What are growing pains in kids?

What is the youngest age your toddler started getting growing pains? My daughter is 2 and she’s saying her leg hurts and I’ve checked it for scratches or bruises and her leg looks fine. My guess is growing pains… if it continues ima make a appointment with her doctor.

Around 2, maybe 2.5. He would say knees hurt pretty regularly. It stopped in a few months and boom! Clothes no longer fit.

My daughter started around 3 I think. She’s 6 and still gets them. She wakes from a dead sleep screaming in pain. I have to massage her legs to relieve the pain. I asked her pediatrician and she said to rub castroil on her legs before bed.

Teach them to stretch.

My boys were both about 2-3 yrs old.

It’s funny cause my almost 3 year old (next week) is constantly saying her back, legs, arms hurt. I didnt even think anything of it I thought she was copying us… man I feel like a terrible mother. Is there anything I can do to help ease her pain?

My daughter complained about her body hurting at 2 mainly in her legs. My son is 2 now and has yet to complain about anything hurting.

My son who is 6 has complained about his legs hurting occasionally for prolly 4 years…definitely growing pains and he would also say they hurt when he really played hard that day

Try magnesium supplements, really helped my boy when I put Epsom salts in the bath (it’s absorbed through skin as well as being able to be given orally) you can also buy creams to rub on the affected area, get it in a spray for in the mouth or in liquid/tablet form. Give it a go, magnesium deficiency is something that has a big effect on the nervous system :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

My son had horrible leg pains from about 3 months old and still does from time to time he is 16 dr’s have checked him many times say nothing is wrong

My daughter had them from 6 months old and still does at 6 years old

My son had them bad from 18 months on. He’s now 7 and almost as big as me. Lol. He just grew so fast that he was sore all the time. It was always his legs and back that hurt. He’s 4’9" and 84lbs at 7 years old…

2 my boy is 5 and wakes during night at least once a week from growing pains

My 6yr old daughters bn saying her hand and wrist keep getting sore…she says her bones r tryna grow out her arm…i put it down to growinv pains myself.

my son got them at about 1.5, bad and continued on. they did an MRI and all and thankfully nothing was wrong. he still gets bad leg pains time to time. he is 3 .

Thats about right, starting at 2. They will keep getting them for a while.