What age was your child diagnosed with autism?

Moms… what age was your child diagnosed with autism? What are the signs?

  1. He didnt speak and had a lost and distant look all the time. Didnt have any close relationships but to me.
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Age 2. Regressed speach,arm flapping,lining things up,and putting cars upside down the spin the wheels.

Diagnosed at 6. Saw signs much earlier.

Age 5. Hand flapping, poor gross & fine motor skills. Meltdowns, sensory issues.

3 because no one around my area would until then. He rocked was violent hit his head off the floor delayed milestones. My son is high functioning. I describe him as sporadic. He does stuff before he thinks about it then gets an oh shit look on his face. He sometimes fake laughs because everyone else is and he don’t understand why.

My little one is 3 and showing signs. Since covid no place will see her where I’m at.

  1. She was just diagnosed this past month. The school system would never test her. Said she did not qualify although she had other special services and an IEP. We had to pay out of pocket for all the testing. But now we know how to help her and what resources to connect with. Before we were just wandering in the dark. I think she feels better about it now and we do too. Just confirms what we knew all along. She is still as wonderful as she always was :heartpulse:

3 in a half. Minimal speech, head banging when frustrated, only liked trucks and trains, obsessed with train videos and watching trains in real life, no interest in playing with others…he was always content to be alone. Very picky eater, gagged trying new food. Poor fine motor skills…very inactive, loves videos games now at 9 years old. No response to name but hearing was fine… Showed enough signs by 2.5 to be diagnosed. Age 6 diagnosed with adhd as well.

18 months. No speech, zero response to her name or my voice, “scrambled” all her toys in her lap instead of playing with them properly, lining toys up, spinning around in circles for over an hour at a time, walking around on tip toes often.

Although it was suspected the doctor initially said no and then he was diagnosed at 8. He is verbal but has a speech delay. He has an obsession with trains, tornado sirens etc. He is sensitive to textures. He wont eat candy, cookies, sugar or anything like that. He chews his shirts. He has high anxiety, he has stemming behaviors.

Initial signs can be detected when they are very young. First indicators are lack of eye contact or response to care givers. Not meeting milestones. Etc.

Usually the diagnosis doesn’t come until at least 3 I believe.

A friend of mine grandaughter is two going to be tested next month for autism she doesn’t talk scream knock things off in the floor slap at people never takes a nap at all sleeps at night

My daughter was 2 and half when diagnosed. Non verbal, delayed motor skills, poor eye contact, impulsive and repetitive behavior, no purposeful play

My son was 2 when diagnosed. He had delayed motor skills, he played alone most of the time, repetitive behavior, did not like strangers, compulsive behaviors.

Check out Autism Speaks for signs and guidance. Talk to your pediatrician and/or local school department too.

4 years old … so many signs.Delayed milestones delayed speech.Texture issues,light issues,severe tantrums repetitive, talk ,motion play. Violent outburts.They might like pressure they chew ,spin,flap. Ocd …lining up organizing colors or kinds.Trigger words.The autism spectrum is so vast.Im sure degrees ,levels vary from child child as well as symptoms.

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Every child is different

18 months and he stopped talking, stopped sleeping, hand flapping, texture issues, doesn’t respond to people.

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AmyandAnthony Callahan

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Still haven’t he is 4. School wants to wait. But his dr is sending me somewhere. Hope we get answers.

High functioning children with ASD will often be diagnosed at a later age because some symptoms can pass for ADHD and other disorders and behaviors can be very subtle.

5 I knew something was wrong when he was not talking at 3