What are early pregnany symptoms?

What are some signs you were pregnant before a missed period? My hubby and I are trying and for the past couple days I’ve felt weird. Like sometimes I feel sick, get bad acid reflux, or just feel like cramps. My hubby says he has the same feeling this time that he did when I was pregnant with our son. Am I going crazy or could I be pregnant? My period isn’t due for another 2 weeks.


Sore nipples was my first clue! More sore than my usual PMS soreness … took a test a week before my period and got my first (very faint) positive

Terribly painful, swollen breasts.

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Also I was beyond tired when I got pregnant and had implantation bleeding

My nipples were sore and darkened. Then the nausea sympton around 2 weeks (before I actually knew).

My oldest 3 I was sick. But my last one… I took a test as a joke… yeah it wasn’t funny😐


Super tired, high sex drive, constantly hungry, boobs get bigger and tender

Sore boobs n hormones