What are early labor symptoms?

Hello mommas, just wanted to read up on other experiences of moms who went into labor early? With my third i was hospitalized at 35 weeks my little one wanted to come early with contractions coming occurring at one minute apart and my Obgyn stopped the labor completely (thankful she stayed put till 40 weeks with medication and bed rest) now here we are two years later pregnant with my 4th, the thought of this happening again has crossed my mind, plus i am more active with having three kids. Any mothers experience something similar? Did you go into early labor with pregnancy, if so did you have to worry about this happening again? I know it’s always hard to determine, or even give advice (pregnancy is a wild thing that is unpredictable) just wanted to hear other stories! Thanks :heart:

First was born on her due date. 2nd was induced 13 days early due to preeclampsia. 3rd, she decided she didn’t want to be in there anymore and came out 17 days early. Now I’m pregnant with my 4th and last, and I too sit here n wonder if he/she will be early too. They all came out perfect and healthy and that’s all I can hope for

So with my first son who is almost 13 years old, my water broke at 33 weeks and 3 days. They cant postpone labor too long once the water is broken because it can lead to infection. For 4 days in the hospital they were stopping all my contractions and injecting me with steroids to try and mature his lungs. I had a csection at 34 weeks because he was still breech. He stayed in the hospital for 13 days because he had a hard time sucking and had to be fed through a tube in his nose. My second son who is 6 years old was born at 38 weeks due to my water breaking. They had me on weekly progesterone injections from 16 weeks to 36 weeks with him. I’m currently almost 27 weeks with my daughter and once again due to my preterm history I’m doing the Makena progesterone injections to try and prevent my water breaking too early.

Pregnant with twins and hoping for 4 weeks early (first pregnancy and I’m short so they didn’t think I could make it to full term). At 32 weeks exactly my water broke like a waterfall that is supposed to only happen on tv. Then the contractions came in hard and 3 hours and one emergency c section later and my babies were born! Because they were so early though they were in the NICU for 3 weeks. I’m @told that’s pretty short amount of time for premies tho!


With my first I had the baby at 36 week 5lbs and 11oz she was a healthy baby… But I started with contractions at 32 weeks and was dilated at a 2. I’m pregnant with baby #2 now and I have been getting checked every 2 weeks since I was 18weeks. They say baby will more than likely come early also since my first was early…