What are postpartum depression symptoms?

I just had a planned c section on 1/31 for a breech baby. I haven’t been experiencing any incision pain, only some back pain from the spinal block. But I have been experiencing emotional pain. Everything makes me upset, and I feel like nothing I do is good enough. My baby is healthy, I’m caring for her just as I should, and she’s perfect. But I believe I’m getting PPD because I feel so down and hardly want to care for myself. I’m doing it all on my own because the “father” is not in the picture and hasn’t been sense I found out at 7 weeks.
This baby is my rainbow baby, and I love her more than anything. But I’m just looking for words of advice from other single parents/ single parent from birth, or anyone, on how you coped with the sudden waves of depression and self defeat.


Kudos to you for recognizing something isn’t quite right. Now, you need to talk to your doctor immediately!


Best thing to do is go to the dr and let them help you.

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I think some of it is normal, I remember thinking I was never going to feel happy again, I was always so tired in the beginning…baby blues pass, your hormones are kicking your ass, your most likely not sleeping or eating much and you just went through surgery. It gets better. But of course, there is never any harm in talking to a doctor or asking for help.

Pray and remember god gave you a beautiful baby and take good care of baby and god will help you through this hard time.

This early it could be just the new baby blues but as already said have a Dr check you out mentally. It is rough being a single parent at birth with no help but remember there are lots of mom’s like you find yourself a mommy and me group


Talk to your doctor, but also remember to take everything one day at a time :heart:

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I had 3 babies one right after another. My second and third babies are 11 months a part. Then my 3rd and 4th are a lil less than 14 months apart. So by the time i had ppd it was crazy bad. Talk to your doctor about everything. I also went to a counselor to just talk and helped me work things out lil by lil. Also look for groups such as this to talk to and ask advice. Just please dont hold anything in because it will get worse. Dont worry about sounding awful because in your head you feel that what you feel or how you act is wrong.

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I would definitely say talk to your doctor but it’s possible it’s just the baby blues too. I had that pretty bad the first couple weeks after I had my baby. Like I didn’t know how I was going to make it to the next hour, sometimes the next minute. I constantly wanted to cry and I did end up crying a lot. All I can say is give yourself grace. It’s a lot of freaking work taking care of a baby 24/7, esp if this is your first and you’re doing it alone. Get people to come over and help you, even if it’s just for an hour or 2 so you can nap. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Doctor asap before it gets worse

I’m not a single parent, but I too suffered/still somewhat believe I am suffering ppd. I had pre-existing anxiety and depression, and went off my meds during pregnancy with no issues at all, after having my son i knew I needed my meds back within a few weeks, however my dr did say he believed it to be “baby blues” which is more the early weeks after having a baby coming to true realization that your life will never be the same again. You now have this tiny human depending on you for, well everything. And it can make you feel very overwhelmed and that is what the baby blues are, but still I would talk to your dr! Because only YOU know YOU and know when something just isn’t right. My dr gave me the option of waiting a bit longer to decide on meds, or get them right then and I chose to get them then knowing that it was more than just the baby blues. I know my depression well enough to know it was a major part in my feelings and thoughts, along with the baby blues. And then ppd hit me hard around 3 months after having my son. I didn’t want to leave my home let alone get out of bed. I’d sleep in my sons room in the rocking chair so I didn’t have to go anywhere but a few feet to his crib. I went almost 2 weeks without showering or doing anything to care for myself including eating because I just felt awful. Even my meds didn’t help me and by the time my son was 6 months I signed myself into seeing a therapist weekly and am now down to seeing her once a month my son is now 15 months old. I also suffer from ptsd from events in my childhood though. So for me ppd seemed ten times harder than t was for everyone else…but you’re not alone! Soooo many new mommas deal with it and just either don’t talk about it or get help, or they just get help and don’t talk about it. But my favorite saying ever that has helped me is, “this too shall pass”. Just like anything else we’ve ever endured in our lives before kids it’ll pass! It may not be easy but you’ll get through it!

Prayers! Go see if the doctor can help! Always know that the things you are thinking and saying to yourself are important too. Bio-feed back saved me. Be gentle to YOU!

I understand you & I feel for you. I have been there. I had 2 children who are 54 weeks apart & both c-sections. I developed PPD & anxiety BAD.

From my experience:

  • Please don’t keep to yourself.
  • Reach out to someone. Meet up with a friend for coffee. Go for a walk. Do something for yourself.
  • Stay busy but not too busy that it’s overwhelming.
  • My children’s pediatrician told me to eat the good kind of fats in foods… red meat, salmon, eggs, etc. Dark chocolate, a good brand of dark coffee.
  • Vitamin D is mood uplifting
  • Have your OB refer you to a psychologist to talk to someone or a psychiatrist for medicine if they feel you could benefit from that.

I wish you the best!

Same thing happened to me. Baby blues. It went away after 6 weeks and I could really enjoy the joys of my little girl. If it keeps happening talk with your Dr. Please feel free to message me if you need to. You’re doing a great job mama!

Hopefully its just your hormones balancing out, but please talk to your OBGYN. PPD can manifest quickly and escalate. A lot of moms just try swallowing it down and ignoring it but it really is something that a medical professional should intervene with. Best of luck and congrats on your new baby.

Go to your dr asap and get help. There’s no shame in being treated for ppd

Congratulations also plz talk to ur dr about it get on medication or counseling! There is no shame in getting help/treatment for it! Dont let anyone tell u any different it doesnt make u any less of a person or mother! I hope for the best for u & ill pray for u!! Send me a friend request or message im here to talk anytime! I went through this after i had my son :slight_smile: it helps to have support

Not a single mom but just had my rainbow baby and had a emergency c section baby came at 32 weeks he still in nicu its very hard and baby blues are very real just try and focus on the good things like she is home and healthy and you got this hunny we woman arw strong

Could be experiencing post natal depression…youre defs not alone hun, many women have experienced this… talk to your doctor babes they are the best medicine when it comes to single parenting with a mix of grief and loss… I had 4 C-sections and only experienced this with my 2nd born. Having family support helps too coz honestly you need to be loved too… Be strong babes and don’t forget healthy mum healthy baby :blush:

I had a breech baby but we didn’t know till I was in labour so I had an emergency C-section. I felt exactly how you describe you’re feeling. My partner wasn’t living with us till we moved back in with him when my BG was 4 months old, as he was doing renovations to our house. The best thing I can suggest is to get help. Speak to your doctor-PPD isn’t something to be scared of, and you’ve made the first step by recognising the fact that there’s something wrong. talk to your friends and family too. Once your hormones have re-adjusted themselves (this can take up to a year) then you should feel somewhat better x

I had to recover from a c section alone with my first too. I went through some baby blues but it didn’t last long. I just one day woke up and said f this. I’m a friggin machine. I took my beautiful baby out as much as possible. I went to a ton of mommy and me groups and took him for tins of walks with other moms. When my c section was healed I started baby boot camp at the YMCA. It was so fun. Luckily I live in Canada and I have a whole year to recover before my return to work and it was amazing. I also met my true love that year and ten years later we are happily married with another son. Sometimes things happen to open the door to better things. If you need help with the blues, talk to a friend and / or your doctor. This too shall pass. You’ve got this

Emotional over load is normal after having a baby, all those hormones have nowhere to go, and you’re probably stressed and tired too, my suggestion is inform your dr so that she knows how you feel and also try and have a friends or family member come over so you can shower and rest and destress