What are pregnancy symptoms?

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Hello mamas I’m 28 weeks today with my second child. today I’ve been feeling real tired, very weak, nauseous and not able to do any house cleaning is this normal to feel this way?


Very normal…you’re starting your 3rd trimester now…

If you’re worried it’s always best to call your Dr, we don’t know your health history and there’s to much at risk by just blindly saying it’s fine.
Never second guess if your concerned, that’s why your Drs there.


Yea i work 12 hour shift and i will be 33 week tomorrow my first day off i dont want to do anything and i sleep more then usually

I started feeling like that at 28/30 weeks and it got worse as I got bigger. Kick your feet up and drink lots of water. Your vitamins, etc. and eat as healthy as you can. Diet plays a role in pregnancy for sure!

talk to your doctor and then go from there

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I’m 28 weeks today also and have been feeling the exact same way.

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow with my 4th I have a 7 year old 2 and 3 year old and I am tired all the time and dont wanna do anything

I’m 25 weeks and I feel this :weary: call your dr! They know best!