What are some baby names that start with V?

Needing baby names that start with the letter V. Not sure if we are having a boy or a girl and are not finding out until the birth. We want to keep the V names going!


Vincent. Vanessa. Xx

Verity, violet, Vernon

Victor, Veronica, Valerie

Veronica, violet, Vivian, Vera, Verona, Victoria


Violet, Veronica, Vera

I’m Victoria, my daughter is Violet and my great grandmother is Vera

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We’re naming our daughter Veda.

Vada, Valentina, Valerie

Victoria, Victor, Vincent, Vanessa, Victoria, Veronica.

Victor Veronica, Val, Valletta,

Vaughn Vance Vivica Veronica

Vieda, Victoria, Vincent, Victor, Vera

Victory vada vanelope

Vada, Vianna, Vinnie, Van, Vance


Girl - Vesper, violet
Boy- vinnie, Vincenzo

Veronica, Victor, Victoria, Vlad, Vivian, Vincent

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Van, Veronica, Victoria, Vince

Vada, Victoria, Vivienne, Violet, Vera, Virginia, Valitinia, Verna, Viola-girl
Victor, Vernen, Vincent .Valdamer

Vivian, Vada,Victoria,Verona,Verna,Vance,Valerie ,Veto


Vronna, Vikus, Vako, valley, vicky

Valerie, Vanessa, Victoria, Vaniece, Vince, Vance, Victor, Vander

Valerie and Vincent

Veronie varsha vindiya varshanie…vickash Vicky

Some friends of mine named their baby Vlad.

Victoria, Vincent, Vinny, Veronica, Vivian, Victor, Vladimir, Von.

Have you tried picking a name and just replacing the first letter?
I’m.sure there would be some thing you could make it sound nice


We have a Violet, Victor and Valentina

Valerie, valeria, violet


Venya, Vivienne, Vivianna, Valerie

Verna ,Van ,Victoria Valen

Vivian (boys version), Val (gender neutral), Vikram, Vieira, Virginia, Valentin, Valentine, Vinder.

Violet, Vera, Vivian, Veronica, Victoria, Valerie, Valentina, Vanessa, Velma, Viola, Virginia, Voleta

Vincent, Valentino, Vance, Varian, Victor, Vladimir, Vulpiano

Veda, Victoria, Vanessa, Vivian

Violet, Virginia, Victor, Vanessa, Vince Vincent Vinny, Varina, Vern

I love Vayda for a girl.
Vincent or Viktor for a boy.

Vivian, violet, viola, vera, vanessa, vinny, vigo, victor, Vincent, Vernon, Victoria, van, Virginia, Vale, Valeria, Vlad, Vlad, Vance, Vince, Vincenzo

Victoria and Vincent

Violet, Vincent, Victor, Valerie, Van, Vanessa, Vienna, Victoria, Valentine

We were going to name our daughter Victoria. You could also call her Tori, which I think is a super cute nickname.

Vera verna Vernon vanessa van vander Vivian Versie Verscel Vicki Victoria victor

Vicki girl Vernon boy my uncle is named Vernon

Vaughn, Vincent, verle, Victoria, Valerie, vee,

Victoria, Victor, Vinna, violet, Vincent,

Vance for boy
Vada for girl

My Aunt’s name was Viva. Very uncommon but pretty.

My daughters name is Violet :slight_smile:



Valencia. Valene Vannah

Victor Vincent Victoria violet


My baby’s name is Vincent :heart:

Vincent it was my grandpa’s name. He went by Vince. He was a hardworking who loved his family. My cousin is named after him.

Veronica Vance Valerie vern

Vickie Victoria Vincent Voilet

Vera Vienna Victoré Verona Vida Viola

If my son was a girl, her name would have been Victoria. We named him Vincent.

My daugthers names are Valentina & Victoria

Verena :heart: pronounced as ver -e-nah

I love love love Vivienne, I considered it for my daughter but we had the name Charolette picked out for years and I just couldn’t change it. I know a lady named Veronica and I’m not impressed by her.

Viviana, Victor, Vanesa, Victoria, Vicente, Valeria, Valery, Vico

Violet, Victoria, victor, Vincent, Vance

My sons name is VladimĂ­r.

Victor, Vance, Victoria, Vince, Valerie, Vanessa

Verity, Vila, Vienna, Vetta

Vett, Valan, Villar

My son went to daycare with a little girl named Vada.

Valarie, Victoria, Vanessa
Victor, Vincent,

Vance, Vincent, Vincenzo, Victor, Varya, Vanessa, Viola, Violetta, Violet, Vayda, Vera, Victoria, Vivienne, Vivi, Valarie, Valentina, Virginia, Vana

Vera, Velvet. Viola, Vinny, Vicki, Vanessa, Valery, or Valerie

I know a gorgeous girl called Versailles (pronounces Ver-sai) . They call her Sai for short.

Viviana, vertrand, Vahalla, Viktoria, Vincent, Vlad, Velma, Vendar

Veronica, Veronique, Vera, Vanessa
Vince, Victor

Vaeda, Victoria, Veronica,
Vincent, Victor, Verdyn

Vita means life in italian (for a girl) Victoria… Veronique
…Victor …Vincenzo…

Victoria, Vivica, Violet, Veronica and Vera. We went with Victoria and call her V for a nickname.

My daughter is going thru this now she don’t want to stay in a tradition she wants to choose a name she thinks her child will love what are your thoughts

Vincent, Viggo, Victor, Virgil, Vivian, Violet, Valerie, Victoria. Vale might make a unique name as well.

If willing to just incorporate V into a name instead of just as a first letter, Olivia, Liv, or Oliver are beautiful names.

Vanessa :grin: I was close to being Veronica as well because my my loved the nick name Ronnie which is cute

I’ve always loved Vidia!!

Vincent, Vance, victor, Veejay, Valente, Valentino, Vaughan, Vinnie, Violet, Victoria, Veronica, Vivian, Venice, Valentine, Brianna, Vienna, Vanessa, Valarie, Valenteena, Valley,

I am pregnant and wanting a girl I have the name Vienna picked out.


Well Victoria starts with a V so does Valentine, Vladimir,Venus, Von,Vinny

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Valiant, victor, Victoria, Vincent, Vanessa, vidia, valentine, Vivianne, Vance, Van, varrick, Virgil

Vanessa, Valerie,Victoria , violet, Vivian, Vada,
Vincent, victor, can’t think of a lot of boy names

vivienne/vivian/vivianne/violet/vanessa/veronica/victoria/vincent/victor/valerie cannot think of many boys with a v but good luck!

Vinton, Vernor, Voorhies, Varney,Voight, Varnley - Varnleigh

Veronica Vance Veronique Vincent Valerie Victoria Victor Vlad Vlada

I like the name vayda for a girl, victory is a cool one, Vann (pronounced Van) Vero…

Vidalia Vanessa Valerie

Valerie, Victoria, Victor, Vince

My little boy is called Vinny x

We have a Viggo meaning lightning

Vernon, victor, Victoria, Vladimir, Vincent, veronica, venus

It’s an older name- Vera

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Valerie, Veronica, Velisity, Vada, Vaden, Virginia, Vinny, Vivian, Victoria, Victor, Vaughn, Vance, Vivian, Vann, Vega

Virginia, Vincent, Vicky, Victor