What are good shoes for kids that like to skate?

Moms of skater boys… Whats a good shoe for skateboarding and scooters … And what is the name of the long socks i guess that’s a style now for the boys ?? I want to get some stuff for him for christmas


Osiris, etnies, DC’s, Van’s.


All the skaters I know wore vans :woman_shrugging:t2:


My kid always wore Vans

Vans and they are called crew socks I believe

I always wore converse :woman_shrugging:t3:

DC’s, Van’s, converse, etines. Ask your kid they probly know exactly what they would like to have.

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My dsughter…14 wears her converse or DCs

I always wore Circa or Emerica they lasted pretty good and they werent what EVVVVVVERYone at school had (vans, etnies, globe, DC, shortys, osiris)
I love lrg tho :heart: would recommend them to skaters and non skaters
Ipath makes some pretty cool shoes.
Go to the different company’s websites :wink: soooo many selections

Back in the day it was always Vans and low Converses and I see them worn still today by most skater kids

My son was a scooter/skateboard kid. He liked DC’s, Vans and the canvas Nike’s. He also preferred and still prefers the Nike Elite, or like socks. They are tall. He isn’t a fan of short socks. Whatever you get, just make sure the bottoms of the shoes are rubber. For some unknown reason some shoe makers use a felt-like material which is slippery. Any shoe will wear, especially if worn for street skating and scootering, so don’t spend and arm and a leg. I’m not sure about others, but my son and his friends often removed the brakes and used their shoes for more control, making the shoe wear a bit faster.

Neff or Stance for socks and Vans or Supras for shoes

Wow I should own DC by now!

Vans or convers I used those alot growing up

Go to a skateboard shop. Vans/freedom
Dvs were always good
Black Van’s or checkered are always a hit
look online way more things available there. Also Pacific sunwear Carrie’s the best skate trendy clothing.

Neff socks
Also u can find allot out in target and Walmart that would be done
I’ve found "Nintendo "
“Rockos modern life” “koolaid” long socks at Walmart and my bf loves them w his Van’s. Like 6dollars a pack.

Vans,DC, or canvas converse

Van’s and they have Van’s long socks

Make sure you get suede Vans not canvas. Canvas will be trashed in a day.

World Industry for sure! Loved those n they’re very durable!

Nike SBs are great shoes and durable. I always loved Van’s myself, great grip and easy to slip on and off :slight_smile:

Van’s are what mY skater son wheres

For shoes we do DC. Mine loves that they are wide, so his feet dont feel “squished”. As for the socks…dont know. Mine just wears black crew socks. I love Vans. So comfy. Real good grip on them

Vans and DC Shoes are the best! Not sure about the socks but I do know the shoes :slightly_smiling_face:

Vans, Etnies, Converse

Try some Etnies.
They ankle support is great and they have better insouls and arch support.
I find Dc had gone down hill for support and quality as well as Nike is over priced and not worth the extra money.

Vans, DC, and Osiris are all good skater brands. Any name brand tube socks such as Nike or Under Armor. Do you have a skate store at a nearby mall?