What are side effects of the IUD?

I started an iud in September 2021 and ever since I’ve started cramping and bleeding really bad and very irregular up to now. Is this normal? I never used to cramp with periods before but was always heavy. I’ve tried other forms of birth control and each I have gotten pregnant. This is my last chance. I’m scared too because with my sisters it had rejected her and pushed out. Could it be signs of an ectopic pregnancy? I’ve also been taking anti depressants too starting the same time, so I’ve gained plenty of weight.

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What are side effects of the IUD?

I had this and stopped taking the pills etc

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Long story but if this is happening you definitely 100% need to see a dr

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I have one I bled on and off for 6 weeks afterwards and my cramps were really significant but they did tell me it can take 1-3 months for your body to get used to it

I had the IUD and was the worse mistake I ever done. Ripped my insides to the point when I get my monthly now I’m in pain. Got it removed… I don’t recommend this.


I cramped bad for a year and then had no cycle. It takes some getting use to.

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I had my first one for 8 years. My second one for less this 3 months. The dr put it in wrong bleed the whole time. It came out on its on. Went to a different dr got another one. It lasted till I had it taken out. Tried for 3 years no baby but my period was so heavy it took 2 to 3 weeks each month to deal with it. So I had another iud put in and no problem since. Been almost a year. I got the iud that stops my period.

My tubes were tied and they left my iud in :roll_eyes:
I didnt realize till like a year later when it shifted but I bled alot and had alot of pain
I hate them so so much there is alot that can go wrong with them

You need to have the IUD placement checked
They can migrate and imbed in the wrong place


Did you go to your follow up to make sure it’s in correctly?

I had the copper one fitted first and had constant bleeding…it releases copper into your body to stop pregnancy and I wouldnt advise anyone to get it fitted.
Changed to Minera coil and never looked back. No bleeding or cramp after the first 3 months and wasn’t aware it was there.
If you’re having problems check with your Dr which one was fitted and that its fitted properly

I bled heavily nearly everyday and cramped bad for almost a year after my mirena was put in but then it slowed down and completely stopped. It’s almost time to get it replaced now and I started lightly spotting/cramping a couple months ago and it’s slowly increasing in quantity

I’ve had 2. Both copper. First one was horrible and I had it removed. I tried again years later and this one isn’t too bad. Periods are a bit heavier and more painful but nothing I cant handle.
I know others who have merina or kylena and they seem ok and periods pretty much stopped altogether.
If you’re sure you’re done, consider tubal ligation. I’m waiting for opportunity lol. I’m just waiting for the ability to recover properly.

I made them take it out after 6 months, I had nothing but trouble with it

When I got it after having my 2nd son, I bled straight for 2months, horrible cramps, never wanted to get out of bed,it hurt so much. I ended up getting pregnant on the mirena and now we’re expecting baby 3 on October.

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I would look up the side effects of your particular IUD for the side effects. My daughter recently had to have her IUD removed because she got pregnant in her Fallopian tube, they became inflamed so she had to have emergency Surgery to remove both Fallopian tubes.

I had a normal period every month on it. After two years, I started having pregnancy symptoms on it pretty badly. I also use to get BV with it all the time it seemed. Had it removed, all the issues went away.

Mine got lodged into my uterine wall… I thought it was just my PCOS causing cramps… it was the IUD… but I also had started getting my cycle too and only had it for 2 years

I almost passed out when I had it placed and then had sharp pain for days. They had me come in for an xray and then sent to emergency surgery since it shot through my uterus and I was at risk of it perforating my bowels. If you’re worried something is wrong your best bet would be to call your doctor.

I noticed cramping in the beginning when I’d get my period but after that I was fine. I’d even go months without a period, I loved it. I had it fir 5 years and never gained weight.
The 2nd one was a different story, the lady who put it in, put in wrong. She literally had it sitting on the outside of my uterus with the stick and string still inside. I gained weight this time around, I think it was the positioning that may have threw off my hormones…idk. I had to have it surgically removed.