What are signs of labor?

Okay ladies I know I should call l&d and will be but I want opinions and experiences from you all with what I’m feeling. I’m 38w4d and baby dropped overnight. I’ve been having consistantly cramping pain almost all day, along with nausea. This all has also been accompanied by multiple occurances of sharp pains in the lower extremities I’ve been told is called lightening crotch. Are these signs of labor? Or does it sound like something that could be more like preclampsia? Just to clarify, I am 243-247lbs, I jumped that 4 lbs in the week between ob visits, and have only had one spike in blood pressure, although I personally feel like I’ve had more excessive swelling in the last week, even though the last midwife I saw on Tuesday just seemed to feel the need to tell me I need to watch my weight gain cause it will make me more uncomfortable. I’ve only had two significant spikes in my weight and it’s always been when I’ve noticed more fluid in my feet legs and hands. Any words on the topic would help. Thanks