What are Nexplanon side effects?

Hi ladys! So I got the Nexplanon implant birth control in January 2016 almost 2 months after having my daughter. The first few months on it was fine then I started having side effects from it and have hated it ever since but I stuck it out. The 21st of this month is when it will expire and I’m beyond ready to have it out! As ready as I am to have it out I am kind of nervous lol. Obviously I know my body will have to get used to not having it anymore so I was wondering if anyone has had any side effects after having it taken out? I will be talking with my doctor about it when I do go to have it took out, I’m just wanting a idea of what kind of side effects I could possibly have! Thanks!

My cycles were normal right away but I was horribly emotional.

I had mine in 3 yrs. Got it out n got pregnant in 3 mos. Wasnt a viable pregnancy tho. It was a tubal pregnancy. I had to have surgery and lost 3/4 of one tube. I almost bled to death internally before I finally went to hospital. 2yrs after that I naturally conceived and birthed twins!!