What are early pregnancy symptoms?

i had my tubes removed in september of18. i had periods til jan 31st. very light ones. now none. breast feeding still. baby is about 8 months. i plan to take a p test… i have no health insurance so ill do one at home… but my question is has any one had an issue like no period with no tubes. not burned or tied. removed. yes im active. the reason i removed tubes was freedom tobe and not have more kids. 2 is plenty.

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Aren’t you still going to get something still having your uterus since it would still shed every month?

It’s common to not have periods while breastfeeding and it is very slim to no chance of pregnancy if you got your tubes removed. So at home test will help if you’re worried


I had my tubes tied and I had my third child and the is a high risk of having a tubal pregnancy so take the test just to be sure

I had my tubes removed in Sept too and my periods have been crazy definitely not what I’m use to and there are times I do worry I might end up pregnant again but then all the stuff I google (which I know isn’t good to do) but I haven’t heard of anyone getting pregnant when tubes are removed. My doctor even said it was best to remove my tubes so I wouldn’t have to worry about tubal pregnancy. But if you are worried just go ahead and take a test.

It took my cycle a full year to regulate after my tubal.

I don’t believe you could be pregnant if you got your tubes removed. Maybe it’ll just take time for your period to regulate

I didnt have a period for 14 or 15 months after my son was born. I breastfed him until he was 16 months old though. Im fixing to have a baby girl and get my tubes removed next month. Honestly I am hoping to not have a period for a long time like I did with my son.

I had mine removed in January and I haven’t had a period since

I had my tube cut burn an tied no more children for me. I had a regular period. up until I was 45 maybe alittle older then I went through menopause oh yea an that is no fun. But hey I personally don’t an did not care: But menopause was very hard for me

Your hormones are probably out of wack. Think anatomy. The egg must travel down the tube for conception to occur. You had the tubes removed. How would the egg get in the uterus?

I had mine removed as well. Did you know there is a chance the ovaries can die due to lack of blood flow? This can also affect your cycle and hormones and if this occurs you need hormone replacements. You may be late due to stress, nursing, weight gain or loss, or a hormone imbalance. I doubt you’re pregnant.

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