What age would you allow your child to take a bath alone?

What age would you let your child bath alone without you in the bathroom? But in ear shot


I’d say 4. HOWEVER, I still wash my 5 (almost 6 year olds hair and my autistic 9 year olds hair) because I want to make sure it’s done right. They wash their own body though

I started teaching my girl to shower at 5. I was scared to do a bath full of water at that age.

My 2.5 yo son hates baths so much he’s been taking showers with my help since he was like 18 months but lately I’d say the last month or so he washes himself up, I wash his hair and then I let him play in the shower with the curtain closed while I sit in there for 20-30 mins. Very rare, I know

My son is 5.5yrs and I wash his hair for him, and let him do the rest. I keep the door open and make sure he’s cleaned properly be4 getting out

Mine started at 4 and I rewash myself to make sure

My daughter is 4 and I let her play while im the other room where I can hear her. If she gets quite then I go check on her.

My daughter is 5, I wash her hair to make sure it’s clean and washed out right. She can wash her body. Then she can play with the door open a bit and making noise so I know she’s good if I do leave but honestly I normally chill in there and have the curtain pulled over for her privacy.


Age 5 is when my boys started bathing alone, door unlocked and we’d knock and check in here and there to make sure 1. They were ok and 2. Actually bathing and not just playing aha


Age 5 at the request of my daughter but door was always wide open and I was on the same level putting washing away or tidying up etc. Shouted in every so often are you OK. She’s 8 next month and we still do this

i let my daughter start at 4, i made sure she was able to wash her hair and body good beforehand. same with my son but he preferred showers.

My son was probably 8 before I left him in there alone. I have a 5 year old and I still sit there with him . Drowning is silent so walking away is a no go for me

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Depends on kids, my oldest one started later around 7-8 because she couldn’t wash her hair very well. My middle one started around 6 and she is good since then. My youngest one is 8 and still sometimes I wash her when she start being lazy and doesn’t washes herself very well

4-5 depending on the kiddo. My youngest would sit and play. The older 2 were hosting dance parties in there, based on the noise and messes.

My daughters 5 and showers alone now. But with the bath she barely does she did alone at 4.5 door wide open and I’d be on the same floor as her. Never a different floor maybe putting away laundry or tending to the baby. I’d yell once in a while hey you ok!! And she’d have to answer. Or she’d have to sing to herself
Same with showers door wide open

My daughters 5 and she washes alone I just go in to make sure she cleaned herself correctly. My 2 year old also insisted on bathing alone :joy: we of course watch him while he is bathing he actually loves showers.

My son is 6 and just started doing bath time on his own. We could leave him alone in the tub at 3 to play as he could easily get himself up and could hold his breath but we always kept the door open (our house is small so you can hear him no matter where you are haha)

My son just started taking showers alone, he’s 6 turning 7 in July


My daughter has been taking a bath by herself for a while and she’s 4

Door, always open I was always checking on my kids even when they couldn’t see me they were about 4 or 5

My daughter was about 5 with the door open and then about 7 wanted door closed x

As soon as my granddaughter turned 6 she took showers . No more baths .

5 was when my son started bathing alone but I would check on him alot still

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it depends on the child’s level of independence and understanding. my oldest girl, she was 5, se didn’t listen for shii and I had to be extra w her. my second baby, she was 2, she listened good, everything was a double check w us and she could independently play good for awhile. my 3rd baby, my boy, I allowed at 3 to do this but I did do a lot of checks bc he can have moments of straight wildness and I’m not trying to have water allover, but I made he also had that double check w mom thing before I allowed them to any of that. plus, I didn’t have the water too deep, and we would still talk to eachother from other room just to check in I’d leave the door partially open but sort of closed

My son is 4 he knows how to wash his body and hair. He takes showers alone but we are in the bathroom with him.

Mines 4. He washes himself besides hair and back. Once I do that I leave the bathroom.

My daughter is fixing to turn 8. She just started talking showers by herself. Some days she still wants us to.

Depends on what you mean by alone. My 5 yr old gets washed by me and then I’ll let him play in the tub with the door open while I’m in the next room. My oldest had me turning the water on and washing his hair until he was like 8. He’d wash his body but I’d supervise at his request. He’s 14 now.

My kid has been taking a bath on her own since 3. However still washed her hair and made sure she’s rinsed off good. She’s 7 now. Still asks for help to rinse off hair and conditioner sometimes.

My son is five and he’s been taking baths alone since he was like 2yrs minus of course when he was smaller I would help him with washing and his bair… I never taken baths or showers with him though.

My daughter is almost five and I still bathe her. She helps with her hair and can do her arms, legs, the easy spots lol but I make sure all the important parts are done correctly and then sometimes she wants to play with the door open for a little while but even then I usually will still sit in the bathroom with her. Kids can drown in an inch of water. Idk maybe I’m a helicopter mom :rofl:

Depends on each kid my oldest around 4 second she was 5 third around 4 my fourth I would be in bathroom cleaning kept eye on her but 3 but that was showers only no baths she now 5 bathes better then any of them she can wash her own hair everything on her own perfectly youngest to little still so idk about him he’s 15 months he takes the most work because he has curly hair the others did not his daily routine takes alot more work so his hair don’t frizz or get tangled

I still wash my 5 yr old but he has been left in the tub by himself to play since like 2-3 always popping back and fourth and never a lot of water in the tub.

Around 5 I was willing to go change the laundry or something while she was in the tub playing. Depends on the kid and how much you trust them not to act dangerously.