What age to start potty training?

I’m sure it’s been asked but I cant find it on here, what age did you all start potty training? And how do you know when it’s time? Tips and tricks are welcome too. TIA!


I waited till they showed interest. Doesn’t really matter what age. When they are ready it’s way easier than trying to stress out and force it.


My son just turned 4. He use to hate it. Now he loves to go on. He doesnt want a prize. He goes everytime we do. Im pregnant so I go every 5 mins so he came to.
We blow bubbles and he is so busy trying to catch them that he forgets to think about it. I wish I would have done this sooner. Now just need to find out how to do over nights.

I started getting them familiar with the potty and the concept around 1&a half… then slowly would do it here and there. Both of my kids were potty fully potty trained a few months before their 3rd birthdays. You just take your time and do what feels right! Make it something fun and rewarding! Every kid is different, so don’t feel bad if your little one isn’t feeling it right away! In time at their own pace… with help they’ll get it!

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As soon as they can tell you they pooped or peed start then.

I have a little granddaughter who is only 9 months old . She claps her hands if she has to pee , has another movement when she has to go # 2 . Her mom learned it on the internet .

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Mine did pretty good for a couple weeks at like 16 months then lost interest. I forced the issue a little after 3 because she woke up dry every day for a week.
Day 1 naked
Day 2-7 a dress/long shirt
After that added undies. Didn’t go back to pants for a awhile. And even then it was elastic waist easy to pull down ones

You can start them as soon as they can hold their own head up…you’ll have to hold them on the potty …or o
You can sit behind them while on the toilet too

My son didnt show interest till 2 and a half. Only took us three day to potty train. I dont care what anyone says bribery works. Everytime he potties he got a new hot wheels. Like I said three days and we haven’t had an accident day or night since. (Hes 8 now)

if you wait till they are ready and show interest, it can be very fast and easy! my son watched our neighbors child get potty trained (they were at the same home daycare and the lady was amazing with potty training!) and at 18 months wanted to sit on the potty :flushed: i wasn’t ready at that point… so when he turned two and was still adamant about sitting on the potty we started in underwear on a monday, but thursday he was dry over nap time and on sunday we spent the day at the zoo with many potty stops and zero accidents :flushed:. he wore a pull up at bedtime for a couple weeks just in case, but by 2.5 he could take himself to the bathroom and go without help. moral of the story - when they are ready, go for it!

but my cousins son was around 4 - he just had NO interest, and any attempt to bribe him or reward him was useless. his mom was soooo frustrated and worried! then one day he just did it and never looked back.

My suggestion is to teach them how to.
What ways can you do that?
Buy a potty
Buy panties/shorts
Show them videos.

2 years 3 months my boy just decided he was ready. I literally did zero to prepare he just started to ask to go after he saw all the praise the puppy was getting for going potty :rofl:

Waited til she showed interest which was just after 3. Did the potty training in 3 days and never looked back. Zero accidents and no pullups. Sleeps 13 hours at night and zero issues

For sure just wait till they are ready! I see so many try and force it and then the child of course isnt so makes mistakes and parents get soo mad at them! I have 4 babies. My first fully trained by her 3rd birthday, 2ed she was a little over 3 fully, my 3rd she was 2 and fully trained. Thoes are 3 girls and my son is 19 months and will now keep tellinf me ew and stinky and comes to me so hes next gonna show him the potty! :slight_smile:

All of mine were 3 years old when they potty trained. They still had accidents but that’s to be expected. Just read them a story or give them a tablet or something to play on while they’re on the potty. :slight_smile:

I was lucky both my kids were potty trsined before they were a yr old both didnt like wet diapers the same with my 2 grandaughters i helped my son raise.i bought my son cartoon underwear and told him he dont want to potty on them and bought my daughter and grandaughters frilly panties and told them they were too pretty to potty in them like i said i was lucky.

My son was two. I said “you can use the toilet like mommy when you’re ready” and no joke, he went 30 minutes later! :flushed:

2 and half to 3 because they have better control… It’s the poo bit that takes a while to get the hang of

So my friend just told me today that she potty trained her 2.5 yr old in a weekend. Had her on puppy pads in her undies while playing and every 15 mins would put her on the toilet. :woman_shrugging:

Wait til they are ready! My son showed interest by talking about pee pee and trying to take off his diaper. He didnt like being wet. He was naked the first 3 days and we stayed solely at home. Everytime he went he got 1 m&m. Only took a few days for him to get the hang of it!

I potty trained one of my sons at 15 months. My 2nd son I potty trained at 3 , tried on an earlier age w him but it wasn’t getting anywhere til he was 3.

Every child is different my sister wasnt potty trained till 4. I was fully potty trained by 18 months. Try as soon as the can sit up on there own