What are normal early pregnancy symptoms?

I breastfed my last baby. he is going to be 4 years old in November. I am pregnant agian, I’m 6 weeks. Is it normal that I’m already producing milk? it’s not clear so I don’t think it’s the colostrum. It looks exactly like my milk did and I have not breastfed in a little over 2 years.


It can take years for your milk to completely go away once you finish breastfeeding


Yes… both of my sons…my milk didn’t come in until they were a week old,so I had to use formula and breastfeeding. My boys r 12 and 2 years old and I’m still breastfeeding my 2 year old

I think it’s normal but if you have concerns then talk with you dr

I would bring it up with your doctor at your next appointment

Yes it is. Very normal.

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i had no milk with my 1st but it came in mid pregnancy with my second

Yeah it’s completely normal I know woman who have grown adults and are able to still squeeze out milk if they try

Yes. It’s completely normal. Especially for a subsequent pregnancy.