What are mastitis symptoms?

my baby is almost 4 months old and I think I have mastitis again. this is the 2nd time since he was born. I had it bad 2 months ago and had to be prescribed meds. this time, I’m HOPING I’m catching it early enough. my one breast is REALLY tender and warm. what are some things I should try that worked for you guys?

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Nurse constantly to keep the breast empty! It will probably take like a week to completely stop aching

If its really mastitis you need antibiotics. If its a clog it can be cleared. Try epsom salt and a hakka. Start taking sunflower lecithin it can help keep ducts open to help prevent clogs and mastitis.

First cold compress ten mins or cool to touch Warm wash rag for ten mins then massage the breast in circles outward from chest out to the nipple either pump or feed baby right after keep doing this as needed till the heat on breast is gone. I developed mastitis caught it early enough to keep from needing meds thanks to these tips from breast feeding consultant

Hopefully just a clogged duct. Best thing I did was get on all 4’s (hands and knees) and nurse with baby laying underneath. Helps empty out the clogged duct. I did this a few times while massaging with a compress and it worked well

Hot compress (I wet a wash rag microwaved it 30sec-1min as hot as I could stand), hot shower with jets (if shower head is adjustable) and massage to express to clear clog.

Nurse and pump like crazy. Warm compress and massage. Also most effective long term, take fish oil. It makes the fat cells in the like slippery so they don’t stick together causing the blockage. (If you get that fishy burp from them that sucks try freezing them. It makes it break down further in the digestive track. Your body will still absorb the good stuff but stops that fishy aftertaste/burp)

I feel for you mama! I got it with my oldest daughter 3 times in the first 3 months :disappointed_relieved:. Please see a lactation consultant about baby’s latch and possible lip or tongue tie. That’s what my LOs problem was.

Warm compress and also (this will sound crazy) comb the breast with a literal comb in the shower. Works great! Start at the top and comb towards the nipple. Good luck, mastitis is horrible!

Alternate warm compresses and ice packs