What are signs of labor?

So for 2 days now I’ve been having these uncomfortable diarrhea cramps along with diarrhea sometimes as well and my thighs hurt when my tummy contracts. My vagina is getting so sore it’s uncomfortable to even walk. Could I be going into labor or even already in labor? I’m 35 weeks and have been going through preterm labor since about 28 weeks.

My back labor felt like diarrhea cramps, so I would definitely call your ob or go to L&D just to be safe

Call your doctor or go to L&D

Go to your doctor and get checked cause my water broke at 35 weeks even. Sounds like you’re having preterm symptoms.

Your body is getting ready for the delivery of your baby. I would call your OB.

It sounds like you’re body is preparing for labor, the best way I can describe a real deal contraction, imagine having a blood pressure cuff wrapped around your stomach, it slowly becomes tighter and tighter to the max where it feels so tight you can’t take it than slowly decreases,you can also feel it in you’re back,and legs and sometimes all three at once,what you are describing sounds like your birth canal is preparing for birth,with both my pregnancies what you are describing started about 2 weeks prior to labor,but everyone is different, definitely consult with your dr

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