What are milk allergy symptoms?

So this is a very specific question. Have any of your babies been cow milk protein intolerant? Did you ever switch your baby to formula? I’ve been avoiding for over a month with minimal change. What else could it be?

Back story: long af

My son is ebf but isn’t having healthy breastfed poop, is very stuffy, and fussy at breast but otherwise gaining weight and thriving. It comes out way too fast he chokes and coughs and gags. He’s much more comfortable with a bottle which he only gets a few times a week. I love breastfeeding him I love him with all my heart I feel the bond is established but maybe I should switch to bottle feeding after 6 months? I would bf at night definitely though, not that he needs it he eats 10+ times a day. Night is for comfort definitely. Bottle feeding would get me a little break and maybe more comfortable for the gas, stuffiness, reflux, dairy problems we have :disappointed:


Have you been using formula? I had to cut all dairy out my diet to make BF better for LO. Formula might make it worse till you find the right type. I would trynto cut a few thing’s out your diet before just switching. Also youll lose supple with stopping so make sure to stay on top of it to be able to continue ro nurse even just at night.

I would try and go dairy free for a few weeks and see if that helps! Breastmilk is the best thing you can give ur baby :slightly_smiling_face:

Take dairy out of your diet

Had to switch to soy with my daughter, was told by her doctor that milk has enough lactade in it for a baby cow , when she transitioned to milk I had to start her out half soy milk and half regular.

Look into MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance). Eliminate both milk & soy from your diet & see if this helps

It may be the dairy in your diet if you drink any milk.

My son has a cow milk protein allergy and did the exact same things it was almost like it was painful for him to eat but he was starving and crying at the same time it was horrible so I did bf and formula and I also found out he was tongue tied so my milk dried up so I’ve tried ever single formula out there and found soy works best for him but if your still bf I would cut all dairy out and keep a journal of what food your eating and also we had to put my son on Zantac which helped a ton

I’ve eliminated all dairy for over a month now with little change.

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Only change is less frequent stools and sometimes less sour smelling but still green and mucousy

My pediatrician told me to cut out dairy, eggs, and breads completely when I was breastfeeding. Also check her upper lip for a lip tie, I always say that because my daughter’s was overlooked and it caused reflux. We supplemented with Nutramigen formula, made by Enfamil and it’s allergen free. A series of things happened, she was eating comfortably, sleeping better, but my supply was diminishing. By 7 or 8 months it was all formula, but I also felt a lot less pressure than I did breastfeeding. One more thing I wish someone had told me before I started bottle feeding, a schedule is super important. I was not prepared for switching to formula, and with a baby that has reflux they tend to over drink to suppress it. :heart: best of luck!

I didn’t have any dairy the first month and a half of my baby’s life and it helped so much. I’ve gradually started eating a bit of dairy and now am all the way back to eating normal again and she’s fine.
I also have a friend who produces enough milk that she only needs to feed from one side at a time whereas I have to feed both breasts every time. If you feed so often through the day he might not need both breasts to feel full.
But definitely try cutting dairy

I exclusively BF & went through this exact situation with my youngest (she’s currently 5 months). I thought she was having an issue with dairy, told my pediatrician & she said “no, my let down was strong & that’s why she was choking, gagging & spitting up.” Well, mama knows best right? I cut ALL dairy out of my diet & she was a brand new baby. I’ve discovered that she has a lot of food in tolerances already (we’ve been to an allergist already for some). Luckily, they’re all just an intolerance, not allergies right now. I have a lot of food intolerant issues myself. I started her on a really high grade baby probiotic & I’ve been slowly & occasionally putting dairy back in my diet. She’s adjusting very well & isn’t having the issues she had before. So really long story, even longer…

Maybe cut all dairy out, try some probiotics to make sure her gut is nice a healthy & then try adding small amounts of dairy hack into your diet in a few weeks to a month down the road?