What are good non-hormonal birth control?

Which birth controls are nonhormonal or whatever? I have the explanation, and I’ve had it a few times, but I swear it makes me crazy and irrational also has been messing with breast milk since day one lol Possibly considering the pill. Idk Lol opinions?


as far as I know the pill has the lowest dose of hormones but can still affect your breastmilk supply. And you will still want to use condoms because of the low hormone level


Talk to your dr about a non hormonal IUD, pills used to make me NUTS, but with this I’ve had no problems.

Nuva ring is the best

I used the mini pills didn’t effect my breast milk but y’all to ur obgyn

Copper IUD (I’ve had for 2 years way better then the mirena it made me crazy)

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Only one I know of is the 10year IUD that’s non hormonal. I usually take the low dose birth control. I haven’t had an IUD in almost 10 years now and at that time I was told only the 10 year IUD is non hormonal. The 3yr and 5 year have hormones. Good luck.

Basically, nothing in life is “free”
By that I mean the copper iud, non hormonal yes, but makes women have heavy bleeding (my ob won’t even put them in anymore bc so many women have heavy bleeding and cramping from it). Mini pill isn’t 100% neither is condoms or a diaphragm (good luck even finding a diaphragm bc my ob looked and closest to me was 3 states away)
Mirena, the shot, and the implant, nexplanon are hormonal, but with that comes side effects, mood changes, weight gain, etc.
Basically let’s all pray this new male birth control they’re doing trials for at university of Kansas catches on :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Non hormonal would be the iud paraguard. It’s a 10 year birth control that can be removed.


I had Nuva Ring and it gave me blood clots, I won a class action lawsuit against them. I had a paragard non hormonal IUD and my daughter was born holding it. :joy::joy:


I have the chip in my arm can’t remember what it’s called but through breastfeeding and mental health I’ve never had a problem and it’s good for 3 years!

Paragard IUD works great & it does not have hormones

It really going to depend on each person cause I had an IUD copper wire and it perforated through my uterus in less than 2 months and I had to have it surgically removed

If your married and don’t want anymore ask him to get snipped…we as women already do alot we have to carry a human for 10months the least a man could do lol this is what I have resorted to cause of how hormones make me feel and I refuse to get a hysterectomy or tubal that can also cause complications I don’t need .

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So you can still get pregnant even if you take the pill everyday?

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No help besides tracking your fertility. Knowing when you are ovulating, then you can not have sex during that time frame. I got pregnant with Mirena IUD, and the DEPO shot. Good luck.

Copper iud, in my experience it have been the worst for me. Get it removed after 6 months.

Birth control depends on you, every person here will have different experiences due to the nature of their bodies. I would say try whatever your top 3 are and see what works best.

Look into fertility awareness methods. We personally use the Creighton Method.

Hormone free birth controls include condoms, sponge, cervical cap, diaphragm, copper IUD and sterilization. Estrogen free birth control won’t effect your breast milk, which would include the depo shot, implant, Skyla and Mirena IUD and mini pill. You can get the mini pill with low doses of hormones as well, but you have to be extremely diligent at taking them at the exact same time everyday or they’re not effective. Research other side effects as well when making your decision!

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I personally cant use hormonal contraception (i get terribble cramps and pain when on it and none at all when im off it). Im looking at non hormonal as well

Spermicides like foam and there is a suppository type. Diaphragm.

Make sure you let them know you are still breastfeeding. It limits what you can and cannot take because it has to be safe for baby. My obgyn said anything with estrogen isn’t safe while breastfeeding.

The pill is also hormonal. Probably the copper IUD and I’m sure there are a few other options

Depo shot is non hormonal and works for me (Yes, I’ve been informed I was incorrect. No need to comment on that, thanks! :grin:)

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Got my tubes tied. Zero regrets.

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Paraguard IUD is not hormonal, I had it for a short while because it made my periods super heavy & I didn’t like it.

Anything that messes with our bodies natural balance will potentially throw you off. Pick your poison— pills did okay for me until my bp got too high. Merena turned me into a suicidal lunatic. And when it was removed, the bleeding was worse than postpartum with my 4 babies. My coworker has used it with no issues for 10 years. I had my tubes tied off and removed— I feel pretty good, but a friend of mine has been hormonally unbalanced since. It’s different for everyone. Good luck, sometimes its trial and error.

Paraguard. This is the longest I’ve had a bc and I love it. It made my flow a bit heavier and I have one day of bad cramps but honestly the ones I had before my first pregnancy were way worse. I don’t have migraines, bloating, mood swings or anything bad I had with the pill, patch, and mirena.

You can ask about pills with lower hormone levels. Although sometimes the lower they are, the less effective and you’ll need back up protection. I had the explanon also and it messed me up so I’ve stuck with the pill since.

I’ve had the best results on the Nuvaring

Ovia fertility tracker. It’s worked for 2 years so far. All the side affects scare me now I refuse birth control

I’m on Nexplanon(arm implant). It is progesterone based instead of estrogen based(which is what messes with milk supply). I have to have non estrogen based because otherwise I turn into a crazy person.

Nexplanon is 3 years and IUD is 5 years. Other than that the side effects are pretty comparable.

I have paragaurd, it’s a copper IUD. I don’t experience any bad side effects and I’m never worried about it. Have had it for a year and a half and I don’t think it makes any period symptoms worse. About the same for me.

I have the Kyleena IUD. It has a third the amount of hormones as mirena. I got it because I’ve never handled hormones well either but didn’t want to deal with a possibly horrid period because I’ve never been prone to heavy ones anyways. I’ve had Kyleena for about a year and a half, never had any side effects and my periods are basically nonexistent anymore.

My obgyn wouldnt even consider anything besides depo and the mini pill (progesterone only) while breastfeeding, she said other forms weren’t safe for breastfeeding. Talk to your obgyn, make sure they know you are nursing, that’s such a huge red flag.

I loved my diaphragm. Easy to use, doubles as a diva cup for light flow days, and no hormones.

Paraguard IUD. No hormones!


Paraguard IUD is non-hormonal. It uses copper.

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Not everybody can get a tubal, Danielle Quimby


The pill made me insane !!!

Be careful with non-hormonal IUDs. I got a copper one with no hormonal coating. Increased menstrual bleeding and PMS symptoms, I was getting migraines at the start of each menstrual cycle. I had to get it removed. Diaphragms are non-hormonal.


Recently tried the nuva ring, so far so good considering i bled the whole time on nexplanon this time

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Uh the pill is hormonal lol


Condoms are effective.

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I’ve never gone on bc but one of my best friends swears by nuva ring. The pill is totally hormonal and has a lot of side effects from what I’ve heard from everyone

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I got pregnant on the pill

Depends on the pill… But im currently preggo while i was on it. Never missed one .

I’ve got the copper IUD it has no hormones, I’ve had it in since my baby was 8 weeks old (now 7 months old) it made my period heavier (rather have that then another baby), I cant have extra hormones one of them doesn’t agree with me and I’m not aloud the other. So only other alternative was condoms (dont always work) or no sex.

Best one i had was para guard but was allergic and had to remove now I’m doing tubal next month

Talk to your OBGYN. :woman_facepalming:

Lol I’m going to start a go fund me to get my husband snipped so I can just ditch birth control all together. Like seriously it will mess with my milk supply make me crazy mess with my periods make me gain weight. What would be his side effect boo whoo whoo his balls would hurt for a few days it’s totally reversible


You shouldn’t be on birth control when breastfeeding.

I’m super sensitive and my dr put me on when I shouldn’t have. Dryed me up.

Ask the breastfeeding clink around you they should have the answers. Good luck!

And as others suggested condoms

I have the paragard IUD, have for 4 years. and I love it. No hormones and it lasts up to 10 years.

I loved the nuva ring 3+ years. Never an issue

Im on the rod, Im not hormonal at all.

Pargaurd copper IUD. There’s also an implant for your arm, but a lot of ppl have problems with that. Both are non hormonal. With the IUD for the first 6-12 months you’ll have increased cramps and bleeding, but then should go back to normal. Did for me

I had the copper IUD for 5 years and loved it ! Cramping increased a bit but periods were lighter and not as long :heart: cheaper too

Nuca ring is a super low dosage and i love it

Abstenance and condoms work warders

PLEASE do research before you get anything put in your body. I had the Mirena IUD. I had to get it removed 9 months after I got it because I was depressed and had HORRIBLE pain that radiated down the inside of my thighs and into my back, just randomly-not just on my period. And my periods were very painful. When I went to get it taken out, they had to have 2 other doctors come in and look because they couldn’t find it. It had migrated and was a couple cms away from puncturing my uterus


I used the Nuva Ring for 10+ years and took it out. Got pregnant within a month (mine and hubby’s choice). It’s a low dose BC and I absolutely loved it! Everything else made me crazy or gave me terrible migraines. But I agree with Kelsey ^^ do your research and talk to your doc!

I had an iud which I thought was great (no periods) until it wasn’t so great; it Moved on its own??? And Punctured my uterus through the top.
I currently took the pill to be on something but it is making me feel :cry: and gain weight and its only been 2 months.
Being a woman can be tough!!! Sex went from awesome to scary and that sucks for both my partner and I … It might be easier to be gay :cupid: