What are safe cold medicines for pregnancy?

What is the strongest cold relief medicine I can take while pregnant I have a bad cold and am scheduled to be induced in 5 days. Help please I feel horrible. I’ve taken Benadryl to help before bed but it’s not going to do anything long term to help the cold go away.

Tylenol cold and flu I guess while pregnant they only like for u to take Tylenol products

Try and sweat it out
Bundle up and then drink some pregnancy safe tea and eat some hot soup.
Take a shower that’s hot but safe for baby.
Unfortunately there isn’t even a good remedy for colds when you’re not pregnant :frowning:
You can also eat spicy foods to try and drain any mucus from your sinuses.
But be careful with spicy food and baby.

I’m 31 weeks pregnant and just caught a bad cold for the 3rd time this pregnancy. I was told to take just plain sudafed from behind the counter, mucinex and Tylenol as needed. It does help with the congestion and getting everything out!

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also take a vit c supplement itll help ur body get rid of the infection faster if ur in doubt about medications u can always ask a pharmacist to help u point out which ones u can take