What are early pregnancy symptoms?

so my last period was jan. 26th 2019. My periods are regular 31 day cycle . I’d say I’m about 3 days late. Plan on taking a test in the morning. Usually before my period I end up with severe nipple pain. Just the nipples. And this time I didn’t experience any nipple pain. Would that be considered as a early pregnancy sign ? Because I’m at a loss I figured even if I am pregnant that my nipples or boobs would at least be sore. And how accurate would it be to take a test 3 days late. Or should I wait a couple more days.


If it’s possible I’m pregnant and I’m late I usually go right to doctor for a blood test. Urine tests for me take awhile to show up. According to my doctor a period is not considered late by medical professionals until it is 7-10 days late so she recommends a urine tests at least after a week.

I usually wait until 1 week late


My last period was January 23rd. I have a 24 day cycle so mine was suppose to start on February 18th. I tested on the 19th when I was a day late but was just feeling off and my blood pressure and heart rate where kinda high. It was positive and now I’m 5 weeks and 3 days. I have my first ob appt on March 13th


If your late already then you can take a test at anytime

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I was realized it was august 17th and I hadn’t started yet and knew I was pregnant. I tested the next day and it popped up super bright positive.

Peeing a lot is a sign. Something to do with hormones.

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With both of my kids I knew and tested before my missed period and the test came out positive within seconds of peeing on them. I would go ahead and test and see :woman_shrugging:

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If your late already then you can take a test at anytime

one day late is legit

Depending on your age your periods can start to become irregular… I’ve had mine come a week late, then on time, a week early then back to normal ( I was scared out of my mind) I’m 36 & not pregnant; so you never know

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I tested positive 2 days late. And it said 2-3 weeks pregnant

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I tested a clear and fast positive the day after my period was due.

My boobs never hurt before my period so when my boobs were hurting, i knew i was.

I found out with both of my pregnancies at 3 days late.

They’re almost all going to be accurate on the first day of your missed period. You can test now and be 99% accurate with most tests.

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I tested positive 4 days late I now have a healthy 9 month old

Id wait unless you feel theres something wrong… stress has a funny way of messing w our bodies so which ever is more uncomfortable

I’ve always tested 3-4 days early and both times just KNEW I was pregnant. Turns out I was, both times. Current almost 16 weeks along with my second pregnancy, first viable pregnancy.

I knew right away with my kids. Had a feeling something was off each time. Had the same feeling 2 weeks ago and yep! Not even a month along at the time I was probably 1 snd a half weeks pregnant!

Well February only has 28 days… soo…

Take a test now. I was 2 days earlier and took at test at like 3pm and it was super faint, but postive :two_hearts:

I didnt have any of my usual period symptoms the week it was supposed to come. Thats what gave me suspicion. I took a test a few days before my missed period and it came back positive.

Won’t know until you take a test :hugs:

I found out at 3 days late! I never had breast tenderness until middle of my pregnancy, also never got sick or nauseas so every pregnancy is different!

Boobs arent always sore. Ive always gotten pisitives before missed periods

I got a clear positive the day I was suppose to start my period.

I tested the day after my missed period. It was a clear blue.