. So no, I CANNOT just let him go with just anyone and quite frankly, outside of select individuals and emergencies, I do not feel comfortable just letting my younger one go spend the night just anywhere either. Some people are with their own kids and that is perfectly fine and their business. Different families have different sets of needs and it could be that one family might actually NEED to have the kid be watched overnights on certain nights from the moment maternity or paternity leave ends onwards (single parent living away, but still nearby home working a pays a higher shift differential night on the weekends shift, for example) so unless they are constantly partying or something, I ain’t gonna judge.
Some people have eighteen years olds that they are not comfortable sleeping over elsewhere, even if they cannot stop it (maturity issues, developmental delays, disabilities, chronic health conditions, etc) and, again, unless I have reason to believe that the parent is controlling, manipulative and abusive, I ain’t gonna judge because I ain’t in that rodeo.
We all have our reasons for our decisions in regards to sleepovers and that is perfectly fine. Just be sure to allow some leeway for teambuilding if they are on a team as things like sleepovers are often times used TO help strengthen the relationships within the team and allow for emergencies or safe traveling (like sudden bad weather before they were set to come home, someone had to go to the ER suddenly, things like that) when it is better that they are somehow, some WAY, supervised than left home alone if you fall in the nope category and make SURE you can provide private communications like a spare or their own cell phone AND code words in case they get uncomfortable, again, for safety concerns and then be reachable.

I only ever let my kids sleep over at their Poppies (my dad) because he’s the only person on this planet that I trust with my kids

My mom never let us sleep anywhere family or not , the first time she gave me permission I was 17 years old.
My daughter only spent the night at my moms ( and I live in the apartment above hers ) and once at my sister .

We can not trust our kids to anyone and is very sad, if you are going to do it at least wait until your kids can talk and express them self properly


As soon as they were born

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My mom had a very active role in my daughters life and she spent a lot of time at her house. Sometimes whole weekends, and whenever she asked for her…sadly she passed away and my son didn’t get to meet her and has never stayed anywhere ever without me or his dad. He’s 5. It just depends on who it is and how much you trust them and how happy your kid is to go there. Many variables. He will never spend the night with in-laws. Ever. :pleading_face:

3.5 is when i let him!
it was tough but he had to go bc i had to do things right away the next day and he couldn’t come along. he went to my moms house
now hes went over ljke 3 times and slept over haha. he talks like hes 45yrs old so its good that hes very verbal and smart, but he still needs help wiping himself for poopin but they have a nice time. he cries for me, but they get past it and he goes back to sleep.
i made them download 360 in case they leave and they tell me if they are planning on staying or going somewhere so i can gdt the carseat out and put in their car.
its hard, but totally up to you and who they go with

Been looking after my gran daughter from 3 months old

my daughter was 8ish months, when she stayed weekends with her dad&his parents.

My sons 4.5 years old and has not stayed anywhere else.

I just started my boys to go but my 5 and 7 year old has to go with my 9 and 10 year old. But if my older boys have there own partys I let them go by there selfs my kids share the same friends

I think my oldest was 6 and her sister 4… they had a sleepover with my mom, at my parents house. They LOVED it. Keep asking to do it again. My mom is the only one who has watched my kids over night, but only a handful of times and usually at my house.

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8.they don’t get home sick and want to return home at 2am.

I haven’t and mine is 7

My parents at various ages and my neighbors at 6 and 7

I was a little older. My adoptive mother was pretty possessive. She wanted me home, so they would come and get me, even if it was in the middle of the night. Even if I had been put to bed. But when I was 11, my dad passed away and his youngest brother wanted me to continue to have contact with his family. He got me every time he could so I could spend time with them. A few months after Dad’s passing, my adoptive mother decided she didn’t like being alone so she joined Parents Without Partners and started dating again. Leaving me with my uncle and his family freed up some time for her. I got to see them quite a bit until she started going with my step-dad. Then he told my uncle to stay away. He said every time my uncle came around my adoptive mother acted weird and he felt like he was competing against my Dad’s ghost. So I didn’t get to see my uncle’s family after that. Once I started working and he learned about it, he would ask me for my schedule and come see me on my lunch breaks. That way we could keep in touch. He couldn’t even call me on the way phone. Of course, back then, it was long distance and cost a lot. But his calls wouldn’t have been accepted at the house anyway. But, that was the end of me getting to spend the night with family.

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As soon as family wanted them to.

As soon as I stopped breastfeeding :joy:

6 weeks old
I was in intensive care so my daughter was in mixed care with grandparents and great grandma

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I. Went to cousins. As. Early. As. 8

As early as 4 weeks.
My in-laws asked sand I didn’t deny. A good night sleep will go the the world of Wonders.
I was a single mom so 18 years old
I only wished my parent’s or in-laws were able to help me…

TAKE the help while you can… Only If you are comfortable xx congrats btw. :pray:

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When you’re both ready.

Since they were a few months old.

My kids spent nights at my parents house since a few months of age.

When they where old enough to tell me if they wanted to stop at there houses :houses: or not :slightly_smiling_face: puts you’re mind at rest that it’s something they want to do rather then being forced if they didn’t want to go then that’s totally fine aswell but my girls love sleepovers at families houses x

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Some people, family or not family, should never be allowed to have sleep overs with your kids. You’ll have to determine your family dynamics for this while your child is an infant. Can the person care for a crying baby? Can the person watch the baby in your home? Will the person agree to your rules such as only putting baby on his or her back during naps or at night? Or not letting baby needless cry?

As your child becomes a toddler, is that person’s home childproof? Are small choke dangerous items put away?

As your child grows up, is the home a safe and calm environment?

There’s no hard and fast rule or response to your question. There are many things to be considered and many issues to be weighed before allowing a child that cannot care for him or herself to be out of your sight.


My daughter was bottle fed, so around 6 months when she slept a decent amount through the night

Whenever you’re comfortable with it. Majority of parents know when it’s time as every kid is different.

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My daughter was 8 months. But I didn’t like it so didn’t do it again until almost 2.

Mine was 6 or 7 probably… I let him go stay with his grandma when his dad was with him when he was a baby…

My son was like 3-4 months old. I worked 4am shifts & my aunt would help out this way for me.

We never do that. The most common time a child is molested or raped is at a sleep over by a family member

My oldest was just little. 2 maybe. My baby didn’t do sleepovers until 8 and still only likes going to my cousins or her uncles.

My son stayed at my parents a couple hours away at maybe 6 months old :woman_shrugging:

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Some family never

Others around 3yrs old

My grand daughter stayed over since birth.

Depend on the child, the family, and the circumstances. This question is too vague.

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My kids stayed stayed with my mom from the time they were born. Sleep overs with friends when they were much older.

Mine was 5 the first time

Once out of diapers.

My parents took my twins for the night the day I came home from the hospital!

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Mine don’t really stay anywhere besides my Mother in laws. And my youngest was 3 before she ever did stay there even.

Around 2 lol
But ONLY to her grammas house.
She hasn’t spent the night anywhere else

For family I trusted as soon as they out of my body

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Depends on the situation and who it is. Too vague of a question

My daughter has slept over at her grandmas since she was 2. (I lived with my parents the first 2 years that I had my daughter) She loves staying the night at her grandparents house, her uncles house and she has only slept over one time with a friend. She is 7 now. I have a 11 month old and she has not stayed anywhere but has been baby sat and put to bed before I would get home if my fiancé and I went to do something.

Granny’s house was 4 weeks. :joy: everyone else…5 years

Depends? My oldest started staying the night with my mom…when he was 2ish on occasion because of my work schedule (I had to leave for work around 3am) I’d go over and put him to bed.
After I left that job…he didn’t stay overnight anywhere again until he was 4 to get him prepared for me having to be in hospital with his little brother.
After that…he’s 8 and had a sleepover with a friend away from home.
But I’m best friends with his best friends mom. If it wasn’t for that I don’t think I’d have let him go.

My son had only ever wanted to stay at his nanas house. He was almost two the first time.

Mine was when they were a baby and toddler because me and my husband (boyfriend at the time) were going somewhere and we were going to be out really late

My first was 5, second was 2 and only because I was in the hospital

My 3 year old at 4 months to grandmas. My 9 month old not yet. And my 9 year old at 2 spent the night at my nephews house. My 13 year old at 5. 14 year old grandmas at 2 months.

No one kept my littles overnight until they were about 2. And even now, they’ve only stayed over at 3 places: my mother’s house, my sister’s house, and their great grandmother’s house. They are 6 and 4.

My son has only slept over at my mother’s house and my mother in laws house. He was almost 4 years old before we felt comfortable enough! He’s stayed the night probably a total of 20 times now and he’s 7. He actually just left to spend the night at my MIL’s just now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I would say he goes maybe 1x a month or once every 2 months. He goes around 4/4:30 and he’s home around noon the next day.

With my older two, they rarely had sleep overs anywhere. My youngest two sleep over at their aunts once a month since they were 4 months Olds

Day 1. We live with nana n papa