What are pregnancy symptoms?

Hey mommas, this is my first pregnancy and I was wondering if any of you experienced these things. So I’ve been having stomachache, hot and cold, headaches, loss of appetite and puking up like everything. I’m going to the er later today I just want to know if any of you may have felt this. I can’t tell if its the flu, dehydration, or just plain pregnancy. I’ve only had the flu A hand full of times in my life so i have no idea. Also I’m 12 weeks pregnant. Please no bashing.


Just morning sickness. I was told if I couldn’t keep water down, then to go to the ER for an IV to avoid dehydration.

All symptoms of pregnancy. Just stay hydrated

Sounds like the classic morning sickness. Keep hydrated for sure. Now, if you can’t keep water down, take a trip to the ER. In the morning it helps getting up slowly. Don’t rush out of bed. Sit up, take a sip of water maybe even eat a saltine cracker or two and get up few minutes later.

I dealt with it for 4 months! They ended up putting me on a medicine for nausea and it quit the morning sickness for the most part. But yes, plenty of water. Even if you throw it right back up just keep drinking. Definitely tell your doctor and see what they suggest! I was able to keep Ginger ale down or popsicles when I couldn’t water.

I’ve had that with my gall bladder during pregnancy. It can also be morning sickness. You can still see your provider and see if you’re dehydrated. Sometimes some fluids make a big difference.

Depends on what stomach aches your having
All suggest just normal pregnancy symptoms
But if you having quite some pain in your stomach
Possible a late missed miscarriage (which some people don’t bleed at all) that’s why it’s missed

Maybe something else that’s causing the pain in stomach not baby related like gastro … etc
I’d say get it checked
Hoping for you that it’s nothing and just your normal stomach growing pains.

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Probably just pregnancy. I was like that for the entire pregnancy. Try gingerale, Preggie pop drops, and go see a doc to prescribe meds.

Yeah I just got over the flu been sick for two weeks. Had all these same symptoms and I’m Not pregnant so yes please go to er don’t listen to these ppl it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sounds prettt normal. Hang in there

If these are signs of pregnancy then I was pregnant for 72 hours with stomach flu lol… Drink water and stay hydrated. That’s what the ER will say too. Drink Pedialyte if you are having a hard time keeping liquids down… Or in

If you have an OB, go there first. The ER will just treat your symptoms. Your OB needs to know what’s going on and keep an eye on it.

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Morning sickness can last all pregnancy. Good luck.

Normal hun! Just try to make sure you’re getting lots of water (I also really liked OJ when I wasn’t feeling well at the beginning) and if you’re having headaches my doc told me during my first pregnancy to have a coffee or pop. Caffeine might help, or you can take Tylenol :ok_hand:t2:

Gatorade helped with the puking and having a protein snack whenever I woke up helped too!

Girl, your pregnant! Sounds like you have morning sickness and maybe you need a little caffeine!

Get yourself some hydralyte ice blocks and keep up your water intake. pregnancy isnt all rainbows, it comes with its downsides, read up about morning sickness & you’ll also find foods that should help ease the nausea (ginger etc), eating smaller meals, eating sonething like a banana or some dry crackers before getting out of bed can work, drinking 2L+ of water a day to keep yourself hydrated.
I found these really good drinks (Aquamumma) when I was pregnant, they kept me more hydrated then water did. :blush:

Sounds like your pregnant to me.

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Most of the time it’s just plain preggy problems I was sick night and day with my last make sure to keep plenty of fluids and call your doctor and ask what they suggest!!!

Sounds like you’re really sick. If it is the flu there’s not a whole lot they can do. Stay hydrated. Plenty of electrolytes. The blue Gatorade helped me a lot. Rest. They dr should have given you a list of medicines you can take for your symptoms. If not request a list when you go in, but unfortunately I don’t think they will give you much else unless there are more symptoms that aren’t listed here to diagnose you with something treatable.

Get checked. I threw up for 9 months. It was a girl…healthy and over 8 pounds. Soda crackers helped. Apples helped me burp to alleviate the gas…seemed the gas in my tummy made me throw up too

You could have a urinary tract infection, or a number of things, go get checked out. When in doubt check it out! Good luck hon.

Sounds like the flu. I had it once with my second pregnancy and it was the worst.

Honestly sounds like me when i had pneumonia. I had no coughing whatsoever, but all the other symptoms you listed. Nurse & I both thought flu, & we were both surprised by pneumonia!

Call your doctor…why go to the er.

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I puked the whole time on my first pregnancy it plays all kinds of crap on your hormones so remember hot flashes cold flashes headaches mood swings all of that is part of her being pregnant I also had stomach ache swollen ankles back aches got to love it

It really just sounds like normal pregnancy. If you are really worried, go in to calm your nerves.

Morning sickness doesnt just happen in the morning. It can be all day, triggered by certain foods, and plain miserable. Your dr can give you med if nibbling crackers, sipping vernors or cola doesnt settle your tummy.

I wish I could tell you it get better, but with my first I felt like I had the flu the whole time. I also lost 40 pounds and wasnt able to eat anything except pretzels, and rice. No one could.cook in this house either. Prayers it gets better momma, hang in there.

Try snacking on something like crackers, pretzels, toast, dry cereal, anything light. Your stomach problems are probably from throwing up but if you feel the need call your on/gyn they told me to take unisom to help with nausea but I got no relief.

I had morning sickness all day and it totally sucked

I was sick like that just because I was pregnant. Even if you do have the flu the Dr won’t treat you because your pregnant.

I’m currently 33 weeks into my second pregnancy. During my first trimester I had those symptoms as well but everything was fine. Definitely see your doctor to be sure there’s nothing wrong. Each woman’s body is different.

I felt like shit for 5 months until morning sickness went away. I couldn’t hold water down at all.

I thought I had the flu for my second baby but the doc told me you have the nine month flu :mask: and sure enough my son was born suprise surprise love him much now big brother has some body to play with